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  1. Karina

    How big is the Miller sign?

  2. susan rawls

    So beautiful. You did an awesome job decorating. Sweet colors.

  3. Heather

    It’s so beautiful! I love that you got her a Lucy the Lamb from Cuddle and Kind! I got that same one for one of my neices and a mermaid for the other 🐑🧜

  4. Ana

    Super cute. Love how that acrylic bookshelf could double as a dollhouse in the future! Suggest raising the curtain rod near the ceiling if you want to give the room some height :). Great job and congrats!

  5. Lea B

    I’d love to see how you organized the dresser! That’s what I am struggling with right now.


the miller affect nursery name sign from Studio Noel

the miller affect with a bertini baby lafayette crib
the miller affect with a bertini baby lafayette dresser
the miller affect with a design dua changing basket in her nursery

So excited to finally share Miller’s nursery with you guys!

She could come any day now, so we really wanted to get this ready since we MIGHT have her sleeping in her own crib as soon as we arrive home from the hospital.

Since taking these photos we have added a pillow for the glider and we baby proofed the room (made sure all the electrical outlets were plugged and covered and we anchored the acrylic bookshelf to the wall)! I know she is way too small to worry about these things now, but she has older nieces that will be in her room often too!

I also had this PINK IKEA BLANKET as her crib sheets, but that is only because her exact crib sheets hadn’t come in yet. THESE are the exact crib sheets we ended up going with and that are in her crib now!

We are now just waiting for her blinds to be installed! It will take 4-6 weeks so we will have to put up a blanket in the meantime to make her room as dark as we can!


the miller affect sharing her nursery reveal on the blog

the miller affect with a newbie floral blanket on her crib
the miller affect with a lucy doll from cuddle and kind
the miller affect with a bertini baby white dresser and design dua changing basket
the miller affect with a grey glider in the nursery
the miller affect with a crate and barrel acrylic bookshelf in her daughter's nursery
the miller affect with a crate and barrel acrylic bookshelf

Most of her furniture is from Bertini Baby.

Crib, Dresser from Bertini Baby

Her BEAUTIFUL CRIB and DRESSER are from Bertini Baby’s Lafayette Collection. This collection is super popular and often sells out. If it is sold out at the time you read this, just wait a couple of weeks and try again! They often restock to keep up with the demand.

THIS is her crib mattress and THIS is her mattress pad.


The GREY GLIDER is also from Bertini Baby. It is super comfortable, reclines, and glides/rocks. I recommend a lumbar pillow for lower back support! I am using THIS ONE.

All three of those pieces came mostly assembled. If they weren’t completely assembled then you only had about three steps to complete them! So easy!

Acrylic Bookshelf

One of my favorite items in the nursery is this acrylic bookshelf! I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and found it online and had to have it! I love to read and I know this bookshelf will be filled SO FAST! I can’t wait to read to her daily!!


I have these two foot shelves from Pottery Barn. They match the color of the crib and dresser perfectly. I ordered the 4 ft shelf and it was just too chunky looking.

Pink Shaggy Poof

This pink poof will be used to prop my feet up on when I don’t want to recline and for the kids to sit on while we read in Miller’s room!


You guys have probably seen this Pottery Barn chandelier already! So many people have it in their nursery! They have it in pink too, but the natural wood just fit with everything else in her room!


I got lucky and spotted this rug. I can’t even remember HOW I spotted it! I love having a round rug for the nursery! It isn’t the most comfortable for her, I know. I will probably add a furry rug to layer with it once she starts crawling.


the miller affect with minted animal prints for the nursery

the miller affect with a hatch sound machine
the miller affect with a wicker basket and weighted blanket
the miller affect with a name sign from etsy
the miller affect with a unicorn stuffed animal and oh baby blocks in nursery
the miller affect with pottery barn nursery bookshelves
the miller affect with a nursery reveal

Animal Prints

It was love at first sight with these Panda, Bunny, Bear, and Lamb animal prints from Minted! I love that they all have pink cheeks and there are so many different animals to choose from. Once you pick your animals you can pick which frame you want too (so many options- I went with the whitewash herringbone frame!)

Watercolor Raindrop Wall Decals

Can you believe these decals are only $50 for a set of 50? And 50 is all we needed! They can also be so easily moved around if you want to change anything up or take them off to reset the room.

Changing Basket

This changing basket from Design Dua is hand-made in Ghana from elephant grass and so beautiful! They have so many different ones to choose from! Give it a couple of weeks to arrive since it will have to go through customs and everything.

Lucy Doll

For every doll sold, Cuddle and Kind provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world.

Blanket Hanging on Crib

I got this blanket from store that I visited while in Finland this year called Newbie. They have the cutest baby clothes and this limited edition lace blanket was too sweet to pass up.

Wicker Basket for Blankets

I originally got this basket for a plant and it ended up being wayyy too big. It looks perfect in Miller’s room! The one I have here is old, but HERE is a similar basket at a great price!

Weighted Blanket

I heard I am going to LOVE using this weighted blanket postpartum. Do any of you use a weighted blanket?

Pom Pom Canvas Bins

I grabbed these pom pom bins during the N Sale this year, but they are still available under $100 and come in three colors!


Miller’s name sign above her crib and the hexagon sign on her bookshelf are both from Studio Noel. I used this Etsy store for my wedding as well! Everything comes quickly and I have loved everything I have received from there!

Sound Machine/Night Light

This Hatch sounds machine was a top recommendation from you guys when I asked what I should register for! It changes colors and has an app you can use to change the noise.


This unicorn is Emmy’s favorite stuffed animal in Miller’s room. She grabs it every time she comes over. Little girls LOVE their unicorns!

Oh Baby Blocks

These were a gift, but I found some similar ones at Target HERE.

If I missed anything please comment below and I will get you the links!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea


XO Amanda
October 15, 2018 Baby

Miller’s Nursery Reveal

From the Gram


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