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  1. Abhinav Rathi

    Great Post! thanks for sharing this amazing blog.

  2. Shannon Weaver

    Hi Amanda…
    not related to skin care 😬. What size is your M necklace, length of chain? Thanks! Going to order mine… just love yours and all you do! Thank you

    1. Amanda Miller

      16″! xox A


themilleraffect.com using skinsei personalized skincare products

How many of you have bought a product because you saw it on me, a model, a beauty blogger, a billboard, a tv commercial, etc? You probably thought, “It works great for her so it will probably work for me too.” I wish skin care worked that way. Whenever I find a product I love, I always have a hard time answering when someone asks if it will work for their skin as well because I really have no idea. I can only speak to what works well with my skin.

Well, what if you could have a skincare regimen that was uniquely curated for your skin and your skin only?

Today I am so excited to share a holistic skincare brand called Skinsei. Skinsei is skincare personalized to how you eat, sleep, and live. They take into consideration climate, sun exposure, exercise, eating and drinking habits, and so much more when creating a custom skincare routine just for you.

the miller affect using her personalized skincare products
the miller affect wearing a towel and doing her skincare routine

the miller affect sharing her personal skincare routine with skinsei
the miller affect talking about skinsei products

Here’s How it Works:

  1. You will start by taking your a skin diagnostic on Skinsei’s website. Answer each question honestly to get the best results. No one else will see your results.
  2. Once your test is complete you will be able to see what Skinsei recommends for your skin and why. You will also be able to see your key focus areas to improve your overall skin health.
  3. From here, you can go ahead and check out to get the routine customized for your skin and lifestyle. Use my code: milleraffect10 for 10% off your first order

Custom Skincare Routine from Skinsei

I love that Skinsei goes into depth on why each product is beneficial for your skin. My focus areas are uneven skin, high UV exposure, and hot and humid climates. They sent me products that would help regulate my skin with these factors in mind. See below for details on the products and why I love them.

You will get a personalized booklet with your order that talks about each product and why it should work for your skin. We are all unique, and so is our skin. You will no longer have to wonder if certain skin care products will work for your skin.

I learned so much just reading from the booklet! I thought I was an expert on skin care by now but Skinsei taught me there is still so much to learn!

Living in Dallas, my skin is in constant combat mode trying to survive the scorching summer sun and hot and dusty air. Definitely not great for the complexion! Skinsei’s diagnostic test really made me think about how UV exposure, air quality and atmosphere can impact skin just as much as diet, stress and triggering ingredients. In the past, I believed that skin was skin, and the health of your complexion was based on genetics only. Now I realize so many different factors play a part in your skin type and skin care needs!

themilleraffect.com showing her skinsei skincare products

themilleraffect.com wearing a face mask from skinsei
themilleraffect.com sharing skinsei personalized skincare

My Products:

Here are the products I received based on my diagnostic test results:

  1. clear history no 456. I love this micellar water so much! Makes my skin feel amazing and clean after each use.
  2. thirsty face no 615. I have never used essence before, but it helps to balance moisture and sebum. It helps control natural oils without triggering irritation and preps my face to absorbs everything that comes next!
  3. lucid beaming no 219. This serum helped my skin stay resilient against the drying effects of UV exposure.
  4. blur effect no 629. This dry sheet mask helps with my uneven skin tone and redness.
  5. cool on cue no 225. A mild hydro gel instantly hydrates, reduces any trouble-causing shine, and keeps my complexion bright.

I pretty much use the products in this order each time-  I found that this step by step system works the best for me- although because I have a lot of different masks on rotation, I only use the dry sheet mask once a week but it’s still super effective and leaves my skin feeling super plump and refreshed.

I just spent a week in Mexico and then a weekend on a cruise ship so I have found myself putting on the Cool on Cue hydro gel and the Lucid Beaming serum a couple of times a day. Again, struggling with dry uneven skin tone on top of lots of travel has been rough! This combo has REALLY helped keep my skin hydrated. The hydro gel and serum are cool to the touch and also extremely light feeling which I LOVE! Plus, I feel like I have that added layer of protection when spending time in the sun. They’re going to come out with SPF products this summer – so excited to check those out!

If you’re interested in learning about YOUR skin through the unique diagnostic test, head to SKINSEI.COM to receive your very own custom skincare routine. Make sure to use code milleraffect10 at checkout for 10% off your first order!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Skinsei. All reviews are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
May 25, 2019 Beauty

Custom Skincare Routine from Skinsei

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