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  1. Cuddle

    Hi, how many days you will recommend for a honeymoon there? Love your style!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Definitely at least a week if you have it! You will want to rent a car and drive around the area!


  2. Cynthia

    Beautiful pictures! We want to go back and summer looks to be the perfect time (we honeymooned there in February 25 years ago and stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs). Just loved the lovely town and the skiing.

  3. Yelena

    I live in Calgary, Alberta and was so impressed with your photos. You hit all the highlights so well. Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful and family oriented. Congratulations, one year later!!

    What brought you to get married in Canmore? Just curious. 😃

    We love Texas and Texans!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Calgary people are seriously the nicest in the world!!! I believe that truly!! We just loved the photos we saw of Banff and had heard so many great things from the people who lived there! Canmore because we found a place we loved that fit our budget! xox Amanda

  4. Karen Sciaraffa

    Ahh so beautiful! I really want to go in the winter to go to the hot springs, dog sledding and hopefully catch a glimpse of the northern lights but my question for Troy is…will I freeze to death? I know it gets extremely cold and I just don’t know if I will be able to enjoy it.


    Xo, Karen


    1. Amanda Miller

      It is soooooo cold in the winter eeeeeek! We haven’t been in the winter so we actually can’t be much help! A

    2. Yelena


      It’s super cold November to March: -10 to -30 degrees Celsius. It’s winter in the mountains longer because of the higher elevation in the mountains.

      One strategy to survive the cold is winter gear boots and clothes. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!! 😂

      1. Sarah


        We plan to go in the beginning of October! What do you think are the best things to pack as far as weather appropriate clothing!


        1. Amanda Miller

          Eeeek not sure as I have only been there in the summertime! I imagine it is pretty dang cold in October!!xox A


Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Troy and I got married in Canmore, Alberta last June so I am trying to get as many wedding posts up this month as I can! See our wedding video HERE.

A lot of you have been asking for Banff recommendations, so this post will be all about Banff AND Canmore (the two towns are about 15 miles from each other.) We stayed at an Airbnb in Canmore. We like Canmore more because it is less touristy! You can’t go wrong with either though.

If you have never been to Banff/Canmore make sure to put it on our list ASAP. One of the very top destinations in North America in my opinion! The scenery you will see there is like no other. You will literally feel like you have been photoshopped into the photo because it is all too unbelievable. You can also get a pretty cheap flight and there are so many great Airbnbs you can stay at in both towns.

the miller affect sharing things to do on lake moraine The Miller Affect getting married at Silvertip Resort The Miller Affect getting married at Silvertip Resort

*Professional photos from our wedding week from Adria Lea

What to do in Banff

Besides get married obviously..

1.Walk around both towns. Walk into all of the cute shops! You can get some yummy fudge and come great keepsakes around each town. Canmore has much more of a local vibe and Banff is definitely more touristy.

2. Take the Banff gondola up Sulphur Mountain. You can take some amazing photos on the viewing deck and there is a stunning restaurant at the top with floor to ceiling windows that give you amazing views of the town. SKIP the caves (not worth it!)

3. Eat at as many places as you can in Canmore. We loved every restaurant we went to. Didn’t keep up with a list, but just use yelp when you are walking around to find a place! It also gets kind of busy in town so make sure to make a reservation if you have a big group! All the food there is just so amazing!

4. Walk around the Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff. It is stunning and definitely a sight to see! There is a trail in the back that you can take into town as well along a creek.

5. Hike to Bow Falls in Banff. You can take a long hike or you can park down right by the waterfall and walk right out to it!

6. Play golf (if you or your husband likes golf!) We got married at Silvertip Resort in Canmore and they have a beautiful course!

7. See BOTH Lake Moraine and Lake Louise. They get VERY BUSY so go as early as you can in the morning so that you can get parking! If parking is full you will have to park far away and pay for a shuttle to the lake and by then the crowds will be pretty big! We got lucky and got there early enough that it wasn’t crowded at all and we got right on a canoe. WHICH IS A MUST ON BOTH LAKES. Seeing them from the view of the canoe made the list of top 5 things I have done in my life. The glacier water is turquoise and something out of a fairy tale.

8.Book the Banff Glacier Skywalk. This skywalk will offer some amazing views!

9. Do the Glacier Adventure Tour. You will take a buggy up the mountain and you will get to walk on a glacier, drink from the glacier, and throw some snowballs while you are up there! Troy and I didn’t have time to do this but some of our guests did and couldn’t stop talking about how incredible it was.

10. If you have time, drive around Banff National Park. There is much to see and many hiking trails to try!

Other things to do:

Fly Fishin (Take a lesson!)

Hiking (Definitely do as much hiking as you can!)

Horseback Riding (Emmy loved this!)

Rafting (For adventure junkies!)

on the gondola

restaurant on top of gondola

the miller affect sharing what to do in Banff

Lake Moraine

Wedding Day

Dinner in Canmore

Emmy at Rehearsal Dinner

*Photos from our iPhones during our Wedding Week

When To Travel to Banff/Canmore

We went at the end of June (June 23-June 28) and feel like it was the VERY BEST time to be there.

-The lakes don’t melt until the end of June. If you go any earlier you will miss the turquoise water.

-It was chilly in the morning and evening, which we loved because we could snuggle up by the far and leave the windows cracked for the mountain air. During the day it was actually warm enough for a tank and shorts!

-It wasn’t as crowded. The crowds typically come in July and August so we felt like we almost had the place to ourselves!

-Airfare and hotels weren’t as expensive as they would have been later in the summer.

Photos by Adria Lea

XO Amanda
June 13, 2018 Travel

Things to do in Canmore/Banff

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