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  1. Anaya Bel

    Really I love This shade brand. Already use

  2. Monica

    Nice to see that we have matching tastes a little bit 😉 Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow and Hollywood Beauty Light Wand are my favorite beauty products!

  3. Hannah

    Hi Amanda,
    You mentioned in one of your insta stories a while back that the women at your Nordstrom’s Sophora recommended an under eye product that that prevents eye makeup from falling and sticking below your eyes. Would you mind re-sharing this product? I feel like halfway though the day I look like someone punched me in the eye because of all the excess makeup that falls!!!
    Thanks a bunch,

  4. Elissa

    I love your reviews on these products – and especially when you’re “obsessed!”


the miller affect sharing her favorite contouring products from Nordstrom

I recently went into Nordstrom to try out some new makeup and I cannot wait to show you guys what I found!

There are pictures and explanations of each below, but make sure to check out Instagram Stories today to see me apply the makeup on video!

These are the products I use for my daily contour routine now and have gotten so many questions from you guys since I changed it up!

Nordstrom is my favorite place to shop beauty for a few reasons:

  1. If you order the wrong color or beauty item, you can actually take it back even after you have used it! I had this happen with some eyeliner before and some foundation. I used them both a couple of times before realizing I should have ordered darker shades and Nordstrom took them back no problem!
  2. There are so many people there to help you in store. They have experts in each department but they also have beauty managers that can help you pick out products from all over the store (you don’t have to limit yourself to one brand!)
  3. There is so much to choose from! They seriously have everything you need at Nordstrom! So many great beauty brands and products!

Contour Makeup from Nordstrom

Here are my four favorite products for contouring! Contouring is a lot easier to do than I thought and these products make it even easier.

In the wintertime it is hard to keep your face looking fresh since we don’t get a lot of sun. These products from Nordstrom help keep that gorgeous glow!

Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow

the miller affect reviewing charlotte tilbury healthy glow
the miller affect talking about charlotte tilbury healthy glow
the miller affect talking about contour beauty products from Nordstrom

I recently found this Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow and I am so obsessed. It comes out white which actually really confused me at first. I even took it back to the store to return it and told them I needed something with actual color.

The attendant showed me that once you apply it to your skin it actually changes color to your skin tone! How insane is that?! It is so cool and the color matches my skin perfectly!

It works as a great primer and moisturizer as well. Make sure you apply your SPF before putting this product on as it does not come with it.

Smashbox Shaping Foundation Stick

the miller affect wearing smashbox Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick

the miller affect applying foundation with the miller affect wearing smashbox Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick
the miller affect sharing how to contour with nordstrom beauty products
the miller affect blending in contour with sigma beauty brush
the miller affect doing a tutorial on how to contour

Hands down favorite new product (the Healthy Glow comes in a close second though!) The attendant at Smashbox at Nordstrom suggested this new Shaping Foundation Stick product and I instantly fell in love.

On one side of the stick you have a foundation stick the other is a contour shade! I apply a small amount of the foundation all over and then use the contour stick where it is shown in pictures! I added a brush and a beauty blender below that will help with the blending! I use this every day now.

I never knew how to contour and they showed me how to with this stick and it is so easy! Now I can’t put my makeup on without it! It just makes your cheekbones so much more defined! Definitely grab this stick asap!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand


the miller affect showing you where to apply highlighter
the miller affect wearing charlotte tilbury highlighter

Another amazing product! This Hollywood Beauty Light Wand aka ‘highlighter’ is actually applied with a sponge! You can put as little or as much as you want on! Just squeeze the product to get more on the sponge!

This is my favorite highlighter I have ever used! The shine is so pretty and it goes on so smooth.

I linked a brush you can apply this with but it can be easily applied with your fingers as well!

Clinique ‘Cheek Pop’ Blush

the miller affect wearing clinique rosy pop blush

the miller affect wearing clinique blush

I have been using this Clinique Blush for forever and just love it so much. The palette actually comes with a good amount too so you won’t have to re-stock for awhile!

I use the color Rosy Pop and haven’t really tried anything else yet. It goes on really pretty and stays on for a long time. Put the blush on last. I was always told LIQUIDS FIRST, then powders!

More Nordstrom Beauty Products I Love:

Clinique Airbrush Concealer

After the blush I put a little of this Airbrush ‘Illuminator’ (that’s the color) Concealer on under my eyes. I apply in a V shape and then blend it in with a makeup brush. This just brightens my eyes a bit and really helps with the dark circles!

I know I just said liquid first, but the attendant at the Clinique counter has always told me to apply this to your face last! It has been one of my favorite products for years.

Smashbox Powder

the miller affect wearing SMASHBOX POWDER

I then apply my Smashbox Setting Powder. I have pretty dry skin, so I only apply it under my eyes.

Do you end up have your mascara smeared all over under your eye at the end of the day? Did you know putting some loose powder under your eye helps 99% with that? Yeah, neither did I until the beauty expert at the Nordstrom counter told me. Now I apply powder under my eyes every morning and don’t have the smudge problem anymore!!

You can use the same brush you use for blush!

Clinique Eyeliner

I have always used the dark brown eyeliner from Clinique! I never have a problem with it, it’s super smooth, doesn’t run, and Clinique just makes great products!

Wide Angle Fan Mascara

I actually saw this Wide Angle Fan mascara on Glamour for one of the best mascaras for 2017! I love the brush on the wand. It allows me to easily cover the entire lashes and definitely helps get that fanning effect!

It is also really easy to take off- which is super helpful! I hate the mascaras that ruin your lashes because they are so hard to take off!

Lorac Eyeshadow

This Lorac Eyeshadow Palette will last you years and years! I love all of the colors and use different shades and mix different shades daily!

Nars Audacious Lipstick

Nars Audacious Lipstick is one of the only lipsticks that doesn’t dry my lips out and that is is so important in the wintertime!

The colors are so pretty and they are constantly coming out with new ones. I think I own around 10 right now hehe.

I cannot wait for you to try out these products for yourself! They are so amazing! Again, don’t forget to watch Instagram Stories today to watch me apply it all! I will give some tips and tricks!

If you missed the Instagram Stories don’t worry! I use these products every day so I will make sure I do more stories down the road!

Right now Nordstrom has 80+ GIFTS WITH PURCHASE for the holidays so start shopping today!

xoxo Amanda

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. All beauty products were picked out and purchased by me. All reviews are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible!

XO Amanda
November 26, 2017 Beauty

Favorite Contouring Products

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