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  1. Michelle

    Your makeup looks really great. I really want to try this!

  2. remie lund

    I love this idea! I really stick to what I know when it comes to makeup but I love when you find amazing new products that slot perfectly into your routine. x
    Remie’s Luxury Blog

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes, I am trying to branch out because right when I think I am set I find a new product that I love even more!! love A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you so much!!:)

      xoxo, A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks babes, you are too sweet!! & I agree 🙂

      xoxo, A

  3. Jenn

    I’m such a culprit when it comes to being stuck in my ways, especially for my beauty routine. This is a great reminder to switch things up!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks Jenn! There is nothing wrong with a routine, but it is always fun to try something new! <3

      xoxo, A


Clinique Products

Last month I had the most amazing makeover & counter appointment with Clinique! I brought the products home to try out for a month and am now ready to give you a full review!

Most of us are set in our ways and have makeup that we have used forever. It is hard to change a daily routine. I have never really had a daily routine per say, or at least not one that I stuck to, until I went to a counter appointment with Clinique. After you read this post, you may consider changing/finding your routine too!

Clinique Sonic Brush clinique counter appointmentcounter appointment with clinique

I made a counter appointment with Clinique at my local mall (find your closest Clinique counter here). I knew before going that I needed a new skin care regime and that I wanted some new makeup products that would fit my particular needs. I had heard great things about Clinique, and have used their three-step skincare system for awhile now, so I couldn’t wait to try out their other products. The counter visit exceeded my expectations!

They didn’t act like they were too busy for me, and any time someone came up to the counter for help, they were always able to find someone else to assist. Any other time I went in for a makeover with a different brand, I always felt like the specialist was so rushed, like they never had time for me. This wasn’t the case at all with my specialist from Clinique. She started from the basics, and acted like she had as much time as I needed. She took her time explaining each product, and made sure I understood what each one could do for my skin.

I started by filling out a survey so that she could really get a sense of my skin type and needs. I have dry skin and redness, so I made sure I filled out the questionnaire accordingly.

She started with the three-step system to clean my face, but this time she used a Sonic System Purifying Brush (which I had never used before). It made a world of different to me! My face felt so clean and firm after only 30 seconds with the brush! I now use it every morning.

She then started tackling some of my skin care needs, starting with some primer for the redness (now my new favorite product). It is actual yellow, which combats the redness on your skin.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t look yellow on your skin. It helps hide the redness while still priming your skin to help your makeup last longer. She then used a CC Cream that has a moisturizer in it (to help with my dryness). I love how soft it makes my skin feel!

From there she picked some great makeup products that match my skin tone and the kind of style I like (all-natural). I now use about 3/4 of the products every day when I do my makeup myself.

The most important thing I learned was towards the end, when she applied the concealer. I thought she had made a mistake at first!! I used to always put concealer on at the very beginning, before the CC cream, the bronzer, and the foundation. She put the concealer on in a V shape under my eyes after she was completely done, and told me to look in the mirror. From now on, my concealer will ALWAYS go on at the end! It completely brightens my face and eyes! The bags under my eyes are completely hidden every time. You have got to try it!

When I thought we were finished, she then started writing everything she had put on my face on a sheet of paper, and then even used the products to color in a picture (see below)! She gave it to me to take home, so I knew exactly what I needed to re-create the look.

I came away with a newfound respect for Clinique, as well as some new products that I now use in my routine every morning. I love all the products she used, but I starred the ones below that I now use every day.

Make sure to call and book a counter appointment with Clinique TODAY, and get skin care and makeup products that fit to your every need!! They take the time to really get to the root of the problem, and they inform you on each product that they have to fix it. It only takes an hour, but can completely change the way your skin looks and feels.

1 3

2 4

Here is a complete list of products, in the order that I use them. I have also starred all the products that I use every day:

Three Step Skincare System*

Sonic System Brush*

SuperPrimer Colour Corrects Redness*

Moisture Surge CC Cream*

Blended Face Powder & Brush*

Cheek Pop (#13 Rosy Pop)

All About Shadow Quad (#1 Teddy Bear)

High Impact Volume Mascara

Quickliner for Eyes (#10 Dark Chocolate)

Just Browsing

Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick (#11 Matte Petal)*

Long Last Glosswear (#11 Clearly Pink)*

Airbrush Concealer (#1 Fair)****


*so fun to partner with Blog Societies and Clinique for this post!!

XO Amanda
March 29, 2016 Articles

Counter Appointment with Clinique

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