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  1. Scott

    We would love to use this service on our new home, however we cannot find it. Did they maybe stop providing it?

  2. Mindy

    I was debating if I should try this service or not. Thank you so much for the in-depth review. This makes me want to try it out now . Yay

  3. Jennifer

    How are the quality of the dressers? For $700 each do you feel like they will hold up for more than a couple years? We need new dressers, but I am nervous to buy online because I am not sure about the quality!

    1. Amanda Miller

      The quality is amazing and they will definitely hold up more than a couple of years! I will say I was surprised that the drawers weren’t very deep though! They don’t come out all the way, which is probably to help it last longer. xox A


Happy Monday!

I know Monday’s generally aren’t the greatest, but hopefully this helps cheer you up… Wayfair is now offering design services starting as low as $79!

Troy and I hired an interior designer from Wayfair for our master bedroom and it turned out so beautiful!

Wayfair Design Services

wayfair interior design services wayfair interior design services

1.You can start the process by signing up HERE.

2.Wayfair will then ask you what room you need help designing and then they will show you a series of photos and ask you to choose your favorite rooms from the collection. This is so they can get a sense of your style and taste.

3.They will ask if you like bright colors, a pop here and there, or if you like to keep it neutral.

4.Next, pick your paint and patterns preference before finally getting matched with your very own designer! (You don’t have to re-paint, but it is an option!)

Your interior designer will want room measurements and photos, so you may want to have those handy if you are in a rush to get started (like we were.) He or she may even want to chat with you on the phone if they have more questions about what exactly you are looking for. I spoke with mine for about 30 minutes and even facetimed with her so she could get a better sense of the space.

Once they have your measurements, budget, style, etc. they will begin designing your room. Make sure to let them know when you need the furniture by. If you are in a rush they may need to choose items that are available right away.

Our designer sent us a few different mockups for us to look at. We made small changes here and there until the final design was approved. Once you approve your design, Wayfair immediately adds all of the items to your cart for you! So easy!

Hard to believe you get ALL OF THAT for only $79. How is that possible and why didn’t we do this for every room in the house?

Our Bedroom Furniture

the miller affect talking about wayfair design services

the miller affect bedside table from wayfair
the miller affect bedroom reveal from Wayfair
Bedroom home decor from Wayfair on the miller affect
the miller affect dresser from wayfair and smallwoods I choose you frame
the miller affect bedroom



Lamps (on sale)

Bench (Midnight Blue)

Tall Chest (His)

Double Dresser (Hers)


Mirror (similar)

Rug (similar)

We mainly focused just on furniture with our budget, and we will start working on decor shortly. We will probably fill our walls with family pictures once we get some framed!

Is there a room in your house you need help designing? For $79 you can have Wayfair design the room for you! There is NO PRESSURE to buy anything. You can leave it all in your cart until you save up for it or until you decide to make the jump! You can also change out things whenever you want!

I highly recommend using the all new Wayfair design services- even if it is just to help you get started on designing a room yourself!

Click HERE to get started today and make sure to send me a picture of your room once it is complete! I loveeee seeing home decor projects!

xox Amanda

*The items in this post were gifted by Wayfair.


XO Amanda
November 19, 2018 Home

Interior Design Services for $79

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