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  1. Elizabeth

    Great items! I have twins who are now three almost four! Some things I recoythat aren’t on your list is swaddlers that velcro at the chest. They keep the lil ones secure and feeling safe plus they can’t wiggle them loose in the middle of the night. I always worried about that. Also I know you got the owlet monitor but check out Angel care monitors. They are great! We got them and I used them up until they were three and they work! The owlet would be great for car rides and traveling but you could use the angel care monitors at home. Sanitizer wipes for the passifer and a traveling case to put it in when not being used. Also those bulb noose sucker things from the hospital work way better than any store bought ones so make sure you bring one (or two lol) home with you! I also recommend taking a car seat class or going to the local fire department to be shown how to properly install the car seat. Most people think it’s so simple but you couldn’t imagine how many people do it wrong! (I’m law enforcement and used to be a certified car seat technician).

    1. Amanda Miller

      Ok I added sanitizing wipes to my costco list! Definitely need those thanks so much!! And yes we plan on going somewhere and having them install the carseat properly! xox Amanda

  2. Ivey

    Let me first say I do not have kids. I am an ICU nurse and we monitor oxygen saturation 24/7 via a bandaid like finger probe which is the same concept as the owlet sock. These things are great but the downside is they are extremely volatile and unreliable at times. Any movement, cough, sneeze, hiccup or poot can throw off the waveform and the monitor will alert you that your patient is not breathing. Motion interrupts the monitor’s ability to pick up on the pulse point. So your first instinct is to freak out but then you go in the room and your patient is talking on the phone, eating his dinner and his chest is rising and falling as it should be. I’m not advising against the owlet, but don’t let it worry you sick and drive you bonkers. The monitor is not the end all, be all. The baby is. If their chest is rising and falling and you hear/see no signs of respiratory distress, don’t immediately freak out if the monitor does. Being new parents is already scary enough. I know you guys will do great and have family support which is a huge plus!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much! We have heard owlet can be dangerous because so many parents take their kids to the emergency room when the monitor scares them! We will be conscious of this for sure! xox A

  3. Kate

    Luna lullaby nursing pillow is by far so much more comfortable than the boppy. The boppy is hard and smaller. The Luna lullaby is so comfortable and fits around you so well. We brought it to the hospital and our guests used it to hold the baby so they could rest their arms on it (so many people are uncomfortable holding a newborn and this helps so much!) … so it has multiple uses other than just nursing!

  4. oliverangeline

    I have to chime in to add a vote for the My Brestfriend Pillow. Hands down better than a boppy because you can position it wherever you need and it actually stays in plays and really supports baby. Pack it for the hospital! I also heard great things about the gb pockit folding stroller, perfect for frequent fliers like you. Also, not necessarily a registry item but consider investing in black out curtains for the baby’s room if you want her sleeping past 5 am or whenever the sun rises. Between the curtains and a dohm sound machine we had 2 great sleep-through-the-night-in-their-own-crib babies by the time they were 6 months old. Good luck mama, you’ll be so awesome at this.

  5. Britney

    May I suggest looking into the Dr. Browns “lovey” pacifier holder, they have clips so if your baby has a pacifier preference you can change them out ALSO you can take the pacifier off to wash the little animal! So much better in my opinion. My son only takes the nuk pacifiers and we have bought every single brand out there so the dr Browns lovey allows us to put any pacifier on.

    1. Amanda Miller

      That’s genius! I have never heard of that option. Thank you!
      xox Amanda

  6. Anonymous

    Portable Marpac Hush Sound Machine!! We had 3 different other ones and they all broke in less than one year. This one is rechargeable, and portable.

    Green Sprouts organic muslim burp cloths – used these with 2 different kids and they still look brand new.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awesome just got the hush sound machine thank you!

  7. Laura

    After 4 months with my first baby our can’t live without items have been: rock n play for the first couple months, spectra s1 pump, sound machine (we have the hatch but also the lectrafan from amazon that I’m now addicted to sleeping with), green sprouts burp cloths, and number 1 item by far… Baby Bjorn bouncer with a toy bar. We also have the uppababy vista/Mesa and have loved them, other than the fact that they’re a bit heavy.

  8. Cortney

    GB Pocket Stroller! Folds up small enough to fit in a bigger bag or backpack, under seats of planes or overheads. So light weight and is really as easy to fold as it shows in the online videos.

  9. Cortney G

    Best stroller… ever… GB Pocket Stroller. Folds up to fit in a bigger bag/backpack. Fits under airplane seat or overhead and is so light weight

  10. Megan

    We love the marpac sound machine! But we actually found that the portable one (marpac hush) is actually louder than the dohm. Also, highly recommend a different pump. I pump exclusively for one of my twins and nurse the other. That pump stops working well after a little while. Medela pump in style or spectra s2 are better. So excited for you!

  11. Kristen

    1. Halo sleep sacks, a couple in multiple sizes. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the night with no clean swaddles!
    2. I use the lavender scented diaper disposal bags instead of the diaper genie and love them. They don’t stink when you throw them in the regular trash!
    3. Multiple covers for the bobby as they get dirty quick!
    4. Humidifier with sound machine. With the air conditioning and heat on in the House our little boy was so congested and this was a life saver!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awesome thank you! Just took diaper genie off and got these lavender bags from Amazon! xox Amanda

  12. Lauren

    You did a great job not getting a ton of unnecessary stuff! Which is super impressive for a first time mommy 🙂 Two things I spotted on your registry that I actually got to start off, hated and ended up getting something else were
    1) Boppy- the boppy is great for the baby to prop up on and maybe a few other things, but I hated it for actually nursing. The “my breast friend pillow” is the jam. It clicks around you and stays put and is a harder foam so the baby is supported which is really helpful if you have a child who has latch issues. And it has a pocket so you can keep the little things you may need while nursing in. Snack, nipple shield, nail clippers, burp cloth ect.
    2) the diaper genie- since it’s plastic it absorbs odor over time and once those poop diapers start smelling when they eat solids it will just smell like a room full of dirty diapers. We got the UBbi diaper Pail and love it. It’s more expensive on the front end but you can use regular trash bags instead of special inserts and you end up saving a TON of money in the long run. We went through those refills like crazy and the room still smelled. It was just terrible lol

  13. Lindsey

    Items I couldn’t live without with the first baby (4 years ago)…
    – Mustella products
    – Burt Bees baby outfits – organic and zip ups!!
    – Nosefrieda – they have come out with new products that I am looking forward to use.
    – A swing that was quiet. I think I used a fisher price swing it gave out after multiple uses.
    – A fisher price seat that played sounds and music – also was very worn after using everyday.
    – My boppy – mostly for feeding. She never sat up in it or laid on it. Great for the hospital. Pack it!

    Items that are new that I am using with 2nd baby due 10/16
    – Nuna Leaf swing (goes up to 150 lbs I think) my 4 year old is already enjoying it 🙂
    – Owlet- for sure as this is a miracle baby after surviving breast cancer. Not taking any chances.
    – Hatch baby night light and sound machine. I use it for my 4 year and it is a God sent product!
    – Diaper bag – I got the faux leather skip hop only because I love the blush color. It has held up really well and packs a lot as I have been using it for work. I will probably get an insert for LV neverfull and use it later when I need less items.
    – beaded pacifier clips are so cute, head wraps.. YES! , organic swaddles and onsies…all things organic!
    – Baby Bjorn seat – so many good reviews. I added it to my registry
    – I was told to get a Nest indoor cam from my SIL since it will sync up with the thermostat and the smoke alarms on our phones. I will probably purchase later when she is in her nursery as I am using a bassinet for the first 3 months in our bedroom.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Paxton

      The Boon Grass for drying bottles, pacifiers, and teething toys is wonderful! Also if you bottle feed, it’s so easy to dry your bottles on here. I also love the Munchkin stainless steel bottle brush! Both are great for cleaning/drying the pumping bottles and parts as well.

      A bathtub! I have and use the flower a lot, I love it! But I also have an infant tub 🙂

      TONS of burp cloths. I have 12 but I really could’ve bought like 20 lol.

      We used Halo swaddles every single night and when transitioning I switched her to the love to dream swaddle up ones.

      Hatch Baby Rest sound machine. Customizable colors and sounds!

  14. Sarah Wozniak

    My baby girl is 2 months now and so far our must haves are:
    The Ollie swaddle (only one she can’t Houdini her way out of or get up over her face)
    Lou and Lou company blankets (so soft and stretchy and the perfect weight so she doesn’t get too hot)
    Tons of muslin burp clothes (you will go through so many more than you think when feeding her)
    Halo bassinet (super convenient for co sleeping)
    Lovevery baby playmat (easily her favorite thing for tummy time. And it’s made to grow with her the entire first year and then turns into a sweet little play tent, my favorite purchase so far 💙)

    1. Jillian

      I second this!
      The ollie swaddle is seriously the best! don’t waste your time with the Halo velcro ones!

  15. Whitney

    I would suggest looking at the PUJ tubs for babies bath. The blooming flowers are cute but not functional. They don’t offer much support and hell to try to clean baby poop explosion from!

  16. Anonymous

    – Swap out the britax roll shades for the window cling ones – our roll shades broke easily and found the window clings were easy to move around to block the sun and it doesn’t break or fall of the window.

  17. Michele

    What did you end up deciding on for monitor? Since Infant Optics is not on Buy Buy baby (I am registered here too) 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      I still went with infant optics! I told my hostesses for my baby shower to grab it since it wasn’t on the registry! A

  18. Molly

    Get the swaddleme swaddles (they velcro and make swaddling quick and easy). Get the moms on call books (everyone in the southeast swears by them). Baby bjorn bouncer (most recommended thing by all of my friends). Good luck!! xo

  19. Nikki

    You guys are adorable! Don’t get that bathtub. I have 2 kids and 3 infant tubs and that’s the worst.

  20. aubsajober

    Oh, forgot to to say, the fisher price smart connect sound machine/light is amazing! We personally love it! You can change the sound, volume & lights from your phone. You can also set timers too. We actually never turn it off. I think we have it set on the pink noise. I have it set up high on a book shelf. And the fisher price floor sit me chair thing- whooooo, LOVE! And I wish I saw the pattern you registered for before we got ours. That’s so cute. It comes with a little tray too. Our baby was in that for his first food! It was perfect.

  21. Kaci

    Babybjorn Bouncer Seat + toy bar
    Baby wearing wrap (I loved solly baby but I don’t think they carry at buybuybaby)
    Ollie swaddle
    I would get a spectra or medela breast pump (and your insurance should cover vs purchasing)
    Earthmama organic nipple butter

  22. Aubsajober

    Hi! Great job registering! I bet that’s such a relief having it all done! I personally LOVE the water wipes! Safe for the face and hands! They have no chemical smell. (Even “sensitive” wipes had a smell and taste to them – I wiped my face and they got on my lips, blah) The pampers aqua pure wipes are just as great too. The only difference is the packaging, which really didn’t make a difference until my baby started eating real food and the poop changed. The Aqua pure are better to get wipes out fast and the package has a plastic top to close and keep fresh. The water wipes have an adhesive sticker to close. We kept our water wipes in an refillable huggie wipe container. And I believe water wipes recommends storing unused packages upside down and then squeezing the package to distribute the water evenly. Oh. I now keep a package of the aqua pure in the kitchen near the high chair and use instead of a wet paper towel for his hands and face while he’s eating. It can get messy!
    Breast pumps! I saw you registered for one! I recommend checking the website, areoflow, to see if you qualify for a free pump through your insurance! Depending on your insurance you have a good selection of pumps to choose from. And they send you free replacement parts throughout your pumping journey! I can get you their exact website if necessary. It was super easy to register too. With that being said, I think you might need one of those hand free pumping bras.
    But yay! This is all so exciting and above is just my 2 cents. Every journey and every baby is different! I look forward to seeing what products end up being your baby’s favorite!

  23. Becca

    You will LOVE the owlet sock as it gives such peace of mind. I would highly recthe nosefrida, as gross as it looks, it worked wonders during cold season. That whole line is fantastic.

  24. Sarah Lowry

    If you’re going to swaddle, we love the copper and pearl swaddle blankets or the Ollie swaddle! The copper and pearl swaddles have some stretch in them and work so much better than the muslin swaddles (in my opinion). Wishing you the best of luck! You will be a fantastic mother!

  25. Jenj

    My SIL got the Dohm sound machine and recommended it to me. For some reason I didn’t get it, and I’m glad I got what I did. It’s WAY cheaper, can run on batteries if electricity goes out, and it gets way louder than the Dohm. It’s only $20 and it’s called HoMedics Mybaby Portable SoundSpa. She prefers mine now. Just a suggestion…. which I know you will get a TON of. 🙂

  26. Allyson

    I would recommend the spectra pump. Love it. And halo sleep sacks, especially the swaddle one for newborns.

  27. Kristen

    Oh and the Lovevery playgym and toy subscription is so great! High quality, non-plastic toys and it tells you exactly what babies need developmentally over their first year.

  28. Kim

    Hi there! Just a comment that your health insurance company should provide a breast pump! Saw one on your registry and I know I would have had NO idea this was a thing if my sister didn’t tell me! Congrats on baby Miller!

  29. Kristen

    I have the 4 Moms highchair and while I do love the magnetic aspects, my daughters legs are usually red or get pinched while she’s sitting in it because it’s just a tight seat. She seems comfortable but I feel so sad seeing the red marks and she’s only 6 months old.

    Secondly, a SNOO. You won’t regret it!!

  30. Alex

    Great ideas! Will definitely be adding a few of these to mine. I was told to get the Ubbi Diaper Pail instead of the diaper genie because you can use your own trash bags and not have to worry about buying/running out of the diaper genie bags.

  31. M

    Naturebond silicone manual breast pump or haakaa
    Love to dream or woombie swaddle
    Oogiebear nose cleaner

  32. Heather

    What are you doing for diaper bag?! Highly recommend Fawn Design. Has strap and backpack option all in one. LOVE mine.

    1. Amanda Miller

      I am actually using some of my favorite tote bags and got inserts for them to use as diaper bags! Will share a post on that soon!

      xox amanda

  33. Anonymous


    1. Amanda Miller

      Added it! Forgot it since we received it as a gift before we did our registry so we never actually registered for one! It is the one that goes with our stroller! xox A


So excited to finally share our baby registry with you!

Troy and I partnered with buybuy BABY  for our baby registry. We decided to go with buybuy BABY for a few reasons:

  1. We used Bed Bath & Beyond (same company) for our wedding registry and it was such a great experience. See our wedding registry post HERE.
  2. We knew buybuy BABY ‘s customer service would be equally as impressive.
  3. They have a HUGE selection. Basically everything you could ever need for your baby!
  4. It is so easy and convenient for all of your friends and family to access and order from. Your friends can even help build your registry with you!
  5. Free shipping and returns= heck yes!
  6. Price match guarantee (just in case you or your friends/family find something at a lower price elsewhere!)
  7. Free stuff- they give you a goodie bag at the end with some goodies!

See a list of all of the perks you get when you register with buybuy BABY HERE.

Top Baby Registry Picks from buybuy BABY

the miller affect and husband registering at buy buy baby

the miller affect baby registry
uppababy vista stroller review the miller affect
the halo bassinet buy buy baby
the miller affect registering at Buy Buy Baby
the miller affect pregnancy
wubbanub baby pacifiers
the miller affect at Buy Buy Baby

Like most first-time parents, we went in to our appointment BLIND.

Luckily, the registry consultants at buybuy BABY really know their stuff! Ours took us through each section and pointed out the TOP registry picks. She also shared her own personal pick- which we loved. We then had two options usually to choose from instead of just the ‘most popular!’

Here are some of the top baby registry picks from buybuy BABY:

1. Uppababy Vista Stroller. Does this surprise you? It didn’t surprise me since you guys all voted that the Uppababy Vista stroller was the #1 must have stroller this year! I got the stroller in the Gregory color. It is more of a silver with a hint of light blue for those wondering (since online the colors look so different!)

2. Fisher Price Rock n Play. Another top suggestion from my reader! Babies seem to looooove a rock n play and everyone agrees Fisher Price makes the best/most affordable option!

3. 4Moms Pack n Play. This pack n play is sooooo easy to use! We love that you can quickly pull it up and pack it away when you don’t need it!

4. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier. These are just so cute. I have a panda, elephant, and giraffe so far!

5. lillebaby Airflow Baby Carrier. My sister swears by this carrier. She recommends the mesh since we live in Texas and it never gets that cold! I can’t wait to see Troy wearing our baby! Nothing sexier than a man wearing a baby haha!

6. Nanobebe Starter Set. So excited to try out these Nanobebe bottles! Does anyone else use these? What do you think?

7. Blooming Baby Bath Lotus. How cute are these? We have a super large kitchen sink so this will fit perfectly in there for the baby. My sister has always used them too.

8. Honest Bathtime Gift Set. There are a lot of different shampoos and such you can go with for your baby. Our registry consultant recommended registering for this gift set. We can then try out each product and decide from there! She said most people end up doing a mix of different products and brands.

9. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor. So excited about this! We will definitely have a video monitor too, but you can’t watch the monitor 24/7. This sock goes on your baby when you put them down to sleep and it will alert you via an app on your phone if their oxygen levels drop!

10. 4Moms High Chair. I am obsessed with this high chair. It is magnetic! You literally just set the tray down and it immediately clicks into place with magnets. It also comes with bowls and plates that are also magnetized so your baby cant pick them up and dump or throw their food! They are stuck to the table wherever you place them= genius! You can also lower the high chair to be even with you when you are sitting down!

Of course there are MANY MORE top registry picks (carseats, baby monitors, bedding, furniture, bassinets, and so much more!) You can see the items we picked by looking at our actual registry below!

Our Registry

the miller affect baby registry

lillebaby carrier
wubbanub pacifiers
owlet smart sock from buy buy baby
4moms magnetic high chair
4moms mamaroo
nanobebe milk bottlesfisher price rock n play from buy buy baby

HERE is our registry!

You can see that even though we had our shower, many of the items haven’t been purchased. This is because we had a diaper shower! We just asked our friends for diapers instead of registry gifts. We did diapers because we wanted it to be less of a baby shower and more of a welcome home party. I didn’t want to make the men stand around and watch as I opened all of the baby gifts.

Now, Troy and I can go through and order everything else we need for Miller right now, and then grab more items as we need them later on. It will be easy for me to add all of the things we need into my cart and have it shipped!

I NEED YOUR HELP THOUGH. Please look through my registry and see if we missed anything important. Something could have EASILY been missed and I would love to know your opinion. Also- did we register for a brand you tried and hated? Is there a better option? Let us know in a comment below!

Head to buybuy BABY today to register, or call your local store to book an appointment! Don’t forget to head HERE to see all of the perks you receive when you register with them!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by buybuy BABY. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.



XO Amanda
September 19, 2018 Baby

Our Baby Registry

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