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Last week I had the opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge with my family. I used to work close by and couldn’t wait until I had kids I could bring to the resort! I invited my sister, mother, and two nieces since I thought Miller was still a little too young. We had a blast guys! I defintiely recommend booking a stay there. Keep reading to see exactly WHEN you should go this summer!

Let me just start this by saying I did NOT have to do a blog post in order to stay for free and I did not and will not get paid for reviewing my stay. Great Wolf Lodge invited me & my guests to experience the resort and to preview their new summer camp-in program with no strings attached. I just wanted to do this post for you guys because I got soooo many messages while I was there about what to pack, what to wear, what exactly the Summer Camp-in Program is, etc.

Great Wolf Lodge

Get 15% of your stay at Great Wolf Lodge for their Summer Camp-In Program this coming summer!

Great Wolf Lodge is a massive resort (the one in Grapevine is around a million sq ft.) The main attraction is its indoor water park. It has a toddler section with smaller water activities, a wave pool, 8 slides total, a pool with basketball hoops and a ropes course, and a ‘big kid’ section for the older kids to run through. Click HERE for photos. There are 18 resorts in America!

They have so many other things in the resort beside the indoor water park. They also have an outdoor water park, an arcade, a magic quest where you can get a wand and walk around the resort and fulfill different quests, a kids spa, an adult spa, character breakfasts, bowling, movie theater, story time, dance parties and so much more.  There is SO MUCH to do and so many things that will keep your kids entertained all weekend long.

With the new Summer Camp-In Program there will be even more fun things for you guys to do together. Keep reading below for what all that entails.

What to Wear/Pack

Review of Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

Everything is SUPER casual at the resort. There is no need to bring dresses or anything fancy for dinner. Shorts and tops are perfect (jeans in the winter). For breakfast, a lot of people just wear their swimsuits and cover-ups!

I would suggest putting your kids in their swimsuits and cover-ups for breakfast and then just bring a change of clothes for dinners and for them to sleep in.

As far as swimsuits go, I didn’t see many women in bikinis! Most women wore one-piece suits or tankinis! There is a lot of action at the park and you don’t want to have to worry about coverage.

Kids will need sunscreen for the outdoor park if you are going there in the summertime.

I would also suggest goggles and floaties if your kids are younger and still learning to swim. You won’t want to have to hold them in every pool!

We brought swim shoes but did not use them at all so I would just leave those at home!

Great Wolf Lodge Summer Camp-In

great wolf lodge summer camp-in program
great wolf lodge summer camp-in program

For the first time ever, Great Wolf Lodge is doing a Summer Camp-In Program. You book just like regular, but during May 24-Sept 2 your kids can be involved in a summer camp-like program while they are at the resort.

What You Get:

-character breakfast

-pool party (limbos, music, a Ducky race, and more)

-bbq (yall the food was soooooo good!!!)

-trailblazer challenge (they will get badges and rewards by completing games and challenges throughout their stay)

-campfire ceremonies (face painting, s’mores, storytime, and dancing under the stars)

-seasonal rooms (you can get tents added to your rooms that your child can sleep in!)

Plus everything will be decked in camp-style decor! You will be welcomed with huge camp banners and will immediately meet your camp counselors!

It is going to be sooooo much fun and you and your kids will get to do it all together!! If you have never been to Great Wolf Lodge this would be the perfect time to start and if you are a regular at the resort this will bring something new and exciting to your next visit!

Use THIS LINK TO SIGNUP now and use code SMORES for 15% your stay!

Please comment below with any questions you have or if you have any Great Wolf Lodge tips to share with the other readers!

xox Amanda


XO Amanda
May 14, 2019 Family

Summer Camp-In at Great Wolf Lodge

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