Five Things to do in Breckenridge, CO in the Summer

*This post is sponsored by Backcountry and Shopstyle. This outfit was picked out by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

Troy and I had the BEST time last week in Breckenridge, CO last week. I am partnering with Backcountry today to share our top five things to do in Breckenridge, CO in the summer.

Living in Texas we frequently find ourselves feeling trapped inside. It is just too hot during the summer to get out and do anything. It is really hard to stay active when it is 100 degrees outside!

We love finding quick getaways we can easily travel too for cooler weather. We can get really great deals to Denver right now so we are doing some exploring in the Colorado area.

We found ourselves in Breckenridge last week and took advantage of the cooler temps to get outside and get active!

the miller affect wearing patagonia from Backcountry

Whether you are an adventurer or you just like to relax, Backcountry has you covered for all of your vacation needs. They carry all the brands you love, like Free People, North Face, Patagonia, L Space, Sorel, Birkenstock, Ray Ban, Brixton, and so many more.

I grabbed this super light Patagonia tank and these airy Patagonia shorts to wear while hiking or while grabbing a bite to eat in town. I can bring these back home with me and wear them out in Texas too since they are so breathable.

These Teva sandals are seriously so incredibly comfortable. I don’t know why I don’t own a pair already. You can easily hike in these or just wear them with leggings while in town/running errands.

Lastly, Backcountry has a great selection of totes and backpacks. I brought this large Patagonia tote with us to CO and it was so useful holding our stuff while we were out and about. We would usually leave in the morning and come back to the condo late at night so we needed something to hold all the clothes we wanted to change into. On some of our short hikes I used it for water, my book, our sunglasses, etc.

the miller affect wearing a pink patagonia tank
the miller affect holding a patagonia tote and wearing teva sandals in breckenridge

The Look:

Patagonia Garden Isle Short (They come in 4 colors/prints.  I am wearing a size Small for reference!)

Patagonia Tank Top (fits true to size!)

Patagonia Tote

Teva Geometric Sandal

Here are five things we recommend doing while you are in Breckenridge during the summer. This outfit from Backcountry can be worn for ANY of these activities, or you can choose from more of my favorites below!

Five Things to do in Breckenridge, CO in the Summer


This is the main reason we go to Colorado for the hiking. There are so many beautiful hiking trails in Breckenridge, but we definitely recommend doing the McCullough Gulch trail. It took nearly 2.5 hours and it was basically 4.5 miles all in, but it was incredible. You can also choose to cut a mile of that out and stop at the waterfall. If you keep going from the waterfall you will be at the top of the mountain at a beautiful lake (so we recommend doing the entire hike!)

For a family friendly trail, take the kids to see the Troll, Isak Heartstone. It is a two minute hike to see the incredible woodworking job from artist Thomas Dambo. We kept hearing a little girl ask her mom what would happen if the troll started moving! It was so cute!

Go ahead and download the All Trails app and get information on hikes in your area. It is a great way to get outside and get active while spending time with your loved ones and friends.

Here are some Backcountry goods that would be great for your hike:

the miller affect wearing patagonia linen shorts from Backcountry
the miller affect wearing patagonia linen shorts
the miller affect carrying a patagonia tote


The Vail Pass bike trail is a MUST DO! It is also great for families. We rented our bikes through Rebel Biks in Frisco. They will get you fitted for your bike and they will shuttle you up to Vail Pass and drop you off. From there it is a 14 mile (downhill) bike ride. You basically coast the entire way and use your breaks when needed. There is hardly any peddling involved. I would call Rebel and see what age they recommend. We saw kids of all ages.

After a quick 6 miles down (I think it took 15-20 min) you reach Copper Mountain. There are SO MANY activities here for kids. They have obstacle courses, trampoline bungee jumping, bumper boats, go carts, and more! You could easily spend a few hours here with the family before biking down the rest of the Pass.

Here are some Backcountry items that would be great to use/wear while biking:

3.Water Activies

Troy and I weren’t in Breck long enough to try the water sports, but we heard they were great! You can learn how to fly fish, go white water rafting, rent kayaks, or just take a sailboat out on Lake Dillon! Check out their women’s swimwear!

Here are some Backcountry items that would be great to use for any of these activities:

the miller affect sharing 5 things to do in Breckenridge in the summer
the miller affect on the boreas pass in breckenridge, Co


Just get in your car and drive around! This is how we found Sapphire Point. At Sapphire Point you actually have chipmunks coming right up to you trying to see if you have anything in your hands. This is such a great activity for kids. I don’t think I have smiled that much in a long time! They were everywhere. There is also a beautiful lookout point and a quick loop trail you can take up there.

We also drove up the Boreas Pass, where you can find some of the best views in Breckenridge. There is a gorgeous trail you can take on the Pass as well. That is where these pictures were taken!

You can also explore the towns near Breckenridge like Vail, Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne, and more. Troy said Vail is a super charming town, but I didn’t get to see it this trip. If you have time it is a quick 45 min trip by car.

5.Walk Downtown Breckenridge

Downtown Breckenridge is the CUTEST! We really enjoyed walking around town, trying the different bars, restaurants, and walking into all of the shops! Here are some of our favorite bars/restaurants:

-Breckenridge Brewery: During happy hour you can have two draft beers here for $6!

-Mi Casa: Probably the best food we had the entire trip. Troy also got the skinny martini margarita there and said it was one of the best margaritas he has had!

-Blue River Bistro: The food was excellent here and they had a live jazz band.

-Mountain Top Cookies: You recommended the salted caramel but man that was salty! We loved the chocolate chip and the peanut butter.

-Cabin Coffee: We waited until day 2 to try this but got it every morning after that! Their ‘white coffee’ drinks are a must!

-Crepes a la Carte: The wait was soooo long but sooo worth it omg. I cannot believe we never went back for a second time. Troy got angel food and I got the BEST breakfast crepe. Both were incredible.

-Hearthstone: We went here for our last night and I don’t think I have ever had better lamb.

-We also stopped at Modi’s (which was just ok), the Canteen (local pub in Breck), Moose Jaw (super cool bar in Frisco), and Higgies (an ice cream shop with really unique flavors in Breck!)

Here are some cute Backcountry outfits that would be perfect for walking around town in:

It was the best trip guys. We had a blast and I am NOT looking forward to getting back to the hot Texas trips. Whenever I leave places like these I have such a full heart (and am usually a little sore from the hiking/biking haha!)

I would definitely recommend finding a quick getaway for yourself! Go somewhere you can get outside and get active. Fresh air is just so good for the soul! After you book, head to Backcountry to gear up for your trip!

xox Amanda

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  1. Barrie Williams
    August 1, 2019 / 10:33 pm

    What a fun trip! Living in AZ we are always looking for places to go that are cooler too!

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