Girl Last Seen Book Review

Well, I really liked Girl Last Seen by Nina Laurin. On a scale from one to 10 I think it was a 6-7!

With that being said, I am NOT going to give it away for you guys, so you can read this review and still enjoy the book!

girl last seen book review

Girl Last Seen Book Review

FIRST OFF Girl Last Seen is about a 10 year old that was kidnapped, held captive, and sexually abused until she was 13. This book definitely isn’t for everyone.

If you’re still with me, here is a quick synopsis of the book:

The prologue starts with Ella (the narrator) walking down the street after escaping after three years and finally being found on the side of the road by a couple of cops. This is the ONLY flashback you get in the book.

The actual book is about grown up Ella, who has now changed her name to Lainey. She is working at a diner when she sees a MISSING GIRL poster.

The missing girl is 10 and looks almost identical to Lainey (who we find out the next chapter is actual Lainey’s daughter, Olivia. She had Olivia when she was 13 (Lainey’s captor is Olivia’s father.) She gave up Olivia as soon as she had her and she was adopted by a really nice couple.

The rest of the book is about finding Lainey’s daughter by dredging up the past to try to remember anything she can about those three years in captivity in order to find her  daughter before she suffers the same fate.

The book has a lot of twist and turns and you never see the ending coming!

The only downfall: The main character, Lainey, is a HOT MESS. It gets kind of annoying towards the end of the book. You just have to keep reminding yourself she had a horrific childhood and you would probably be the same way if those things had happened to you!

It is a really quick read and is written really well!

Leave a comment if you read it or have read it already and let me know what you think!

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  1. Peter Gilroy
    March 25, 2019 / 9:09 pm

    The ending is a mess and has a fatal flaw either way you interpret it. If J. Shaw did not know that her husband was the kidnapper then what was her end game in hiding her daughter and getting everyone involved in a fake kidnapping.

    On the other hand, if she did know and the scheme was designed to open up the cold case and assist the police and Lainey in solving the case while her daughter is safe in hiding with her family; then all she needed was a DNA test. A piece of Olivia’s hair would identify her husband Tom as the biological father and therefore Lainey’s kidnaper.

    Either way the book fails

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