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What does Troy do as a job?

He is a stay at home dad right now! He used to work in corporate finance for a bank.

How did you and Troy meet?

You can find everything about our relationship HERE included the first photos we ever took together!


How long did it take to get pregnant with both babies?

We are so blessed to have gotten pregnant with our babies fairly quickly. I used an app with Miller and I used ovulation strips for baby #2. My mom said she was the same way with the three of us girls, but my older sister had a very hard time getting pregnant with her kids and ultimately did IVF. Every story is so different but no one is alone in this!

What are Miller’s fav books?

Thoughts on the mesh back of your travel stroller?

We got the G-Lite stroller because of the mesh backing. We were heading to the beach with Miller when she was a baby and wanted something super cool for her! We have had no issues with the stroller and love how light it is (and we especially love that it has mesh backing!)

Best sunblock for children?

We love love love our Tubby Todd sunblock! Not sure if it is ‘the best for children’ because I have definitely not done enough research to decide that. But, it works for us and seems to last a long time in and out of the water.

Baby name updates?

None so far 🙁 I don’t even think we are CLOSE! We keep introducing new names and taking old ones off and then going back to the old ones again. I promise I will let you guys know as soon as we know for sure!

Are you thinking of childcare when baby 2 arrives?

We may put Miller in ‘school’ a couple of days a week once COVID clears and we aren’t afraid any longer. Who knows when that will happen. For now the plan is Miller being home with us every day until we deem it safe for her and us!

My mom and Troy’s mom will both come down to help right when the baby arrives (mostly help entertain/watch Miller while mom and dad catch up on sleep!)

Any first baby must have recommendations?

Yes, so many! See these blog posts for all of my resources:




top 25 newborn products on

Any tips for navigating pregnancy in the time of COVID?

Take it day by day. Focus on the things you can control and let go of the things you cannot.

I would highly recommend quarantining for a month before the baby arrives, and making sure any one that comes in contact with the baby after birth has also been in quarantine for at least two weeks. They should also always wear masks and that they are super thorough with hand washing before/while holding the baby.

Expecting baby 2, what will you need for baby 2?

I am working on a blog post for that and it will be up by the end of the month! It will include what we registered for with baby 1, what we used the most, and what we will register for/need for baby 2.

Are you going to try to potty train Miller before the baby comes?

She isn’t showing any interest at all right now. We are going to wait until she starts showing a little more interest in her potty. For now we sometimes take her diaper off when she is playing outside and we put her potty out there with us. We tell her to go in her potty if she needs to go. She usually ends up sitting on her potty for while, then standing up and going to pee elsewhere haha!

So who knows. We have three more months. I would love to have her potty trained but I am not going to force it just to try to have it done before October.

If you have any tips for me please leave them in a comment below!

Did you choose to sleep train Miller? Any tips?

Yes we did sleep train Miller and it was the best decision we ever made! She is the BEST SLEEPER! Here is the blog post on what we did:


How We Got Our Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Do you plan on selling Miller’s clothes now that you are having a boy?

No, we actually left all of her old things behind with my parents in case either of my sisters have a girl in the future!

How do you find ‘me’ time with the little one?

Miller sleeps from 12:30-3 and then she goes down every night at 7pm and wakes up around 8am. I get plenty of me time!! What I would like is more time with HER. Between her sleeping and me working it is hard to break away to make sure I get plenty of time with her.

Road trip with a toddler tips?

I don’t have any! We haven’t tried a long road trip with her yet- she is still too young! She goes crazy in the car after 45 minutes!! If we have to drive longer than that we try to do it during her nap time.

We are taking her to Omaha at the end of July and we are going to drive at her bedtime and probably won’t even get there until 3am!


How has the move been?

Amazing! We are so happy here! Thank you so much for asking!

When is Nordstrom’s next big sale?

August 4 is the start of their Anniversary Sale. I will have all of the info on the blog for you this week!

Did you get a new assistant?

No. As many of you have heard I have not heard from my old assistant in a month. The last I heard she was being tested for COVID and I have not been able to reach her, her family, or her friends since then.

I am not sure when I will be getting a new assistant here in Denver, but things are pretty slow right now due to COVID so I will definitely wait until I absolutely need the help.

What is your favorite book?

Harry Potter! All of them!! Chamber of Secrets is least fav in the series but I truly love all 7 of the books.


Best affordable black maxi skirt?

Link for your favorite face masks please? These are silk! Much more breathable!

Cotton or summer tees for Houston’s heat?

Link for your snow cone machine?

Fav low profile hiking/tennis shoes with traction for hiking?

Recs for comfy but cute underwear after pregnancy.

Top three eye creams right now? I don’t use any eye creams! I know Tula is coming out with another glow stick to help remove dark circles this week, but as for something that helps long term I just haven’t found or seen anything that truly works.

Skin Care Routine:My entire skincare routine is saved in my Skin Care Highlights on Instagram! Everything is there with swipe ups and discount codes.

Beach Bag with Pockets: These come with multiple sayings! One says ‘Poolside’. Tons of bloggers give these really high reviews!

Collagen? I am going to start taking liquid collagen this week. I will bring you along on the journey and let you know if it is worth the hype!

Weighted Blanket. Just saw this one at Nordstrom Rack on major sale and is reversible (one side is faux fur!)

Jelly Shoes to Wear to the Pool:

Sk-11 Large Bottle? Costco doesn’t carry SK-11 anymore (soooo sad!!) You can still buy the larger bottles online, but really the smallest $99 bottle lasts you about six months so I would just go with that one! I worry about how the large one would keep without being in the fridge.

Sephora has the value size though if you are set on it! They have all the sizes:


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  1. Kaitlyn Huelskamp
    July 14, 2020 / 2:29 pm

    Potty training tip! If Miller likes stickers, create a Potty Chart where she gets a new sticker for the chart each time she uses the potty.

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