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  1. Chelsea

    This is such a coincidence but I came across your nursery reveal on Pinterest and I had to click on it because my 2 year old daughter is named Miller Marie! I have never known another one but I hope your Miller is just as sweet and sassy and beautiful just as mine is! Good luck momma!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Wow that is amazing! Miller is such a great name!
      xox Amanda

  2. Julie

    Hi Amanda! I love your reveal story! My husband and I are planning something similiar to do with our families over the 4th of July! I was wondering if you could share the type of firework / smoke you used for your reveal? Your photos turned out so cute! Thanks in advance if you can share any of the details and congratulations to you as well! 🙂

  3. Janie

    Such a beautiful story.. congratulations!!

  4. Amy

    I love this post! Our daughter is named Miller (my grandmother’s maiden name.) We love it so much! Nick names range from Millie to Mills & everything in between. Congratulations!!

  5. Kimberly Emge

    Miller is going to be so loved and adored! We can’t wait to meet her and watch you and Troy become parents.

  6. Kristie Condry

    I’m so glad it’s a girl! With the love you have for fashion, your first just had to be a baby girl!! Congrats!!!💕💕💕

  7. Brieann

    Oh congrats!! This is such an exciting time for your family – cherish every moment (even the sick or uncomfortable ones). Little girls are so sweet. My little girl will be 4 months on Friday and her name is Annie <3. Motherhood is very hard and challenging at times, but love will help you to conquer all of these hardships. Cheers to baby girl Miller!

  8. Meredith

    love it, I know someone else that named their daughter Miller and they call her Millie… My daughter is just Millie, so I’m partial to the name no matter the spelling. 😉 congrats!!!!

  9. Susan Evans

    Oh my gosh, congratulations! So exciting! Our third child, a boy, is named Miller, too. That’s my grandmother’s maiden name. We love it! And he is such a Miller. We have so many nicknames for him…Mills, Miller the Thriller. It’s a beautiful name!

  10. Shilpa

    Beautiful pics,.. very happy for you.


Troy and I are soooooo dang excited about our little baby GIRL coming November 5th!

the miller gender reveal- it's a girl! the miller affect gender reveal with fireworks

Our Guess

So weird. I actually had a dream when I was two days later (after my first negative test) that I was pregnant with a girl. In the dream we called her Annette- Annie for short. I had NEVER heard that name before. The dream was so vivid and real. I don’t even think I was fully asleep. The next morning I immediately called my sister and mom and told them about my dream.

I mentioned the name Annette to Troy and he wasn’t having it. It grew on him a little over time, but we still didn’t know if it was a boy or girl at this point.

Now that we know it’s a girl I can’t stop thinking about that dream. If I had listen to my instincts I would have known it was a girl right away.

As time wore on all symptoms said BOY. The Chinese calendar said boy and all of the other old wives tales that I read said boy. I started believing it was a boy. DON’T try to predict the gender. You really have no idea. But I will say that you should definitely listen to your dreams. They are probably right!

Troy definitely wanted a boy too, but he never guessed one way or the other. The more I thought it was a boy the more I wanted a boy. I wanted a boy for Troy. As soon as I got off the phone with the doctor and heard it was a girl I broke down crying with joy for over an hour. I still cry when I think about that call. How much my heart really wanted this baby GIRL even though my mind tried to tell me I wanted a boy.

Troy is so happy guys. I don’t want yall to think he isn’t! He just didn’t have any girls in his family so he doesn’t really know what to do with them. Seeing him with Emmy makes my heart want to burst. They love each other so much. This baby girl is going to be wrapped around his finger and vice versa!

If it was a boy I was going to go and get a Little Tykes golf set and leave it in the living room for him to find (he was at a meeting when I got the call from the doctor.) When I heard it was a girl I just decided to sit him down and tell him straight. I think he was in shock and I am sure there was an initial disappointment but it disappeared fast and now he is soooo excited about Miller.

the miller affect is having a baby girl the miller affect and friends at her gender reveal

The Name

Miller is my maiden name. My parents had three girls so this was the only way to pass down the name. I was always called ‘Miller’ throughout college and when I played sports. I loved being called Miller!

We told my dad we were naming her Miller and he immediately started calling her Milly. We loved it and it stuck. Not sure which I will use more, but her friends will all call her Milly :).

Marie, her middle name, is actually MY great grandma AND TROY’S great grandma’s names!!!! How crazy is that! It is my mom’s middle name and my little sister’s middle name. Troy’s mom, Mary Ellen, was named after his great grandma.

I actually asked my mom to tell me a bit about her and she said that she always had weed brownies in the freezer. Can’t stop laughing about that!

The Reveal

We did a fireworks gender reveal a couple weeks back. I planned it soooo last minute. Troy’s parents were in town so we just went out to my parents and did it with his parents, my parents, my older sister and her family, and two of my best friends that live in the area near my parent’s place. We did it on a Monday night so that my brother in law could come (he has Mondays off.)

Colt, my brother in law, did the fireworks while everyone turned their backs. As soon as they started going off everyone turned around and saw they were pink! We all started celebrating and then a rogue firework came shooting at us! It came so close to Troy and I that it burned a hole in Troy’s shirt! See the clip here:

I then hosted a brunch with my best friends and did a reveal with them! I did a little quiz and the girl who answered the most right got to open the package that showed it was a girl!

Thanks so much for being just as excited as we are about our little baby girl! Can’t wait to meet her. I now wonder all of the time what she will look like. Will she get my curly hair? Will she have Troy’s blue eyes? Can’t wait to see!

Photos by Adria Lea

*Sorry about the editing in this post. I wrote it from my heart and just felt like it was more personal this way!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
May 29, 2018 Baby

It’s a GIRL!

From the Gram


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