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Whew, it is getting hot already in Dallas- already 90+ degrees! Not to mention my allergies are still out of control.

These two things combined called for a much needed trip to Nordstrom for some long lasting makeup products.

I first took to the internet to do some research on the BEST PRODUCTS! I read tons of reviews and compiled a rather large list. Then, I looked to see which of those products were available at Nordstrom.

I love buying makeup at Nordstrom because they have the best return policy. If you buy the products online and they don’t work, you can send them back or exchange them for another color (even after you have tried them!)

If you go into the store they have tons of beauty experts around every corner that can help you! You can find someone in a specific section, or find a manager that knows a bit about every brand!

Plus, Nordstrom has an extensive list of beauty products! You can always find what you need there and you can count on the reviews on Nordstrom.com to help guide you.

Long Lasting Makeup Products to Get You Through Summer

the miller affect wearing Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup from Nordstrom

the miller affect talking about long lasting makeup from Estee Lauder
the miller affect talking about the best foundation for summer

1.I started with this AMAZING Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place MakeupI am used to wearing tinted moisturizers or lighter foundation so the feeling of this product was perfect! I went with the 2.0 Intensity, but could have also gone a shade darker since summer will tan my face a bit more! I will probably go back and buy the next darker shade as well and have both handy!

the miller affect wearing BECCA Beach Tint
the miller affect wearing the miller affect wearing BECCA Beach Tint Water-Resistant Color for Cheeks and Lips

2.You guys… I am obsessed with this BECCA Beach Tint® Water-Resistant Color for Cheeks and LipsIt goes on like a creamy matte. The color I picked, GUAVA, is gorgeous too! Plus, a little goes a longggg way! It also looks so pretty on your lips! You can apply this with your fingers, so just throw it in your purse and reapply when necessary! You shouldn’t have to very much because it is water resistant.

the miller affect applying SPACE.NK.apothecary By Terry Stylo Blackstar Waterproof 3-in-1 Eye Pencil

the miller affect wearing long lasting eyeshadow from Nordstrom
the miller affect wearing long lasting shimmering eyeliner
The Miller Affect talking about the best makeup for allergies from Nordstrom

3.You can then apply the SPACE.NK.apothecary By Terry Stylo Blackstar Waterproof 3-in-1 Eye PencilGrab one of these in every color. The eyeshadow/liner is so beautiful. It has a sparkle to it and it stays on your lids forever. I am wearing the 5 MARRON GLACE, a really pretty brown color! I need them all now.

the miller affect wearing MAC liquidlast eyeliner
the miller affect applying mac waterproof eyeliner

4.I heard so many rave reviews about this MAC Liquidlast LinerI think it looks amazing on the top lid, but I suck sooo bad at putting liquid liner on my bottom lids. If you are the same way, here is another great pencil liner you can use! I will say that I had to scrubbbbbbb this liquid liner off at night. They are not lying when they boast about it being long-lasting! Such a great idea if you are heading to the pool or lake. This liner will NOT come off!

the miller affect wearing anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Waterproof Brow Color

5.I have also heard sooo many great things about this Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Waterproof Brow ColorIt was one of the most popular items on the web for brows. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy a proper brush to apply it with. Grab this brush if you are going to use the product! I had to apply it with my finger and it was exactly perfect haha! I do love the product though, it did last forever, and I am excited to try it with the right brush! The eyebrow pencil I have now comes off with the first sight of sweat.

the miller affect applying Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45

5.Now it is time to apply my favorite new product: Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45This setting powder from Supergoop goes on so soft and get this: it has SPF45!!!! You can apply it as needed throughout the day to keep your makeup in place and to reapply your sunscreen! It’s amazing. I carry it with me everywhere. I am wearing the light/medium.

the miller affect talking about waterproof mascara from Better Than Sex
the miller affect talking about the best waterproof mascara from Nordstrom

6.Then you can apply your mascara. I apply this after the setting powder so that you don’t get the mascara all over your face! This Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara is such a great product and it is perfect for those dip-in-the-pool kind of days! I also love wearing it when I know I will be rubbing the heck out of my eyes from allergies. It will stay in place and won’t smear no matter how hot it is outside.

the miller affect wearing supergoop setting mistthe miller affect applying setting spray from supergoop with SPF

7.Lastly, apply the Supergoop! ‘Defense Refresh’ Setting Mist with Rosemary SPF 50 to further set it all in place! This setting mist also has rosemary in it and smells soooo good!

the miller affect wearing clinique matte lipstick with primer

the miller affect wearing the best long lasting lipstick from Clinique
the miller affect sharing her favorite long lasting makeup products from Nordstrom

8.Oops, you CANNOT forget my all-time favorite lipstick, Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color + PrimerI am wearing blushing pop, but I have every single color and they are all amazing. My all-time fav is the cute pop. It comes with a primer so your lips also feel so soft with the lipstick on! It lasts all day (in fact, it typically gets all over my white duvet cover because I forget to take it off.

These 8 products are tried and true, literally. I tried them! They lasted all day and left such a natural, pretty look!

Grab them all at Nordstrom today!

I am wearing Pajamas from Nordstrom!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. All products were researched, bought, reviewed, and picked out by me. All opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
May 15, 2018 Beauty

Long Lasting Makeup Products to Get You Through Summer

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