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  2. Roseann

    What a beautiful home!!! New baby coming, such an exciting time for you both!!! May you make and share many happy beautiful memories here 😍❤️🙏🏻😘

  3. Katie Cole

    We just had a baby and bought a house with a gameroom/playroom ! So nice to have somewhere to put all their toys and stuff. It then doesn’t take over every room in the house!

  4. Jac

    Oh my gosh, we will be closing in a couple weeks and the wall color and flooring in your new house is just like our soon to be home! Love the layout of yours, and that’s awesome that it all came renovated already!!—we’ll have some work to do on the bathrooms—eventually. But eeek, so exciting!



  5. Michael Tannery


    I was introduced to your blog by my wife! Thanks Tina.

    We are in the beginning stages of deciding how to completely update our house.

    A couple of questions – 1 – what area of town are you in? Trying to understand when the house was built and size

    2 – Do you know who is the architect that designed the redo and also the contractor.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. I have been at it for almost 8 years and it takes commitment and vision. You obviously have both.

    Michael Tannery

  6. Mel

    Looks amazing so far! What color fabric did you get on the bed?

  7. Tanya Martin

    ❤️ everything, thanks for sharing !

    1. Amanda Miller

      thank you so much! So ready to have a finished product! It will be much easier once we move in!


  8. Sarah Shaneyfelt

    Love that you don’t have to do a single thing to the house! Can’t wait to see how you decorate!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes it makes it so much easier when we don’t have to wait for the remodel inside the home!! Thanks so much babe! xox A


Hi Guys! This has been a long time coming and I reallllly wish I had gotten some before pictures of the house before there was anything in there at all, but I still managed to remember to grab some before we really started setting things up!

The Miller Affect Home

Our home was built in 1989. It went up for sale in Feb of this year and an investor bought it, flipped it, and then put it back on the market. I think it was on the market for two days when we first saw it and we had an offer for it within a week!

They completely redid everything inside the home! They tore down some walls, completely gutted and redid all of the bathrooms, and so much more.

We literally don’t have to do a SINGLE THING TO IT! How incredible is that?

That said, I may have a hard time answering specific questions you have about the floors, kitchen granite, bathroom tile, etc. I will try my best to get those answers for you though!

I am talking about the interior of the home. The exterior (pool & landscaping) does need some more. More about that on another post!

Move in date: 9/4

Troy’s Office

the miller affect posting about Troy's office the miller affect office

Starting with Troy’s office because it is the first thing you see when you walk into the house. We knew that room had to be his because I am a tornado and he is a neat freak!

We are doing farmhouse style for the entire house and I wanted Troy’s office to be a little masculine/industrial. I am LOVING the way it is turning out!

Wayfair is sponsoring both offices, so everything you see in both will most likely be from there. We didn’t have issues with ANYTHING we ordered from there!! Everything looked just as it appeared online which was amazing.

My sister and I picked out everything in this office but Troy picked out his chair (I gave him a few options!) He was happy to leave all the decorating to us haha!

Swipe through to shop everything!

I got the black and white rug from World Market, but the photo you will see above is from Wayfair! I had no idea they had a very similar style!

We still need some pictures, frames, and some greenery. We are going to put a black and white photo gallery from our engagements, wedding, maternity, and then of Miller on the paneled wall behind the desk!

Guest Room

the miller affect guest room

You then pass the staircase going to the second floor and hit the guest room.

We already have everything we need for this room! We will be bringing everything over from the guest room we have now! If I decide to redecorate I will definitely keep you updated!

Living Room

the miller affect living room the miller affect living roomthe miller affect living room the miller affect living room

After the guest room you walk right into the living room. It is such a beautiful room that is so well lit! We are used to our dungeon of a condo so the natural light in this room makes us so happy!

We are going to farmhouse style and I am still working on ordering pieces to make this room more home-y!

We decided to go with a white sofa from Article. It was between this couch and the other two you see in photos above! The Pottery Barn couch was just a little too expensive and we heard great things about both the Wayfair and the Article couches! We originally bought the one from Wayfair and it ended up being backordered so we cancelled and went with the other couch! I will let you know what we think when it comes in!

I bought the striped armchair above to go in the room but when it came in it was so small! I think armchairs look weird when they are that small! I ended up buying the leather chair from Pottery Barn and we will see how it looks alone. We may need to grab another one, but the white bar cabinet will be on the wall behind it so we don’t want it to look too crowded.

Still need a rug, decor, blankets/throws.

Dining Room

the miller affect dining room

They had a formal dining room staged but we are using it for my office. That just leaves us with the nook in the kitchen.

I got soooo lucky with our kitchen table! World Market is doing 30% off right now and I bought this kitchen table sight unseen because I liked the look of it online. It is 10x more beautiful in person!! It is PERFECT! Yall, it is only $534 right now!!!

I also got all the dining room chairs on sale at World Market as well!

The chandelier was already in there so I am not sure where it is from:/.

Now we just need a rug, pillows for the window bench, and a tablescape.

Apparently tables like this can get a bunch of the stuff in the cracks. My friend Emily from LIFE WITH EMILY said she uses the aerosol cans that you use for keyboards= genius! You can buy one here!


the miller affect kitchen

*I grabbed this pic from the realtor listing

We don’t have anything for the kitchen yet. No idea what we are going to put in the middle of the island or use to spruce it up! That will be one of the last thing’s I work on.

We went to Best Buy this weekend and picked out a fridge and booked a consultation for our double ovens. They are soooo small right now and we want to replace them with something stainless steel but it is going to be hard to find something that fits!

My Office

the miller affect office the miller affect office

My sister and I had completely different opinions on my office and she hates what I picked out for it. I just really don’t spend tons of time in there. I am usually on my laptop in the living room or bedroom.

I just didn’t need a super expensive desk! I like what I picked out and once I buy the decor for the room I think it will look amazing!

PS- I decided to layer my rugs in this room. I love the look and wanted to try it myself!

You can grab my exact office chair here and my hanging racks are from IKEA.

Can’t wait to show you the finished product!

Still need decor and a plant stand/greenery!

Game Room

the miller affect game room the miller affect game room the miller affect game room

We are going to bring our current couch and put it in this game room for now.

It also will have my Flywheel sports bike in it! Cannot wait for our internet to be set up out there so I can try it out!

We are thinking about either getting a tv with surround sound or a projector! Both options are sooooo expensive so it will be awhile before we make any decisions. The room may eventually be a guest room when we have another baby!

As for decor I don’t think we are really going to do anything in there at all. Maybe add a dart board or something?


the miller affect nursery the miller affect nursery the miller affect nursery

Cannot wait to show you what I have in mind for the nursery!

For now, I will just link everything I have ordered so far:

This should be completely set up in a couple of weeks!!

I still need a rug, some shelving, and a cute chandelier.

Master Bedroom

the miller affect master bedroom the miller affect master bedroom the miller affect master bedroom

We only have a bed and rug for the master bedroom so far!

Oh and I also got this frame from Smallwoods to go over the bed!

We still need end tables, a dresser, and maybe some chairs.


Our house comes with 4 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms, which is pretty rare! I didn’t take a photo of the bathrooms, but I will do a full blog post once I get them all dolled up. We need new towels fand decor for each one! Our first guests will be coming in on Sept 8th so we are on a timeline to get at least that bathroom finished!


We have a wraparound patio on the first floor and a master balcony patio on the second. Ballard Designs is sponsoring our outdoor space and it JUST CAME IN! I cannot wait to show you eeek!!!

I will definitely keep you updated as we get rooms completed one at a time!

xox Amanda



XO Amanda
August 27, 2018 Home

The Miller Affect Home Decor Update

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