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If you have been following along since day 1, you know that Troy and I registered for our wedding at Macy’s. They had everything we needed and it was a super easy, convenient option for all of our guests.

I wanted to follow up on our wedding registry today and share the items we have used the most. Hopefully this helps you when you are doing your own registry at Macy’s, or it may help you shop for someone else’s registry!

#1 Item to Register For at Macy’s

The number 1 item I would suggest registering for (when it comes to kitchen appliances) is a Vitamix blender. We use ours daily and it is Troy’s favorite thing in the kitchen.

It is a great gift from your parents, or a few friends can team up to grab one of these for a registry gift, or you can buy it after the wedding with the Macy’s gift cards you receive.

You can use the Vitamix blender we own (the A3500) for drinks or as a food processor so you can get two in one and leave that processor off your registry list. It includes programs for smoothie, frozen desserts, hot soup, dips and spreads and cleaning.

It is worth every penny and it is the #1 item to register for at Macy’s.

What I Use the Vitamix For:

the #1 item to register for at Macy's - a vitamix

the miller affect sharing with the vitamix blender is the #1 item to register for
the miller affect making a frozen hot chocolate martini

Cocktails! Well, I use it for protein shakes when I am on my workout kicks, but when I am not (like right now) I use it for frozen cocktails. You can find tons of frozen cocktail recipes online! They have so many great ones for this time of year. Weirdly, I love the mix of a frozen cocktail next to our lit fireplace.

I made these frozen hot chocolate drinks the other day and they were a huge hit with everyone! They are so delicious and so easy to make. You probably have all of the ingredients already!

Frozen Hot Chocolate:

*makes 4 servings

martini glasses

4 (1 oz) bags hot chocolate powder

1 bag mini marshmallows

3/4 cup vanilla vodka (if you want to use regular vodka that will work too but I recommend adding some vanilla syrup)

3 cups milk

6 cups of ice

Pour one of the hot chocolate bags out on a saucer so you can dip the rims of the martini glasses in water and then in the hot chocolate as a garnish. If you want to get really festive you can also add chopped peppermint!

Add everything together and blend with your Vitamix blender! The blender shaves the ice so well so you won’t have to deal with chunks! That is only one reason why this is the #1 item to register for when it comes to kitchen appliances!

*I found this recipe at foodnetwork.com

What Troy Uses the Vitamix For:

making protein smoothies with our vitamix- the #1 item to register for

Troy works out every single day. When he gets back from his workout he makes a protein smoothie for breakfast. His recipe is super easy to make and it is actually really good!

1 cup of orange juice

1/2 cup of kefir (cultured low-fat) strawberry or pomegranate

2 generous scoops of orange sorbet

I scoop of protein (more if you like them gritty)

He said sometimes he gets crazy and adds a banana!

Definitely try this recipe at home if you also like to drink protein shakes!

We aren’t big into cooking. We mostly do Hello Fresh and we go out to eat way too much, but when our parents are over they always pull out our Vitamix blender to cook meals with. It works for so many different things. My mom even made soup with it over Thanksgiving! It comes with a recipe book so you can try cooking lots of different things!

The Vitamix blender is the #1 item to register for because we use it daily. We can’t say that about very many of the other items.

vitamix is the #1 item to register for at Macy's

Macy’s Wedding Registry

We loved registering for our wedding at Macy’s so much that we went back there to register for our baby shower! We were pleasantly surprised to see how large the assortment was for both!

When you go in store you will have a sales associate help you every step of the way, and then you can come home and review your list and add more items from the computer. It is so easy!

It is also really convenient for both you and your guests, because there is most likely a Macy’s very close by that they can shop from and that you can do returns/exchanges at. Your guests can also just go to Macys.com and easily shop your registry from there. They probably already have an account set up since everyone shops at Macy’s!

Head to Macy.com today or walk into a store nearby and register for your wedding! Oh, and don’t forget to add a Vitamix blender to your registry!

Other items we registered for that we love:

Our Wedding China

Our Nespresso Machine

Our Dyson Vacuum 

Our Villeroy & Boch Christmas China

You can view my other wedding posts HERE.

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Macy’s and Shopping Links. All items were picked out by me and all reviews and opinions are 100% my own.


XO Amanda
December 5, 2019 Wedding

#1 Item to Register For

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