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San Miguel de Allende is the most beautiful place, and I recommend visiting it ASAP. During my trip we heard that a few major hotel chains will be built in the very near future that will make this city boom with tourism. Try to go within the next year to before it has lost some of it’s uncharted charm.

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Where to Fly In:

We flew in to QRO- Aeropuerto Intercontinental de Querétaro. It was the best option for us and it had direct flights from Dallas on American Airlines.


The best hotel, in my opinion, is the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende. It is also probably the priciest. If you are going with your husband for a romantic getaway, I definitely recommend you splurge a little on this one. The rooms are very spacey, with each having their own balcony, and you have access to all of the amenities (including the amazing pool and first dibs on reservations on one of the best balconies in San Miguel).

We stayed at Casa1810 Central. It was a gorgeous hotel, but very loud. In San Miguel they converted most of the mansions in the cities to hotels and this is one of them. It is very charming and the restaurant is one of the top rated in the city. If you stay here, just request not to stay under the restaurant if possible.

I think if you google Hotels in San Miguel you really can’t go wrong. They are all so extremely beautiful and charming. Just make sure to pick one with great reviews and make sure you are towards the center of the city.

A lot of my friends also stayed in vrbos and had a great time. Make sure to check reviews on those as well because one couple never had hot water, eek.


San Miguel is seriously a culinary sensation. Everywhere we went was better than the next place but all were so dang delicious. Add these restaurants to your list, in this order, but definitely try to do all of them!!!:*I recommend calling ahead of time and trying to book a reservation. Some of the below allow you to book online:

  • Lavanda Cafe (for breakfast)
  • Atrio (any meal- we had lunch here and it was our fav meal in San Miguel). Beautiful rooftop.
  • Trazo 1810 (for breakfast)
  • La Unica
  • Zibu
  • Rosewood Rooftop


Everything was fairly inexpensive. The most costly thing other than the hotel is the transportation to and from the airport. I recommend going in with friends, having your vrbo owner book you a car, or looking online at car services. Booking through the hotel is the most expensive option. It cost us $150 each way in a car.

Things to Do in San Miguel:

When it comes to things to do in the city, we had the most fun just exploring the city by foot. You can walk the entire city by foot! We would hop in the shops and view any of the open churches we could. We also enjoyed just finding different rooftops for a quick appetizer or cocktail. Things we didn’t get to this trip: San Miguel has their own Hot Springs that is apparently very popular and a quick ride by taxi. Also a quick ride by taxi- the vineyards! San Miguel has some amazing wine and you c an go to the different wineries right outside the city (15 min by taxi!) I would have loved to do that!

Is it Family-Friendly?

If your child/children still need a stroller I would not bring them! Most of the streets are cobblestone and the sidewalks can only fit one person at a time (Troy and I could never walk side by side!) The city does not have anything for kids and it would be a huge hassle to get around with them!

where to stay in san miguel on themilleraffect.com
inside of Casa 1810


One thing we were NOT prepared for- the weather. Our trip was March 24-27 and it was freezing in the morning until around 10 and at night beginning around 6pm. I mean, really cold. Like puffer jacket cold. I wish we had been more prepared. I had dresses and a denim jacket and would go to bed shaking each night. Check the weather before you leave! You will be at 6500 ft elevation, which can make the temperature feel 20 degrees cooler than it really is.

What I Wore:

*Pack sneakers or comfortable sandals. The streets are cobblestone and you walk A LOT. Also, check the weather before you go to see how heavy a jacket you need to bring. Even in the summer I recommend a light jacket because with higher altitude it can get chilly at night/in the shade.

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If you are interested in seeing more travel guides like this one, head to my TRAVEL page! I have been to so many fun places.

XO Amanda
April 7, 2022 Travel

A Guide to San Miguel

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