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  1. Lauren

    How/when did you fit the power hour into your daily feeding routine? Thanks!

  2. Dawn

    I had a few times my milk supply dropped. The first time was when I returned to work and baby refused to nurse. 😩 I drank a 16 oz blue Gatorade every morning and also ate overnight oatmeal every week day morning. A few other times I did the Legendary supplements (usually when I was away from my daughter). I also power pumped when I got my period back or was sick. My biggest issue was my daughter was / is in daycare so I had to pack a certain amount of milk every day. She also had frequent nursing strikes – the worst being that once she turned 9 months, she would only nurse in the morning. I was always a just enough pumper, but these things got me thru!

  3. Niwa

    I am pumping as I read this blog!

  4. Savannah

    I use the Legendairy Milk supplements too, and I had no idea you could buy them thru Target! This is awesome, thank you!

  5. Megan

    Some things that have helped me: oatmeal (in any form.. cookies, lactation bites/balls, in the morning, oatmeal cream pies, all of it).. body armor drinks or any with coconut water (Starbucks pink drink)… cookies from Moomys on Instagram.. adding brewers yeast to foods.. there’s also a flaxseed, fenugreek, turmeric blend that has helped other mommas I know! And pumping/feeding frequently. If I notice any sort of drop I plan to pump more often the next day..

  6. Liz

    Great advice, I’m going to try the power hour. I already take Liguid Gold and Milkapalloza from Legendairy Milk and eat all the milk boasting foods. I’m scared too because my daughter is in the 25% but I think that’s just her body type. I nurse her very 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. I also started feeding her on both sides at every feeding during the day. Which helped my milk supply.


How I boosted my milk supply on themilleraffect.com, mommy and me sets from Beaufort Bonnet Company

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So many of you have been messaging me with milk supply issues so I thought I would do this post and try to help anyone and EVERYONE that is struggling with supply.

This is what worked for me, but every body and baby is different.

If you saw my post on BREASTFEEDING, you read that I always said if I couldn’t breastfeed I would be ok with it. I would be ok either way. When Miller was born and latched right away I said, “Ok, I guess I am breastfeeding.” I had no idea how important it was to me until I thought I couldn’t do it anymore.

When Miller was around five months old I experienced a sudden drop. My boobs didn’t ever feel full anymore and Miller would fuss after each feed. We went to her five month checkup and she was only in the 42%. The dr wanted to see a little weight gain. I was devastated. I knew it was because of me. My dr also said it could be because she was sleeping through the night. That one less night feed could have lowered my supply. I just could not accept this. I had to do something!

Oh and guess what? At five months your boobs DON’T really get engorged anymore. They are meant to bring milk in when the baby needs it, they are not made to actually store the milk. Oh, and sometimes the baby just goes through a fussy period or growth spurt when they need more milk for a few days. That’s ok. It will just take your supply a day or so to catch up to them. Just feed them more often when this happens as you catch up.

If you pump and it is wayyy less than you used to, then you may be having issues. Yes, pumping isn’t 100% accurate when it comes to what your baby is getting. But if it has dropped dramatically from what it used to be at, and you feel in your mom gut your baby isn’t getting enough, then you are probably right.

How I Boosted My Milk Supply

I didn’t know which of the above was going on. Was she just fussy and going through a growth spurt? Or was she really not getting enough. I didn’t wait for the answer. I immediately took steps to boost my milk supply.

1.I used Liquid Gold supplements from Legendary Milk. They had sent me a package a month before and I didn’t need it at the time so I luckily had it handy to start taking immediately. Warning, the capsules taste HORRIBLE! I noticed a different in a couple of days. But I also tried other things at the same time:

2.I did power hour pumps. I pumped 10 min, sat 10 min, pumped 10 min, etc for one hour one time a day for three days in a row.

3.I ate A LOT of lactation cookies. Luckily, my lactation cookie recipe makes a huge batch so I had about a dozen in the freezer from a month prior! They were still amazing.

4.I ate a lot of chickpeas, flax seeds, avocados, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, broccoli, and anything else that I read would help with my supply.

After two-three days of those four things my milk was back and Miller has never fussed after a feed again! I still do these every few days to maintain supply. I am just so scared of that happening again!

If you are experiencing a drop in milk supply please try the above immediately! Buy the Liquid Gold Supplements asap from Target and have them ready to pick up in store. Take two a day three times a day! Do a power hour asap. Make some lactation cookies or try other foods that can increase your supply! Don’t give up!

This is how I boosted my milk supply, so please let me know if these help you!

Please leave a comment if something else worked for you so that other women can see!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
April 17, 2019 Baby

How I Boosted My Milk Supply

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