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  1. Jessica Mao

    My friend just told me about you. We are making the exact same move right now. Dallas to Denver during covid and for the exact same reasons. You’re about a month ahead of me and very cool to have this happen in the same time and be able to have it as a preview of life. You were a gem to find! I’m excited to follow your journey!

  2. Natalie

    We are moving out of Colorado for similar reasons. Right now we live within 15 minutes from family. It will be nice to find us outside my family and just what you said lean on your husband. Colorado is amazing though! Welcome.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Ah we are on opposite tracks! I am sure it was great for you guys while you lived here and being closer to family is going to be so nice!! xox A

  3. Becky

    Yay – so excited for you!! Moving is so refreshing for the soul and so happy you actually pulled the trigger since you’ve been talking about it for so long!

    I also have babies on the mind because we are thinking about starting to try for another soon. The first go round I used the ovulation strips for tracking ovulation and was wondering if you used anything to help you track?

  4. Becky

    Yay so excited for you! I love following your page.

    I know most of the comments have focused on the move but I’ve got baby on the brain since we are thinking about starting to try for number 2. I was wondering if you’d be willing to share if you used anything to track your ovulation? I used strips last time and was thinking about getting them again but open to other ideas.


  5. Kelly

    No questions but just want to wish you all the best! ❤️

  6. Cindy

    I moved to CO from IL with my husband (boyfriend at the time) when we were quite young. His family lived there (in Evergreen) he had gone to HS there and really liked it. We rented an apartment in Lakewood, got married in Golden. Have not been there for many years but I think it is a good location as you described for those reasons. We have family still living in Castle Rock but they don’t really like it there anymore. CO was a great experience, beautiful and I was able to do outdoor stuff I had never done. Most importantly, it was the beginning of discovering myself and growing into the adult I would become and creating my own family. My husband actually joined the military after we married and we went on to have many amazing adventures all over the world. Yes, it was hard to be away from my family but I do not think I would be who I am today if not for getting away, not having to depend on them, and figuring out where living would give me the most joy. I wish you and your family the best.

  7. Barrie Williams

    I am so excited for you guys! It will be an adventure! I am in AZ and my mom, sister and her family r in Ohio. My mom has had health issues and needs lots of help which falls on my sister. I do see them about twice a year. We have been living away since we were married at 19.

    You will have so much fun with your own family, welcoming a new little one and enjoying your new area! Happy for you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Barrie! You are always so kind and supportive! xox A

    2. Micha

      We just moved to Parker, CO in September and we love it! We have good friends in Golden and they love it 🙂 We are also away from family but they love visiting and if anything it just makes the bond stronger and the time they get to visit extra special (I have a 3 year old and a 2 month old). You will love Colorado and I hope for many happy memories for you and your little family ❤️.

  8. melissa williams

    Welcome to Colorado! A Virginia transplant here- we moved and never looked back. Our family LOVES coming out here to visit! Hope your move goes smoothly and that you can enjoy all that this gorgeous state has to offer.
    ~Melissa xx

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh I love hearing this thank you!! So encouraging! <3A

  9. Rindy Laquey

    Welcome to Colorado! We are Texas natives that moved to Evergreen, Co. If you Have not looked in Evergreen I truly encourage you to do so. It’s mountain living but within 35-40 minutes to downtown Denver. It’s also closer to the High Country so easier to get to. The schools are some of the top rated schools in Colorado. It’s a great family community. I hope you love your new adventure!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes that is our top spot right now for building a home for sure!! xox A

  10. Alex M.

    You were one my first bloggers I followed since before miller! You are so genuine and can definitely hear it from your post. I’m sad that you’re moving but a fresh start will be good! This definitely makes me want to branch out and move to another city in Texas! Blessings to you and your family! Can’t wait for the CO pictures!!!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you! Texas is so great no matter where you live for sure! <3A

  11. Lesley Perez

    We live in Green Mountain Village and LOVE IT! We moved here from Alaska 3 months ago. Good luck with the move and welcome to the best side of town!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Oh YAY I love hearing that thank you Lesley!! xox A

  12. Jess

    I love reading about your story! My husband and I moved from NY to TX for a couple years, but ended up back in NY when we wanted to start having a family. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and always talk about moving away again, but having a child now is a whole new ball game. I love your perspective of creating a life for your own little family and knowing you will always be close with everyone else despite the distance! I’m so excited for y’all on this new adventure and am looking forward to following along!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thanks so much Jess! We may always decide to move back but I am excited for the adventure anyway! xoxA

  13. Alli

    My husband and I moved to England 2 months after we married away from our family’s who lived in the same city. Super close too. It’s amazing the strength and partnership that develops from a move like this. It’s tough but in the best team building ways. So proud and happy for you!!! Enjoy your time.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh that is definitely a big move for you guys! I am excited to see how this brings my family even closer! xoA

  14. Susan Veasey

    I so resonate with this. I moved to Dallas to find my way and build my own family. It was the best decision I ever made. Now we as a couple and our pup have moved back home to be near friends and family again. But that 13 years of growth both spiritually, professionally, and personally was priceless and I hope you find in your journey the same growth and peace in knowing the power of you and your family. I love following you and wish you the best of luck in CO!! We vacation in aspen and love love it!!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes I cannot wait to visit Aspen! Thanks so much for your encouragement! xox Amanda

  15. Anonymous

    So excited for you and your family! I am from Colorado, grew up in Berthoud (north of Denver and small town), graduated from DU and lived in Denver until I moved yo Reno, Nevada. My husband is from Nevada BUT we will return to Colorado at some ppint. My family is still thete, so much to do, love everything outdoorsy, shopping, food, sports, CO has it all. You will love it and will establish yourselves and if you decide slat some point yo return to Texas, the adventures remain. The open ideas are what will watm your heart and allow you to grow as a family!! Enjoy all that CO has to offer!!!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you so much I am so excited! xox A

  16. Alicia

    We moved away from both our families in Chicago in 2016 to Denver. We were dating then and said let’s do it before we get married and start a family. Four years later with a wedding, two kids, and a dog we are still here. You can’t beat the lifestyle and the weather. People always ask me why we moved and 100% it’s the lifestyle…hiking in the summer skiing in the winter. I know you guys will love it here and welcome to the state!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you so much! Everyone has been soooo nice already so I am so excited to start meeting some people there!! Thank you for your support! xox A

  17. AA

    Love the concept of focusing on your own family and building your identity as that family. And your job is portable enough that you can relocate if need be. Good luck!!

    1. Amanda Miller

      It is so important and something I didn’t even realize was a problem until we started talking about moving! Cannot wait to see how much stronger we get! xox A

  18. Kimbo

    Love love love this. Especially the end. We 💯 know the feeling. Sending love and hugs.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes I am sure you do! Miss you already thank you for all of your help today! xo Amanda

  19. Teresa Villa

    Loved your post, I resonate with the identity part, I struggle with that a lot. I would love to move as well in the future if my circumstances change. Best of luck!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Maybe one day you will! Thank you so much best of luck to you too love! – A

  20. Zaide Cabezuela

    Best wishes! When I was a recruiter for a university, I always told
    the kids, try it out. If it doesn’t work out you can always go back home. I left my family from Texas to Washington state. It was a great experience for me. We moved back and we’re looking into moving to the east coast. Change is good. Xoxo

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes so true we can always come back!! Thank you so much!! —Amanda

  21. None

    Your husband doesn’t work? Or does he have a job in Colorado waiting for him?

    1. Amanda Miller

      Troy is a stay at home dad 🙂

  22. A

    Your comment about not finding your own identity really resonates with me. I moved on my own very young with my now husband. We were 18/19 and barely paying bills lol but we had fun and had our own lives. As we have gotten older, we’ve gotten closer with my family, which is great, but it’s also resulted in me feeling almost child like? If that makes sense. I have a child around the same age as yours and often feel like I’m still a kid when around family, instead of a grown adult with my own family. So I’ve definitely thought of moving for the same reasons. I hope you guys succeed and love your new home and space! I’m sure it will be very hard at first, but once you settle in and get your lives started, I bet it will be amazing!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you so much! I’m hoping this helps people with their own journey like so many have already helped me!! Xox A


The number one question I have gotten lately is, ‘Why are you moving to Colorado?’ Well, let’s start at the beginning.

Baby Plans and Moving Plans Amidst COVID19

*these shots were taken last July in Breckenridge during the NSale and are sold out now. Miller’s carrier is the Kid Comfort Pro from Deuter!

Last year, Troy and I traveled to Colorado FOUR TIMES. That is a lot of traveling to one state alone. We just fell in love with the summers there and then went back for an epic winter trip to Winter Park.

We loved every single trip and we decided last year that we would be moving to Colorado this year. I think I announced it to you guys sometime last Fall!

I was also always planning on trying to get pregnant again in Jan/Feb while we were in Maui. I starting tracking ovulation in December so that I would have an idea of what dates I would be ovulating during our trip.

So, Colorado this year was always the plan and pregnancy was always the plan.

Then COVID hit. We heard about COVID19 basically as we were packing up to leave Hawaii. We never had the news on there (we never watched tv really) and COVID wasn’t well known in the states until Feb. We first heard about it only because a Chinese man and his wife leaving Hawaii on a Delta flight were said to both have had the coronavirus.

Well, I was already pregnant at that point. Yes, I would have chosen to wait had we known more about COVID19. But, this is all in God’s plan so I have to trust that he will protect my baby during this.

Now our next decision was ‘do we still move’?

How We Sold Our House in 6 Days

Troy and I wanted to list our house in April (pre-COVID). It is just the best time to get ahead of the curve with all of the people relocating in the summer months.

Well, once COVID hit everything was just so uncertain. What would happen to the economy? What would happen to the housing market? Would anyone in my family get sick?

Once things settled down a little we brought the conversation up again. We decided to go ahead and hire one of my friends and just get her out to the house and get her opinion on everything. She came out the next Monday.

After she looked at the house she kinda of filled us in on the market. Some older houses in the neighborhood had been on the market for a very long time. But, some houses came and went without being on the market a day or even at all. She said she could go ahead and just list off-market (basically just on the Sotheby’s website) and we could take our time getting it ready, taking pictures, the whole shebang. We were OK with that. It gave us more time to decide what to do and potentially wait out the coronavirus.

She called two days later and said she had a showing request! We were BAFFLED. Our house was in NO SHAPE to be shown to anyone and it all was just too fast. Apparently, another Sothebys realtor saw the listing, told her clients about it who were moving out of town, and they needed to see it right away because their own house was under contract already.

We decided to get it ready as best we could and just let them see it as it was.

Ya’ll, it is a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. We were never worried about not being able to sell it. We just thought we would need to have the landscaping done and all of these beautiful pictures taken and it would need to be listed and we would need to do all of these showings. That wasn’t the case. The couple saw the house and recognized the gem for what it is (an 1989 house built extremely well that had been flipped completely two years ago!) All new everything. It was completely remodeled and they did an amazing job doing it too.

The couple put in an offer that weekend. 6 days after we hired the realtor. The first couple to ever view the house. While we were making a deal on the house we had MULTIPLE other viewing requests. So much interest. It was crazy! But, we settled on an offer with the first couple and the rest is history.

A Month to Move

At that point, Troy and I had a month to find a home in CO and move into it. CRAZY.

The next week, after we got the inspection report back and had to hire everyone to come out and fix things, Troy and I headed to Colorado.

Everything before this had gone so smoothly and so fast for us. We got a reality check as soon as we crossed over into CO.

With the amount of showing requests we had at our own house and our own willingness to show our house to people, we just expected it to be the same there. It wasn’t. Apparently, Colorado had JUST opened the state back up that week for one-on-one showings. Before then you had buy all houses from seeing a 3D tour of it. It was nearly impossible to get in touch with anyone for a viewing and it was even harder to get a time to view before 1. we needed to head back to TX and 2. before the house was rented! Oh and PS- they don’t show houses there on the weekends right now!?!?!

After two days of coming up super short we decided to head home. We had planned on staying at least 4 days but we drove in on Thursday morning and no one would show us anything on Sat or Sunday. We realized we would have to keep an eye out on Zillow and JUMP on a house and lease sight unseen ASAP.

After a few days back home we found a house! It had only been listed a day when we applied. We then had to go through a series of telephone interviews because there were multiple applicants. In the end I texted the owners a picture of our family, told them our story, and I guess it worked! We got the house!

Why Lakewood?

We looked just about everywhere around Denver and we loved just about everything we saw. We decided we didn’t want to live in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Castle Rock, or Parker for now. But, those are definitely going to be top contenders for when we decide to buy/build a home. For now, we want to be closer to the mountains.

This drew us to West Arvada, Superior, Boulder, Golden and Louisville areas. We just couldn’t find ANYTHING in that market that we liked. We really wanted a finished basement so the kids had a bigger place to play, we wanted a guest room in that basement so people that came to visit had more privacy, and we wanted to have four bedrooms so we could offer that fourth to family who wanted to come and stay a little longer. Those things were important to us. We had a hard time finding it in our price range with the finish-outs that we preferred (everything was just a little older!)

We didn’t really consider Lakewood because it just seemed to be closer to downtown Denver than we liked and we also never saw anything newer in that area either. All of the homes were much smaller and older in our price range. Then this house in Rooney Valley popped up and we only had to look at a map once to know that would be an awesome location for us.

The house is right next to Red Rocks Park, at the foothills of the mountains, surrounded by parks and trails, right off I70, and 8 miles from Golden. It is in the perfect location.

To top it all off it turns out my brother-in-laws best friend used to live a neighborhood over! He could not say enough good things about the area and kept mentioning how ‘safe’ it was. That sold us even more!

We got ALMOST everything we wanted with the house. It doesn’t have a fireplace, it doesn’t have a yard, it doesn’t have a bathtub in the master bathroom, and it doesn’t have a dining area! Yes, we had to sell our dining room table because the bar is the only place to eat in the house! Crazy, huh? This is only a temporary rental so all of those things aren’t that big to us. It has four bedrooms, two huge play areas for the kids, and it looks like a brand new home! We are so excited about it! The yard thing definitely stinks but the big basement will be where they play during the Winters and all of the surrounding walkable trails and parks will be where they hang out in the other months!

What is Happening Now?

*we took these photos in Winter Park last December. You can find a couple of posts from that trip HERE and HERE.

We ended up hiring movers to pack and move us on the 2nd and 3rd of June. That is next Tues/Wed! So crazy.

I think this all happened so fast for us, that we didn’t really take into consideration how fast it was happening for my family.

Troy is from Nebraska, where his friends and family still are, so we will be about three hours closer to them (8 hr vs 11 hr drive). I think we will get to see his family much more even though it seems like such a small difference. For his family this is the difference in a two day drive vs a one day drive. Troy has been away from his family since college.

I on the other hand have always lived next to my family. Well, except my younger sister.

My older sister lives down the street from me right now. If you have been following me for awhile you know I have a very  strong relationship with those kids, especially my niece Emmy. I have cried myself to sleep a few times thinking about that goodbye. They don’t have the means to fly and a 12 hour drive is pretty out of question for a family of 6 with two toddlers. We will just have to do what we can to make it work and I will have to visit them as much as I can! I will definitely make tons of facetime playdates for me and my nieces and nephews.

My parents have lived about two hours away from me since I was 18. This is still very close in my opinion and we saw them often. They would come in and stay with me and visit Adria’s family down the street during their visits. They would come in for birthdays, football games, etc and we travelled together often. They would also ALWAYS watch Miller for us no questions asked whenever we went out of town.

It is going to be extremely hard to pull Miller away from her grandparents. They have a very special bond and I hate doing it to any of them. Hopefully one day they will understand why we moved and I know in my heart they will still remain close to Miller and our next child. They live around 2.5 hours from the DFW airport so they can definitely make that trip and I will definitely be back down to see them often!

My little sister has been across the country since she left for college. First Wyoming, then D.C, then Virginia. She JUST moved back to Texas last week to do her residency in College Station at Texas A&M.

I know that everything is harder now since we have all been quarantining together and have been spending SO MUCH TIME together. Once our crazy lives pick back up, my sister’s kids are back in school, my parents are back to their tennis and travel schedules, and my little sis starts her new job, we will realize how hard it was to get together before all of this! I hope so anyway!

We will all say our ‘see you laters’ at my gender reveal party on June 2.

I am not too worried about my friends. They LOVE to travel and a couple have already told me if we stay after a year they may just have to come join us!

Why Are You Moving?

When I asked for encouragement this week some people messaged me saying, “How could you move? Family is everything?”

So true. Family is everything to me. And that includes this little family I have made for myself these past 6 years. My amazing husband, my insanely sweet toddler, and this baby growing inside of me. They are my family too. We still have each other.

My parents and sisters and I will ALWAYS be close. Distance won’t change that. Heck, distance may make our bonds even stronger! We will always find a way to see each other and we will always be a huge part of each other’s lives. I was never worried about a ‘drift’. Family is everything to me and will always be.

We are moving because my little family has ALWAYS been right next door to my parents and sister. I almost feel like we haven’t created an identity for ourselves. I have ALWAYS lived right next to them and have leaned on them for everything. It is time I use my husband for the leaning. We just need to get away and see what it is like. Maybe I can’t do it and we come back in a year. Troy would move back here if I asked in a heartbeat. But we have to try.

And we LOVE Colorado. We love to hike. Troy is a huge snowboarder. I just love the snow. I am big into all things Christmas and cannot wait for all of the festivities. I can’t wait to learn to fly fish and find new trails to explore. I am so excited for Miller to have a more active outdoor lifestyle! We are just so excited to see what CO holds for us.

It is going to be a very hard goodbye next week, but I am excited about the adventure ahead!

I will have a lot of CO blog posts ahead, so make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss one! I only send out emails when there is a new blog post up!

If you have any more questions for us please leave me a comment below!

xoxo Amanda


XO Amanda
May 28, 2020 Travel

Our Move to Colorado

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