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Happy September! Can you believe that summer is over, the kids are back to school, and fall is slowly approaching?! I feel like this summer went by so fast but we definitely made the most of it by traveling around, hiking, visiting lakes, and just soaking up some much needed family time in Colorado. I hope you had an amazing summer as well!

walmart grocery prices at themilleraffect.com

Miller started PRESCHOOL, I can’t believe it, and if you follow me on Instagram you saw she was bringing all of the Blair Waldorf vibes. Callen is off to daycare too, so I’m in full school mode over here! If you’re a mom with similar aged kids, you know that preschool and daycare is getting more and more expensive every year. Of course, it’s totally worth it for the kiddos but I am always looking for ways I can be more cost effective and get the best value possible. Lately I have been turning to Walmart when shopping for school lunches and snacks when the kids get home and let me tell you, it’s made such a difference! 

I’ve found that Walmart really does have the best grocery prices, especially when I compare it to the typical grocery stores I would go to in the past. I like to take a quick trip during the week to Walmart to do a big shop for all of the school lunch food I need and like I said, I always pick up some after school snacks, too. Such a great place to shop! I can always count on getting the BEST price there. While child care/preschool prices continually rise, I can always count on Walmart groceries to stay in my budget.

Here’s how I pack lunches for the kids:

They love when I make charcuterie style boards for them for snacks, so I just add a little turkey and peanut butter for their lunches! These are the easiest to make and so fun for the kids. You cam also add ranch dressing, hummus, or other items for dipping.

The coolest thing is for the moments I don’t have much time to grocery shop, Walmart also has an online grocery shopping system. You can select all of your grocery items online, purchase them, and pick them up. They even bring it right out to your car! You can also have your groceries delivered if you don’t want to drive to Walmart. It’s SO easy and convenient if you’re on the go a lot (like most moms are…) and don’t have time to go through the store yourself. I have a promo code if you want to check this out yourself, new customers can use code TRIPLE10 to save $10 off their first three pickup or delivery orders, an order of $50 min is required.

I like shopping at Walmart for groceries but it’s also a great spot for lunch boxes, bento boxes, and Tupperware type boxes for your kiddo to take to school. Sometimes I like packing a box for Miller with all of her favorite items so it’s ready for her to eat and doesn’t getting smushed in her lunch box, and Walmart has so many options!

My favorites for lunch and snack time:

Not sure I’ll be going back to shopping anywhere else anytime soon! Can’t wait to share more school and kid updates with you and bring in a brand new season together. So much fun fall content to come! Until next time..

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All items were picked out by me and all reviews are 100% my own.

XO Amanda
September 8, 2022 Family

Cost-Effective Back to School Lunches with Walmart

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