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  1. ellesees.blogspot.com

    love the fun tassels on #3!

  2. Brittany Buie

    Who doesn’t love bauble bar? I am obsessed with the tassel earrings!!


  3. Brittany Buie

    Who doesn’t love bauble bar? I am obsessed with the tassel earrings!


  4. Mary

    Such cute things! I love the tassels earrings, BUT i don’t have pierced ears 🙁 Sportsanista

  5. Adaleta

    I love Baublebar & I always get sucked it by the happy hour or the cheap jewelry and end up buying WAY more than I ever needed or planned to 😉 xx


Baublebar Sale, Jewelry, Tassel

I am taking a small break this week and bringing you an amazing Baublebar Sale! Every now and then, probably two or three times a year, Baublebar has its 30% off sale. Sometimes they will do a tiered sale, but then you have to spend so much in order to get the 30% off.

I love Baublebar. I have item #4, and bought items #2, #3, and #5 yesterday when the sale started! They usually ship in 3-5 days so you should see these items hitting The Miller Affect next week! Make sure you look at all the different sections of the website, but I like to look at Best Sellers and What’s New. By the end of this sale you will see lots of stuff on Wait List, so hurry and check out before your favs sell out! I wish I would have seen these leather tassel earrings when I checked out yesterday :/. They would look so amazing with just a graphic tee and some sneakers! Head to the Baublebar Sale now by clicking HERE, or choose from one of the items in the pick by clicking the numbers below! I also have my usualy weekly Link-Up going on below! The last one I did was actually last Thursday in my Spring Multi-Tasking post, but we are going to definitely start doing them every Wednesday from now on! xoxo A

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XO Amanda
May 6, 2015 Articles

Baublebar Sale + Link Up

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