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  1. Mags

    I am in my first trimester, unexpectedly & newly single so its hard and having everything you mentioned. Thank you for being frank, wish more women would share facts to prepare others in case it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Really happy my jelly bean is super healthy but I also feel like I’m really carrying big and my diet is super healthy. Anyone had that?

    Sending love and support to all the mommas.

  2. Nina

    First time 25 weeks pregnant at the moment and honestly I didnt know what to expect. I worked 80+ h during my first trimester and I would drop dead asleep every night. But no morning sickness at all, no changes whatsoever just that I didnt feel like eating at all. All I wanted was lettuce and tomatoes, weird. I just got lucky I guess. Now it’s a lot of pain in the back and my ribs . I used to love coffee (5 cups a day) now I drink decaffeinated, or regular once a week. Dont crave it anymore. I do crave soda, which I have never wanted.
    Will see how these 15 weeks go. Thanks for sharing Amanda, u are amazing .

    1. Amanda Miller

      I love hearing everyone’s different stories! Thank you for sharing babe!! AND CONGRATS!! PS- Unfortunately my sister had that rib pain starting around 25 weeks and I went away a couple of months after she gave birth :/ her daughter was sitting breech in her stomach. Are you having a girl? xox Amanda

  3. LJ

    Thank you for writing this post!!! I started following you on Instagram right around the time you announced you were pregnant. I didn’t read the pregnancy posts then because it wasn’t relevant…. at the time! Now I just found out I was pregnant this past Saturday and want to confirm with the Dr before telling anyone outside my husband of course, and to be honest feeling very excited but also worried and scared because I have wanted this for so long. It is so nice to read someone else’s real initial experience with symptoms and worry. The medical websites just seem to increase my worry. Thank you for ALWAYS being honest and open.

    1. Amanda Miller

      First off, congrats!! That is amazing and I am so excited for you. I am so happy my post helped you! You are in for a world of worry and unfortunately it never stops (even after you have the baby, haha!) But, just take things day by day and try your best to ease that anxiety! xox Amanda

  4. Maggie

    I’m in my third trimester now and just went back and read this post. Thank you for commenting on giving up alcohol! This is one that a lot of people tend to get judgy about and a lot of my family members said they didn’t crave alcohol when they were pregnant. Pre-pregnancy I had a drink every night – it was my treat after work, often in lieu of dessert and I have missed it so much. There really just aren’t as many fun options of things to drink – especially out or at a party. I’ve tried about every flavor of Lacroix, drunk so much tea, and even had bartenders make me a mocktail but nothing’s quite the same. Don’t even get me started on how sad my NYE sparkling cider was. For most of my pregnancy my evening drink has been cranberry juice mixed with seltzer and it’s been ok but I’m very much looking forward to being able to have a real drink again soon. And speaking of cold turkey, I’m looking forward to that in another 10ish weeks too!

  5. Laura

    First of all, congratulations! Secondly, I want to thank you for taking the time to point out the “not so bright sides of the first trimester”. It’s hard enough trying to deal with making sure that absolutely nothing happens to the being you are creating, even those you can’t control, and on top of that have people judging you for your struggles. I had an unplanned pregnancy and the only reason I realized I was expecting was because of my cousin who had been struggling with infertility issues for 4 years, who kept insisting I showed all the signs. It was heart breaking but she NEVER ONCE made me feel bad or guilty about getting pregnant without trying, although I did feel guilty and sad for her struggle. I had a decent pregnancy except for the first trimester that consisted of me taking unlimited naps on a daily basis. I’m sorry some took offense to this post but I do hope it does not discourage you from posting more things like this. Also, have you had any positives during your pregnancy, sinces these were your struggles, what are your triumphs? 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      This is exactly how I felt when I got pregnant because my sister had struggled with it for so many years! It is so hard to just soak in the moment and feel joy when you are also feeling to guilty! xox Amanda

  6. Anoynomous

    Your blog is inappropriate, I have four children and all my pregnancies were different. I can’t believe you did not educate yourself before getting pregnant. Did you think you could just carry on in life like you usually do? Of course, your body and lifestyle will be different. You should count your blessings.

    1. LH

      Speaking of inappropriate: why follow someone you don’t support? Quite frankly, your negativity toward Amanda is inappropriate. There are women who clearly do relate to her experience based on these comments. Not everyone has 4 childbirths of which to compare. #heresyourtrophy

    2. Isa13

      How is what she wrote offensive? First trimester for some people is absolutely awful, myself included. Pregnancy and having babies isn’t all bubbles and beautiful rainbows, and people that explain the hard sides aren’t disrespecting parenting, they’re being real. If this offends you, I’d say you have some internal work to do because nothing about what she said is offensive. I’m grateful to have a post to relate to when our bodies are beating the shit out of us…

  7. Megan

    I love your candidness!! I am sixteen weeks and went through much of what you described. (The constipation is THE WORST!) So many girls just gloss over the crappy parts so as not to appear ungrateful for the gift of a baby but, for us first time mommas, I wish I had known what I was going through was normal. I kept thinking “what is wrong with me? Am I just a pregnant lightweight?” Haha! Thanks for sharing!! Hopefully this enlightens some other ladies and normalizes the process! Best wishes for your sweet family!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you so much Megan! This means so much to me! A

  8. Dani

    The morning sickness might go away! I have hyperemsis and it hasn’t went away yet (I’m 38 weeks now) but it did get better around 28 weeks. Just remember that if you can’t hyrdrate at all it’s important to talk to your doctor about options for hydration (also helps the dizzy). I didn’t know there were options until a few ER trips (after vomiting 10-20 times a day). The zofran pump was horrible (I have eds so my skin could not take that pump), but the IVs with vitamins really helped and they can do it in your home, so your comfy!!

  9. A


    I am 9 weeks pregnant and am suffering from all day sickness and constant vomiting. I have feelings of guilt for being frustrated at this because I know that others, including 3 of my very best friends, are having a hard time conceiving. I feel sad because my husband hates seeing my like this and I feel like I’m not contributing to the family. I feel overwhelmed because I have so much to do, but no energy or will power to do it. We are human, and every struggle is important to God no matter how big or how small. Sharing those fears and struggles helps others know they are not alone. Thank you for this post. It’s real and honest. I’m happy for you and am excited to follow along with the rest of your journey.

  10. Dalli

    Congrats! The first trimester is definitely the hardest symptom wise. I just had my first baby who turned seven months old today so the pregnancy is still fresh in my mind. I remember being sooo tired as well. I was lucky that I worked from home because I was dozing off probably every 30 minutes. Thankfully the tiredness went away almost immediately during my second trimester but it definitely came back during the third.

    I also went through the food aversions. I did not get morning sickness but almost any food made me dry heave. I literally could only eat chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I would force myself to eat salads, yogurt, veggies, etc but it was hard. I couldn’t even look at someone eating grilled chicken or steak without wanting to puke. Since I was worried about my nutrition so I spoke with my doctor and she said just do whatever you can to get through those first twelve weeks.

    When I was pregnant I actually hated it (I know how terrible that sounds) but the back/hip pain, tiredness and having to pee all the time really got to me. However after having the baby I honestly miss it. It was the greatest nine months carrying my little dude. You grow a love so intense for someone you’ve never met and you create such a strong bond. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world so enjoy it!

  11. Adria

    This is Amanda’s sister here. I know some people are upset about the news of Amanda’s quick pregnancy and this post, but I have truly encouraged her to share the whole journey without feeling bad for mine-or anyone else’s struggles. This is her story to tell, and I am overjoyed that she didn’t have to go through what I did.

    I remember telling myself that if I could ever conceive and carry a child, I would never complain about anything in pregnancy. But then I lost over 12lbs in the first trimester (and I didn’t have 12lbs to lose) and had many struggles during pregnancy. I wished more people talked about how hard it was. I felt like the amazing gift inside of me was killing me from the inside out, and no one spoke about it. I never forgot how hard the journey was to get there, but it didn’t change anything about the fact that my pregnancy was hard! It is and it’s just the truth.

  12. Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing this! My husband and I are hoping to start a family in 1-3 years, and it’s helpful to know the (real!) version of what to expect. Hope your second trimester treats you well!

  13. Alicia

    Congratulations!! When I finally get pregnant, all of THIS is what I’m dreading! I’ve been through a lot of IVF and it’s not fun and can be heartbreaking but to feel crappy while actually pregnant, when all you want to do is rejoice and be excited for your growing sweetheart, has got to be miserable! Good luck on your second trimester!

  14. Anonymous

    OMG I have the ear thing too. I never heard of it nor came across it in anything I’ve read. I had no idea its a pregnancy thing. I feel yea…it’s super annoying! Here’s to wishing it goes away after birth. Congratulations!!!!

  15. Susan

    Okay, here are some of my weird things with my pregnancies (girls now 14 and 12 so memory might have faded a bit).
    1. My boobs felt like they were on fire during my first pregnancy. I think it might have been first trimester only, but as much as I wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret until after the 1st trimester, I had to confide to a co-worker who had been there done that just to make sure it was normal.
    2. The urge to urinate. That was actually how I found out I was pregnant with #2. Had some leakage issues and just one day I remembered hey, didn’t this happen while I was pregnant with #1. And in fact 9 months in with #2 I thought my water broke, went to my ob/gyn just to find out it was a false alarm. Yup, I peed myself. Unfortunately it is something that occurs after childbirth that no one really talks about.
    3. Morning sickness. For me, the sight of a loaf of bread in the morning would set it off. Also salads. Couldn’t eat salad for 9 months and its something I eat just about daily. It would also just come suddenly. Never actually vomited more than once or twice, but boy, it was not fun. With my second pregnancy I actually went on medicine because while I was trying accupuncture, it takes a few sessions for that to kick in and with a baby at home, I didn’t want to feel crappy all the time.
    4. I don’t remember feeling dizzy or unusually tired in my first trimester, but the last trimester can be pretty miserable since you are much larger and it can be tricky to get comfortable so I was tired a lot.
    5. Telling friends. So hard in this day and age since you have the superstition of not telling during the first trimester (I was actually pregnant with twins during pregnancy #2, told my mom and she told some friends. We ended up losing one of the twins during that first trimester (somewhat common) so it was slightly uncomfortable having her friends congratulate me with twins but I just focused on making sure the remaining one stayed healthy) and you also don’t want to offend anyone who is struggling with their own fertility issues. But your real friends will be understanding and happy for you.

  16. Lindsey

    Thank you so much for this post. Reading it, and the comments, have lightened my feelings of isolation. Currently only my husband and I know that we are expecting, and I’m a month in. I have a lot of anxiety about telling people too soon, and even more, I have five good friends in my life who have been struggling with infertility for over a year, so I am also grappling with the feelings of guilt that we did not share that experience. While we spent months preparing ourselves for the process to take a long time, it did happen quickly, and I find myself so saddened and fearful at the thought of telling everyone who I know has been experiencing such heartache through this process. I know that when I do share the news, that they will be so happy for me, but it is difficult to avoid those feelings. I truly cannot believe that one of your readers would make comments shaming you for trying to share your own, personal, experience. Do we not deserve to experience sadness, fear, and joy? I completely appreciate everyone being entitled to their own opinions and feelings, but when those individuals do god-willing, become moms, are they not allowed to share their feelings and experiences with others as they choose? Just because everyone’s path is different, does not mean that platforms like this cannot be an opportunity to support each other, regardless of what stage they are in the process. No one should feel like they have to keep their feelings silent and as others have noted, amplify those feelings of loneliness.

  17. Taylor Ann

    Oh girl I feel you on the drinking! And the coffee! But it is true you will not even want it as the baby grows. The hardest part for me was the worry that came with it. Once the baby starts kicking it helps a lot because you are always reminded that the baby is ok. Also just lots and lots of prayer! God is in control. The safest your baby will ever be is right where it is with you today! I was even more overwhelmed with worry after my little one arrived! And you are so lucky to have your sister who just went through pregnancy! God is good. Praying over you during this wonderful, magical, tiresome, confusing, joyful time!

    Becoming mom, being mom. All the feels. All the time.

  18. Allyson

    Taking my prenatals at night really helped tone down my nausea. Definitely get a pregnancy pillow for sleeping. I loved my snoogle. As for drinking, i just played a game with myself to see how much water i could drink. That way i was still holding a drink, and I always struggled with drinking enough water, so by trying to beat my previous record it kept me drinking water. But never really missed alcohol because my first trimester nausea felt like a 24/7 hangover.

  19. Anna

    The social drinking was HARD to avoid… especially when you’re still trying to wait to announce! Gosh I would “fake drink” (leave my lipstick print on a glass or order a sprite with lime that looked like a vodka drink!) at so many functions…..

    The dizziness is REAL and crazy. I would get so nauseous driving to and from work that I would sit at my desk and eat saltines and sip ginger ale all day. The skin issues are also crazy (how can my skin be equal parts dry and oily at the same time?!). BUT THE WORRY, oh my word. That’s the worst. It feels like all of a sudden everything in my life can cause harm or make me sick… but I’ve found it does get better. Counting it as a blessing, and knowing that it’s been God’s baby all along has helped me not feel like a failure.

    Congrats again and excited to be on this journey with you!

  20. Laura

    Alcohol is a STRUGGLE, the only food I crave is in Texas and not Delaware. And if I don’t eat and take a shower I’ll faint in the shower. It’s happened a few times now so I second snacks by the bed!

  21. Jessie

    I just had my first baby 4 weeks ago today and, luckily in the first tri I had very limited nausea and never threw up(which they same is a sign of a baby boy and in my case, that was true!), BUT the alcohol was a struggle! Just like you said, it’s the social aspect of it! You’re so used to it that now suddenly you can’t have it it’s hard. Our baby was unplanned and I had just gotten back from a super fun trip to Portland w my sister, and came back and found out I was pregnant a week later. My husband and I has so many weddings, and Austin city limits coming up, it was hard to navigate through all those instances where normally I would grab a drink without thinking about it- but everyone’s right- it does go away! I gave myself a “3 glass pass” and said after the first trimester I would allow myself 3 half glasses of wine throughout the pregnancy and I was planning to have one on Christmas w my husband at dinner… didn’t even want it! It just didn’t sound good anymore! So I can say that that’s part does get easier 🙂 and cliche advice here- SLEEP as much as you can and invest in a GOOD body pillow for your bump so that you can sleep. I had such a hard time w sleep the whole time, because of the anxiety and worry and then later because it was so physically hard. Everyone told me sleep sleep sleep cuz when baby comes you won’t get to! And I just kept thinking “how bad could it be”?? Well….the rumors are true! Last bit here- I’m tall and thin like you and I had these HORRIBLE stretching pains that basically felt like an Indian rugburn on my insides, which they said was my uterus and abdominals starting to stretch out once I start gaining weight in the second tri 🙁 they said it’s common the thinner you are, so just watch out. It kind of feels like cramping and I was FREAKING out, but it was normal and went away in a few weeks. A warm bath is all they said I could do for it, and I’m like you- a “warm bath” is no bath at all. But it does help if you ever encounter that issue! Congratulations to you and your hubby, and I hope all goes well for you! Sending good vibes your way!!

  22. Valene

    Congrats girl!! I feel like you were in my brain as I was reading this. Literally had the exact same symptoms during my first trimester(22 weeks now) and I sometimes thought I was being ridiculous for being so lazy. I also only threw up twice, once after taking a prenatal on an empty stomach and once my way to In-N-Out- had to have my husband pull over on the side of the road (don’t worry, I still ate the In-N-Out). Also had sooo many food adversions I couldn’t even be near the kitchen while my husband was cooking- especially meat.
    Thank you for writing this!! We sometimes think we need to suck it up and be normal because it’s easy to forget in the first trimester we are just starting to GROW A HUMAN and our hormones are all out of whack. I hope some lovely pregnant ladies are getting some peace of mind from your post. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  23. Jessica

    Congratulations! This is the most exciting and scary time but it’s all worth it in the end. (Not to sound cliche). Enjoy every moment and all the sleep you can get. Fortunately, I never experienced morning sickness but having to readjust to a new lifestyle free of wine, sushi and hot baths was not easy, especially during the holidays. I also worried all the time. Good luck with everything!

  24. Amanda

    Congratulations! It is definitely normal to feel all of these things! I had most of the same symptoms besides throwing up! We now have a 15 month old boy who is happy and healthy! The second trimester was the best for me! The frizzy hair calmed down and the length/shine showed up! I also felt more alive once I got into the second trimester since I think I slept through most of the first! I didn’t drink during my pregnancy and I totally felt like I was missing out…but now I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I had a drink! March?? January?? Lol I don’t even think about it anymore . My best advice is to prep food or snack to go when you’re feeling the best during the day. Certain times of day I felt so sick thinking about any food so prepping it was hard…if I didn’t have to think about it it was much easier!

  25. Ciera

    Congratulations!!!! I too have had serious morning sickness all throughout my pregnancy starting at week 5 and still going strong at 19 weeks UGH! I get sick almost everyday even on two different nausea medicines, I have come to find out that the culprit is mostly my prenatal so I have switched to taking 2 flinstone vitamins a day and will be adding some baby sage supplements as well to ensure I’m getting everything I need for baby ! It has been a struggle and the headaches are awful but I can’t wait to meet our little girl in October ! I can’t wait to watch your journey <3

  26. Brandy

    I had the exact same issues, spot on! I’m almost 14 weeks. I only threw up once during the first trimester, which actually was after I had brushed my teeth. The fact that I can only hear my baby’s heartbeat once a month scares me too. And don’t get me started on the bathroom issue, lol. My doctor told me to take miralax, which has helped a lot. Thanks for sharing your struggles! I’m right there with you girl!

  27. mrsstylechiq

    I was sick both pregnancies and right in the 1st trimester. only thing that helped was those saltine crackers! I kept them with me everywhere and esp on my bed stand. as soon as I woke up that would be the first thing I would take. I had to ask for diclectin pills (nausea pills) b/c it was so bad that I couldn’t even stay at work. but downside to that was the pills making you tired like crazy. but by 2nd trimester things were fine…

    i loved pizza and eggs and garlic bread lol like SO MUCH! i ate garlic bread every morning i know it sounds gross for the morning but i couldnt stop ahah…i think your cravings will get intense eventually…. 🙂

  28. Lauren

    Congrats!! What a blessing. I’m not planning on having children for at least 5-6 years but reading this has helped me realize what it’s REALLY like! Hang in there!

  29. Katera

    I honestly feel like I could have wrote this myself. I have only thrown up twice as well this pregnancy. After taking a prenatal on an empty stomach and while brushing my teeth. I haven’t had to take the pills, and I don’t think I will. This is my second pregnancy and it is 100% different from my first. On my first, except for the growing bump I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant. This one, this one is a different story all together. I’m nauseous, I’m incredibly tired and could fall asleep on the drop of a dime. I was dizzy in the beginning and I would get blackouts all the time. All I want to do is sleep or lay down and binge Netflix… unfortunately, with a two-year-old running around, it isn’t always possible. When she goes to sleep, I fall asleep putting her to bed. Zero mom time. Enjoy these days of relaxing as much as you can. You will need it. All of it. Otherwise, I can promise that the end result is a beautiful thing and as soon as he/she is placed into your arms, you forget all about your pregnancy and all the negativity that can come along with it! All the best in your pregnancy! Can’t wait for your reveal this weekend 🙂

  30. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who is infuriated by this post? I’ve struggled for a year and half to get pregnant and have had EVERY single one of these symptoms while going thru IVF, but still don’t have a baby or a pregnancy for that matter. I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for you. You should be fortunate that you got pregnant your first try and didn’t have to see the negative line month after month.

    1. Katera

      She says she isn’t looking for sympathy as her sister has also gone through a tough time conceiving. Cut her some slack. She is only giving her 100% honesty. She’s not bragging or boasting about it.

      1. Anonymous

        I completely agree with the anonymous poster. I too have been going thru infertility for 2.5 years and have miscarried 4 times. I would give anything to have these struggles. I get she is being honest, but I am sorry, talking about how you cannot drink or you have a pimple…boo hoo. This is insensitive, ignorant and absolutely ridiculous. Complain till the cows come home, but maybe do it in a more private setting.

        1. Amanda Miller

          This post is titled ‘Struggles of the First Trimester’. I did that so people would immediately know what it was about. No one forced you to read about my pimples. This post was for people going through the same thing or to offer tips to people going through the same thing and that’s exactly what it’s done. It wasn’t so I could rub my pregnancy in your face. I know infertility is an extremely serious issue. I thought it could happen to me and then I’d be here writing about that. Is that what you would prefer? I’ve had tons of friends and family members struggle with it!! But they have NEVER made me feel guilty or ask me to not talk about what I’m going through. This post has helped people! Xox Amanda

          1. Anonymous

            Hi, I totally see your point. I guess you never really know what will trigger the feelings of what infertility brings. I’m sorry for calling you out and I’m glad you get how hard this is. I’m happy you have this gift. Just remember how hard it is for the rest of us. xx

          2. L

            i guess it’s impossible to write anything that someone won’t get offended by. please don’t feel bad or defensive about sharing what you are going through. you tried so hard to be sensitive by acknowledging that you didn’t want to rub your pregnancy in anyone’s face and that you have experienced the pain of infertility with friends and loved ones. what more can you do? please don’t censor yourself based on these comments. thank you for writing what you did.

    2. Amanda Miller

      I am so sorry this post upset you. I have so many friends and family members going through what you are going through! I definitely try my best not to feel guilty about being pregnant or by having normal pregnancy symptoms and want to talk about them. I feel very fortunate and blessed! I just know that as many women out there struggling with infertility that there are equally as many women out there struggling with very hard pregnancies. I didn’t know about any of this when I got pregnant so I just wanted to share went I went through so others could either be prepared, or know that they weren’t alone. My sister herself was hospitalized three times during her pregnancy and before that struggled with infertility for 4 years. This post isn’t mean to to throw the pregnancy in anyone’s face. It is just to share the truth about what happens to you and your body during those first three months! If you could actually leave your name and email I would love to talk about this more. I never meant to upset anyone. Thanks, Amanda

      1. Emma

        Hi there. I am not pregnant yet but my best friend is and this post helped me to understand what she is going theough. I know she feels some of these things but internalised it some. I know posts like this help as many women as it may annoy. In this age you can’t please everyone but I appreciated this

        1. Amanda Miller

          And I reallllly appreciate you commenting! Means so much to me! I know it is a sensitive subject but in the end I am just trying to help, not hurt! So glad you understand! xox Amanda

    3. Secretly Pregnant

      I don’t think she posted this to garner sympathy. The first trimester is difficult for all of the above reasons and exacerbated by the fact that you aren’t telling many people so you often have to hide whatever you’re struggling with. At the same time, you don’t want to seem like you’re always complaining because it IS a blessing and also may be a sensitive topic among people close to you. As someone who is in the first trimester too, I live for posts like this where I can privately confirm that I’m not alone in these symptoms. I commend Amanda for honestly sharing her journey with all of us 🙂

    4. Alicia

      I don’t think this should upset you. You’ll go through the similar things and you’ll have every right to complain just like now you have every right to complain about how miserable IVF is and about your personal journey. This is a blogger you obviously enjoy since you follow her and she just wanted to be real.
      ~Said by a woman who has known since she was 16 she couldn’t have children, who had to break it to her then future husband he would never have a biological child, was accepted into a modern medical trial and still can’t get pregnant after 4 IVF retrievals and 3 FETs. Things are unfair in life but that’s your and my struggle, not hers.

    5. J

      Agree so sorry for your problems getting pregnant. I had trouble too. I feel most of the complaints were minor. I will unfollow not only for this but things in general.

      1. Amanda Miller

        Ok so now I shouldn’t have written this unless there was something seriously wrong with my baby?!? Wow, you guys have gotten out of control with this. Your unfollowing me doesn’t hurt me one bit, J. -Amanda

  31. @StylishGenerations

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I just want to hug and encourage you. I am 50 and my daughter is 29. Back in the 80’s I was young and dumb and ate pretty much whatever I wanted (Mexican food and Baskin Robins). I drank tons of Dr. Pepper Back then we knew nothing about GMOs , Gluten Free or Organic etc. I know so much more now. At any rate, even with all my ignorance, I was blessed with a healthy baby girl who grew up to be amazing. You will too!! You are doing great and what you are feeling is normal. Thirty years from now it will all be a blurry memory, as it is for me. Congrats again. You look stunning!

  32. Raisa

    I totally relate to so much of this. I also randomly ended up with gestational diabetes too (you think your diet is limited now…), which apparently is much more common than people think. I read about this stuff extensively and while I still stayed away from caffeine, alcohol and sushi, the consensus among the informed is that those things in moderation aren’t going to hurt you or the baby. I’m not advocating that you do any of the stuff that makes you nervous (for me it just wasn’t worth worrying about it). But, if you happen to slip up or think it would help on a particularly difficult day, don’t punish yourself. Also, the worrying is real and, I think, at least partially hormonal but I read somewhere that even if something bad does happen, you’ll be crushed anyway so there’s no point in draining yourself mentally thinking of every bad scenario– just do your best to enjoy your pregnancy, even though it sucks sometimes (I wish I had!).

  33. Catherine

    Don’t worry, you are not alone. I had all of the above expect the dizziness and I had morning sickness terribly but it occurred more at night. So I hardly ate dinner for weeks. I lived off icy poles because it was the only way to keep fluid down. Water made me sick. Best advice I can give is had BBQ’s. Cooking the food outside on the BBQ helped avoid nasty smells lingering in the house that normally were not a problem and my husband could still still eat what he wanted.


First trimester struggles from the miller affect

Pregnancy is great, don’t get me wrong. I am so happy and we feel so blessed. This baby is something I have always wanted and prayed for.

But… there are definitely struggles that come with being pregnant. These are especially prevalent in the first trimester.

I don’t mean to whine, gripe, or complain. I just want to open an honest dialogue for those going through the same thing.

Most women have these same first trimester struggles! If you are one of them or if you have been there/done hat and have some tips to share, please leave a comment at the end of this post!

First Trimester Struggles

The NO Drinking Policy- For those of us who like to social drink and have a glass of wine (or beer) every night to wind down, the no drinking thing is TOUGH. Especially when we are out and our friends and husbands are still having a grand ole time with their booze. Some people have told me that I will no longer want it anymore. That hasn’t happened yet. And here’s a tip: don’t ask for a sip. It only makes it worse! Now that I am in my second trimester I sometimes take a longggg look at my wine bottles at home thinking I can just pour myself half a glass. The temptation is real. I know some people are pretty lax with this and I know plenty of people who still drink while pregnant. I just made a decision not to.

***Second baby- I have a small glass of wine once or twice a week and I don’t feel guilty about it! My OBGYN says it is fine and it is especially nice to do in social gatherings. I usually mix sprite or a something else with it to make it more of a mixer so that the drink is a little bigger and I can sip on it for longer. DEFINITELY talk to your own dr. before drinking!! There are a lot of differing opinions on this.

There are some non-alcoholic wines and beers you can still drink for the taste. Just make sure to read the fine print because a lot of these still have a % of alcohol in them.

***Heineken 0.0 is now out in the states and you can find it in most grocery stores and even some restaurants. It tastes JUST like a regular Heineken!

The Food Restrictions- Being in Hawaii for a month actually made this one tougher. I grew an obsession for raw fish. Quitting cold turkey after eating raw fish every day was actually pretty tough. But, not in the second trimester I no longer crave it (thank goodness). You also have so many other restrictions I can’t even begin to list. You will eat something and later realize you shouldn’t have (like chicken salad.) You also have to watch your sugar & caffeine intake. My husband kills me with this. ‘Is that your first soda today? Didn’t you have a soda yesterday.’ Makes me want to throw something at him! When it comes to coffee- you should try to avoid it during your first trimester. Studies have shown it can lead to miscarriage. After that, you are find to drink it in moderation (one cup a day). I have maybe had 5 cups in the last 5 months.

***Second baby- I have a cup of coffee a day and I still try to do a soda every other day. I am also not that upset about the food restrictions and they don’t seem as tough this go-around. I do miss my sushi though but sometimes it doesn’t even sound good to me at all!

Food Aversions- You don’t want to eat anything but you get sick if you don’t. Some of your favorite foods make you want to puke. Garlic. Ugh garlic. I basically couldn’t eat pizza anymore. Or eggs. Or anything really!

***Second baby- meat is the only aversion I have had. I don’t mind any of the things that made me sick with Miller. Meat was a no go in the first trimester and now I can eat it a little but if there is a lot of it I will definitely leave a lot left on the plate. Oh and I also don’t get sick if I skip breakfast like I did with Miller. I definitely try to eat breakfast if I can though!

Baths- This isn’t a huge one, but I am such a bath girl. I love taking hot baths. I actually think my bath was too hot last night and now it is all I can think about :(. You can take a warm bath, but nothing that is going to raise your body temperature over 102 degrees. Think about sweating. If you are sweating in the bath then it is too hot. Your body avg is 98.6 degrees, so 4 degrees higher is too hot. That’s a pretty cold bath if you ask me :/.

***Have you actually ever felt a 101 degree bath? IT IS HOT! Why did I think I needed to take cold baths?!! Just keep your bath around 100 degrees and try not to sit in it for longer than 20 min.

Tiredness- I have sooooo much respect for all of the women out there who went into work every day while pregnant. I could barely leave the bed/couch during my first trimester. I was sooooo tired. I would sleep in late and have to take long naps.

***The tiredness is caused by the pills you take to help with morning sickness. Once you finish those you will get your energy back!

Dizziness- When I wasn’t tired I was dizzy. There were times when I would steam one dress and have to lay down on the rug in my office before I could steam the next one. My sister and I would be in the middle of a shoot and I would have to lay down somewhere.

***Second baby- never dizzy. If I get up too fast from the couch I can get a little dizzy but that is about it! With Miller I would sometimes feel like I was about to faint (one time I almost did), but I have nothing like that at all with this baby!

Morning Sickness- I have only thrown up twice during my pregnancy. Once was at 7 1/2 weeks because I got up and got ready for a shoot and had nothing to eat. I went downstairs before the shoot and had cold water on an empty stomach. It immediately came back up. The second time was just brushing my teeth (it is really hard to brush your teeth while pregnant. Just get ready! Everything makes you want to throw up!) I told my doctor at my 8 week appt about the first time and she immediately prescribed me Diclegis. I started taking 2 every night because I was scared if I stopped taking it I would throw up again. During week 13 I forgot to bring the pills, woke up the next day, and felt like a new person. Stopped taking them immediately. I actually think the pills were what were making me so tired and dizzy!!!! Just make sure YOU REALLLLLY NEED THEM before you start taking them! My sister was a different case. She was so sick her entire pregnancy and had to take them the entire time. She tried to stop and was soooo sick! They work differently for everyone. Best tip I can give- when you roll over in the  morning eat something asap!! Keep all kinds of snacks beside your bed. This will save you! keep snacking throughout the day.

***I only threw up once this pregnancy as well but that is only because I gagged myself with my toothbrush! I did need Diclegis for about three weeks but that was all and the morning sickness went away pretty fast. I will say that when I did get sick I WAS SICK. I didn’t throw up but there were a few days there when I needed to spend a lot of the day in bed because I was nauseous.

Hair- You think the prenatals would help with hair growth immediately but I haven’t really seen a lot of growth yet. Instead, my hair got suuuuper frizzy! Weird huh? The growth and shine apparently starts coming in the second trimester.

The Worry- You just constantly worry. Did you know you only get to hear the baby’s heartbeat every month? You only get to see the baby at your first appt and then again at week 20. THAT IS FOREVER! Every spotting and pain you have can be something horrible. Every day you wake up just hoping your baby is still ok.

***Second baby-not nearrrrr as much worry! I just believe that my baby is ok because this time around I think I would recognize the signs if it wasn’t. You are just a little more confident I think.

Constipation- The prenatals and diclegis make you soooo constipated. It is horrible guys. Your stomach hurts so bad all the time. You can think your baby bump grew soooo big and finally have a ‘sick night’ and your stomach is flat again. It is horrible. This doesn’t stop unfortunately. My sister recommends a squatty potty. She said it saved her!

***Second baby-no constipation!

Pimples- You will definitely break out when you get pregnant. All the hormones and the pills and everything just make your skin crazy. Just be prepared. There is honestly nothing you can do. It will start clearing up again during your second trimester.

***Second baby-no pimples, acne, or changes to my skin at all!

Allergy Season- Being pregnant during allergy season is the WORST! You already build up so much more mucus when you are pregnant and then you add allergies on top of that so it is x10!! Plus, you can’t take your normal allergy medications (anything with a D) and your doctors want you to stay away from nasal spray. Basically they recommend Benadryl (which makes you sleepy), or Zyrtec. Ears- My ears clog up all the time like I am on an airplane or something and sometimes it stays that way for hours. It is probably from the mucus build up but it is horrible!

***Second baby- yep, still the worst. My dr. is now saying Flonase is ok to take while pregnant though so that really helped!

Medicine- So many of your favorite medicines are forbidden (Advil, Dramamine, etc.) Advil would always help me with bad headaches but Tylenol barely does it for me :/. Dramamine is a life saver for me on airplanes. What am I supposed to take instead?

Discharge- Sorry, I know this is gross. But you will be walking around and it will feel like you peed yourself- all the time. Just be prepared. Some of my friends said they had to wear panty liners! So gross!

***yep, yep, yep still the same with the second baby IF NOT WORSE!!! Yeah, I think it is even worse.

Does anyone else have first trimester struggles they want to mention? Or do you have tips that helped you/saved you during the first trimester? Please comment below!! I want this to be a forum that everyone can speak on and share their own experiences!

I know we are happy to be moms and feel blessed to be pregnant, but we are normal and it is normal to want to get it all out sometimes! I am always here if you need to vent!

Also, a lot of women I have spoken to don’t have these problems. They have had a great pregnancy and haven’t experienced these same struggles/symptoms. If that is you- so great! That sounds amazing haha and maybe that will be my next pregnancy!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
May 29, 2020 Baby

The Struggles of the First Trimester

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