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Here are all of the items we brought with us for the kids! So much to pack but all of this fit in one suitcase and a carry on!

You can click on the items in the collages below to shop them!


Most of their outfits for this trip are from Amazon since most retailers won’t get their summer clothes out until later this month. Amazon obviously keeps all of their clothes up year-round. Unfortunately, we are having problems with USPS in our area so even though these were all supposed to arrive on 1/27 we are still waiting for many of them :/. I hope it all gets here in time!

For Miller:

For Callen:



Must Haves When Packing The Kids For Vacation:

Pool toys are a must and the sand toys have a collapsable bucket so it fits easily in your suitcase.

We ALWAYS travel with our slumber pod, especially when we are all sharing a hotel room. This creates a blackout space for whoever is in the crib or pack n play and it allows you to watch tv or do whatever else you want in the room while they sleep!

The G-Lite is our favorite stroller and we bring it on every beach trip. The mesh backing makes it nice and cool for the kids while they ride in it.

Hydroflasks are great to keep the kids water nice and cool (to help them from overheating!)

If you have a kid, like Miller, who doesn’t like to go under the water or get their face wet, get them some goggles. GAME CHANGER in the water, I promise!!

We also ended up getting two Hatch Minis for the kids. We like that these can be controlled through an app.

Click on any of the photos above to shop that item! I will be sharing my Punta Cana Packing List soon, but in the mean time check out my Mexico Packing List! I had so many fun outfits on that trip!

xo Amanda

XO Amanda
February 4, 2022 Travel

What I Am Packing The Kids For Vacation

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