Colorado Update- Our First Week

So excited you guys want to hear more about our move to Colorado. We have officially been here for a week and a few days!

Need to catch up on WHY WE MOVED TO CO? HEAD TO THIS POST.

Colorado Update- Our First Week

The Move

We hired United Van Rentals to pack us up at our Rockwall home (took them about 5-6 hours to pack the entire house) and then they came back the next morning and it took them 4-5 hours to load everything onto their truck. I cannot recommend them enough. If you live in the DFW area ask for Adrien. His crew was fantastic. They were so pleasant to be around, super efficient, and very professional. They tag every item and every box and then when they arrive at your new home they check off everything on a paper to make sure it all made it!

Troy sold his car right before we left, so he drove my car fullll of things we would need until the movers arrived with our stuff. He left Wednesday night and stayed the night in a hotel in Amarillo (which is roughly halfway,)

Miller and I stayed with my sister Wednesday night and she drove us to the airport on Thursday morning. Of course, the flight was delayed for two hours and we were already at the airport so I had to book a different airline that was also delayed an hour and then while we were on the airplane we were caught in a holding pattern for an additional hour and a half! I did NOT miss flying but I sure miss traveling (if that makes sense haha!)

I kept my mask on the entire time and I kept Miller strapped down in a stroller and then strapped down in a car seat. She hated that but I just didn’t want to worry about her touching everything. She slept most of the time on the plane! The flight was super full but every middle seat was open. I think except for every middle seat the flight was completely full. I was very surprised by that! They did require you to have a mask on when you entered the plane but I noticed they didn’t enforce masks once you were in the air. I kept mine on unless I was eating or drinking.

Troy picked us up at the airport and we drove to the new house together. We arrived Thursday night and the movers got there first thing Saturday morning.

The House

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*will post each room on here as we finish it!

We rented/leased this Lakewood house sight unseen so we are pleasantly surprised about how great it turned out. The only thing we didn’t take into consideration while viewing pictures and the 3D tour before renting the house was the storage space. There is NOT very much storage space. We are definitely busting at the seams everywhere so you can guarantee an organization post will be coming soon! I will have to learn how to get organized in a smaller space. I definitely could downsize my things a bit too!

We love all of the places Miller can play in the house. We don’t have a backyard but there are parks everywhere nearby and big grassy areas for her to play in. We do have a large concrete patio that we are fixing up and she already plays out on that for hours every day. She has a very large bedroom in this house and a large basement filled with her toys now! We can move up and down in the house all day and keep her busy, which we LOVE.

The house is about two years old and it is in great shape!

We had a few things left to do in the living room but all of our old furniture fits nicely in there. We have unpacked the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. Everywhere else is still filled with boxes. I will definitely give you a tour once everything is ready!

The Neighborhood

We are obsessed with our neighborhood. All of our neighbors have young kids and everyone is SO FRIENDLY!!! On Friday nights a food truck comes and a live band plays from around 6-9pm. There are so many trails and parks nearby and we take Miller on one-two walks a day. There are two playgrounds near us but only one is good for her age. The other is for 5+ but luckily it still has a baby swing we can use.

We also have a tennis court at the end of our street that people are always playing on! My parents are huge tennis players so I am excited they will be able to play when they visit!

-What Is Close By?

Morrison and Golden are very close to us and both have super cute downtown areas. We ate on the rooftop in Morrison one night and listened to a live band and then we walked the streets of Golden a few nights ago. We cannot wait for everything to open up more and go to more events in both towns. We haven’t explored Lakewood much (where we actually live), but I am sure that will come.

Red Rocks is about two minutes away, but we haven’t visited yet. I cannot wait to go to a concert there!

Boulder is about thirty minutes away and Breckenridge is roughly an hour and twenty minutes from us.

We are situated right in the foothills and it is so beautiful everywhere you look. We could have not asked for a better location (especially leasing sight unseen!)


There are TONSSSS of hiking trails nearby. We are going to start small and do the short ones with Miller and then build up as we get more used to the altitude. I will definitely do plenty of posts on what to do, where to hike, etc once we really get going!


It is actually really windy here. I think out of the 10 days we have been here at least five to six have been exceptionally windy. Like around 17mph winds. We had one kind of bad storm that came overnight but other than that we really haven’t had much rain.

Except for the wind, the weather is EXCEPTIONAL. In Texas when it gets hot you would sit in the shade but the shade would still be super humid and muggy. It is so dry here so when you escape the heat and get in the shade you are welcomed with what feels like ten degrees cooler temps. It cools down at night so Troy and I just sit outside forever after we put Miller down.

The sun is definitely SUPER HOT here. I can only sit in direct sunlight here for about ten minutes before I start burning. Feels a lot like the Mexico sun to me, without the humidity.

Oh and there are hardly ANY BUGS AT ALL. I haven’t even seen a mosquito!! In May we were already covering ourselves with bug spray when we took Miller for a walk in Texas because they were everywhere. We couldn’t even swim in the pool anymore at our house because they would bite us while we were in the pool! I am so glad we don’t have to worry about that here!


Miller has adjusted so well here. She is loving it! She is so active and always going going going! We noticed at first while she was adjusting to the altitude change and the move she didn’t eat as much and she was always tired. That has passed now. She still sleeps soooo well here but she isn’t overly tired and she has her appetite back again for sure.

We cannot wait to get to know some of our neighbors a little more so we can form some play dates. We may even put her in mothers day out a couple of times a week so she can socialize.


CO is close behind Texas when it comes to things opening back up. They are now at 50% capacity for their restaurants and such, but they do require you to wear masks whenever you are inside ANYWHERE (in Texas hardly anyone wore masks anymore.) Here you are required to wear them the entire time if you are in a store (any store), and at a restaurant, you have to wear them until you are seated at your table.

Hardly anyone wears them outdoors. No one was wearing them on our short hike the other day and no one wears them around in our neighborhood.

Everyone is thinking by July things should be 100% back open here. We will see!


We have been super busy and my parents are back to their busy tennis and neighborhood schedule so it hasn’t been that tough at all. My sister and her kids are currently in Corpus Christi at the beach doing their own thing too! I knew it would get easier once everyone got busy again. The goodbye was still super tough though.

Troy’s parents live about 7.5 from us now so they are driving in today! We haven’t seen them since January. My parents may visit sometime in July and we are already scheduled for a trip out to Texas early August!

If you have any other questions about the move let me know in a comment below! I will give you another Colorado update in a couple of weeks!

xoxo Amanda


  1. Denise Probert
    June 16, 2020 / 8:37 pm

    So glad you found our neighborhood! I promise to have you over for a lovely patio dinner as soon as it is safe. Make sure to walk my way any time and say “Hi!” Same street, house 2444.

  2. June 16, 2020 / 2:47 pm

    So happy that you guys are loving it here! Colorado is such an easy state to love isn’t it? People are genuine and so laid back. We are in Manitou Springs. It’s a super cute little mountain town next to Colorado Springs. We love it so much. Enjoy exploring all.things.Colorado!
    ~ Melissa

  3. Nicole Anne
    June 16, 2020 / 8:13 am

    Hi Amanda,

    Congratulations on your move to Colorado!
    Do you and your husband plan to buy a house in Colorado?

    Nicole Anne

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