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  1. Janice

    It was so fun seeing you and Troy going through the store and picking out your faves for your registry! I have always loved Bed Bath and Beyond…..great quality and their return policy is the best!
    I’m so excited for you guys and thanks for sharing with your followers with inquiring minds like myself

  2. Monica

    Are you going to post the adorable top you were wearing? ?


Kate Spade china from Bed Bath and Beyond
The Miller Affect posting about How to Register for Your Wedding at Bed Bath and Beyond
The Miller Affect and her fiancé registering for their wedding

This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond. All product reviews and opinions are 100% my own.

Did you guys know that Bed Bath & Beyond is the #1 wedding & gift registry retailer in the nation?

Neither did I, but after visiting their store and receiving products from my own registry, I now know why!

How to register for your wedding is a top search on Google year after year. I am here to give you tips to help you through your wedding registry and to show you why Bed Bath & Beyond should be your first choice when it comes to where you should register!

5 Reasons Why You Should Register with Bed Bath & Beyond:

  • You can schedule your in-store appointment for your registry online. That way, you won’t have to wait in line when you come to the store!
  • Bed Bath & Beyond is a one-stop-shop. You can find everything, and I mean everything, in the store or online! When you read our top 15 registry items you will not believe all the stuff you can get all at Bed Bath & Beyond!
  • Bed Bath & Beyond has so many in-store experts. We had an expert in registry help us the entire time. She walked everywhere with us and gave us so many helpful tips. There was so much we didn’t know, and it saved us so much time to have someone there who knew exactly what we needed!
    • In each section of the store, you will find an expert in that section. For example, when we started looking at kitchen knives, there was an expert on knives there to help us! You get this kind of service in every part of the store! Everyone is so willing to help!
    • Your registry consultant will give you a check-list that you can go off of throughout the store. Did you know you can register for a grill or patio furniture (read more about that below!)
  • The online registry is so easy to use! You can go in on the back-end and manage your own register by easily adding more items or more quantities. It is also very easy for your guests to find you. They can check out online and have the items shipped straight to you if they want! This is the best option for couples who are having destination weddings (like us!)
  • ‘Rock Your Registry’ is a special event for you and your fiancé/husband at your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond. You can snack on light bites while you open or add more to your registry. Consultants will be there to help you and you will even have someone there giving you tabletop and bar decor tips! How fun does that sound? We can’t wait to go to one this year! Find your next event HERE!


Our Top 15 Registry Picks

Troy and I didn’t have much before heading in to pick our registry. Whenever we thought about buying something throughout the past few  years we would say, “Let’s wait and just register for it.”

Needless to say, we need A LOT. Instead of picking a theme for my top 15, I wanted to give you the basics that everyone will need/want for their home!

Kitchen Aid mixers from Bed Bath and Beyond for your wedding registryKitchen Aid mixer with spiralizer Kitchen Aid spiralizer making zucchini noodles The Miller Affect talking about registering for Kitchen Aid mixer

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer. I am not much of a cook (yet), but I do loooove to bake! I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer and I am so happy to finally have one! I love the new, mini 3.5qt mixer and we picked silver because we thought it would go with everything no matter where we moved or how we decorated.

a. We also put the spiralizer attachment on our registry. With it, you can slice, peel, or spiralize. Have you ever tried cooking Zucchini Noodles? They are the best! You can make them super easily with the Kitchen Aid Spiralizer.

The Miller Affect and finance picking out their Dyson vacuum for their wedding registry at Bed Bath and Beyond
The Miller Affect using her new Dyson vacuum at her new condo

2. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Full-Size Upright Vacuum. Did you know you can register for a vacuum? Yeah, it was news to us too! It makes sense though, because it may be something you guys can’t afford, but that your wedding party could go in together on and buy for you! It would also be a great present from the in-laws or other close family members!

Amanda Miller and fiance registering for Calphalon pots and pans from Bed Bath and Beyond

3.  Calphalon® Classic Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set and Open Stock. We did not know much about pots and pans before heading into Bed Bath & Beyond. The only thing I had heard (over and over again from my mother) was that we needed Calphalon pans. My mothers swears by them and mothers are always right! They are thick and sturdy and will last you years and years! We cannot wait to start cooking in ours!

The Miller Affect looking at bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond
The Miller Affect looking at Kate Spade new york bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond
Amanda Miller using Kate Spade New York bedding in her guest room

4. Kate Spade New York Bedding. How cute is this Kate Spade duvet cover? I immediately gravitated towards this set in the store. It is so perfect in our guest room! Inside the duvet cover you will find an amazing year-round down comforter. The quality is so great for the price! Lastly, under all of the cuteness you will find SHEEX sheets! Have you ever felt SHEEX sheets? They are a complete dream. I have always had them and my friends always find reasons to come stay with me! These are all great ideas for your registry!

Nambe salad bowls from Bed Bath and Beyond
Amanda Miller holding a Nambe Salad Bowl
The Miller Affect tables cape from Bed Bath and Beyond
The Miller Affect showing her Nambe salad bowl

5. Nambe Salad Bowl. This is such a great registry item because it is beautiful but completely affordable for your guests. They will feel so good giving you something so pretty! We have kept it on our kitchen table since we got it! There are so many different Nambe designs to choose from.

Fitz & Floyd casual dining set Fitz & Floyd casual dining set

6. Fitz and Floyd Dining Set. We opted for more casual sets rather than fine china. I love how chic white and royal blue looks together (like the Kate Spade bedding.) I mixed and matched and registered for these pretty Fitz and Floyd Salad Plates, Dinner Plates, and Rice Bowls. When you mix and match you can buy each piece separately. If you want to get register for a complete set, we love this gorgeous set by Mikasa!

7. Michelangelo Beverage Glasses. We registered for these glasses because our consultant said they are bottom heavy so they won’t tip over very easily! They are also nice and thick so you don’t have to worry about them breaking in your dishwasher. We also registered for this matching pitcher because they are so pretty together!

Amanda Miller and finance looking at Blendtec blender

8. Blendtec Blender. Finally something that made Troy’s eyes light up! He makes his protein smoothies every morning so when he saw all the amazing things this blender could do he immediately scanned it into our registry! I also learned you can use it for food processing= win win!

9. Mikasa White Wine Glasses. Confession: I have owned these sets for three years now! I saw them at Bed Bath & Beyond forever ago and had to have them! I only have the red wine set and the white wine stemless set. I registered for the white wine set with the stems! They are just so pretty guys!

Kate Spade flatware from Bed Bath and Beyond

10. Kate Spade New York Malmo Silverware. I thought these were perfect for our dining set when I saw them and I loved the way they felt in my hands (a little heavy but sturdy.) My consultant told me to make sure to have Troy hold them as well. I never would have thought of that! She said men’s hands are obviously a lot different than ours and things as small as silverware will feel completely different to them! Luckily he loved them as well! They also come in gold and rose gold!

Amanda Miller looking at Keurig machines at Bed Bath and Beyond
Amanda Miller looking at Keurig machines at Bed Bath and Beyond
The Miller Affect looking at Keurig Machines for her wedding registry

11. Keurig® HOT 2.0 K475 Plus Series Brewing System in Black. We registered for this specific Keurig because you get hot water out of it as well as coffee! Sometimes I want tea and it will be so nice to be able to just press a button and get immediate hot water from this new Keurig! We also love Keurig because they constantly come out with new pods and you can find them everywhere!

Wamsutta towels at Bed Bath and Beyond Wamsutta towels for Amanda Miller wedding registry

12. Wamsutta® 805 Turkish Cotton Bath Towel. Wamsutta has the most amazing collection of bath towels at Bed Bath & Beyond! There are three huge walls full of Wamsutta towels in all different colors! You can choose between different thread counts and you can pick between so many different colors! We ended up picking the Mauve color because we thought it would be so pretty in our grey bathroom!

13. Crosley Bradenton 2-Piece Wicker Loveseat Set. Bed Bath & Beyond has a huge selection of patio furniture and it is such a great thing to register for! We have a beautiful rooftop at our new condo so we definitely took advantage of their selection! You can register for sets or for individual pieces! Even just getting one piece at a time can be super helpful to get you started on the patio of your dreams!

14. Cuisinart® 7-Speed Electric Hand Mixer in Brushed Chrome with Storage CaseThis was another one of my mother’s picks. If you can’t trust your mom on home goods advice, who can you trust? She uses her hand mixer all the time and we both loved that this one comes with a storage case. She is always opening every drawer to find both mixers!

15. Coleman® 6-Person WeatherTec Tent in Tan. I think I saved the best for last. Did you know Bed Bath & Beyond has an amazing selection of camping goods? This 6-person tent is only $249 and a perfect item to add to your registry. Your guest will love gifting this item because they will think of it as gifting you an experience rather than an item! I am more of a glamper, but I know Troy is super excited about this tent!

So there are my top 15 wedding registry picks from Bed Bath & Beyond! What do you think? Do you own any of these already? I would love to hear your own reviews on the items above, so leave a comment below if you can!

The Miller Affect and finance at Bed Bath and BeyondAmanda Miller and fiance picking out china for their wedding registryAmanda Miller and finance sharing tips on how to register for your wedding

How to Register for Your Wedding:

  1. Go to BedBathandBeyond.com now and book an appointment online at your nearest store!
  2. Consult friends and family and create a list of items you want or want more information on BEFORE you go in! If not, you could end up being there forever! The more organized you are before the better.
  3. Still lost? No problem. We were too. Ask a lot of questions while you are registering. Your consult can help with pretty much anything and if not she will take you to someone in the store who can!
  4. Use the checklist they provide. It is better to over register than under register. If for some reason you don’t register for enough, people will typically give you gift cards and you can use those to purchase the items you think of at a later date.
  5. Utilize the online portal to manage your registry. It is easy, fast, and fun!
  6. Take back what you don’t end up needing or what you may get two of. Bed Bath and Beyond has a hassle-free return policy!
  7. Don’t forget to send thank you cards! A little thank you goes a long way!

I hope these tips are helpful! In the end, just have fun! Each time we receive another gift on our registry I think of it as Christmas coming early! Plus this is the one chance you can finally get HIM to shop with you :).

xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
February 8, 2017 Wedding

How to Register for Your Wedding

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