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  1. Caitlin

    Baby electric nail files are lifesavers!!! I have never clipped my babies nails. This tool files the nails off so quick and does not damage the sensitive skin around the nail. I ordered a kit on amazon for under $20.00 and it is my number 1 baby must have!!!

  2. Amber

    As a soon to be first time mom I’m loving reading these! 🙂

  3. Meredith Dunn

    I hate cutting my daughters nails but they grow so fast. Seriously the Frieda brand (like nose Frieda etc) have the best ones! They have a little opening so you can see where you are cutting and won’t cut your baby.

  4. Miyan

    I love this! These are just totally relatable mom moments! Emailing you mine now – lol!


March Mom Fail Monday

I have a couple of doozies myself this month, haha!

mom fail monday

#1. I thought it would be a good idea to clip my baby’s nails (three months old at the time.) She kept scratching me HARD while nursing and I just thought I could trim them down a little. I don’t think any nail clippers are made for babies guys. The ones I bought from Buy Buy Baby were horrible. I clipped some of her skin off! And then when I tried to fix it I cut even more off. I don’t know who was more traumatized- me or Miller! She was screaming bloody murder and I wanted to throw up from the blood and from knowing I hurt her. It was so horrible. My heart hurt for two days but Miller had already forgotten all about it when she woke up from her nap. She was even sucking on that thumb again! Babies are SO RESILIENT!

#2. I decided I was going to feed Miller for the first time this week. I basically just picked her up and put her in this chair and got after it. Yall… it got everywhere. All over her footie, all over the chair, all over the bouncer next to the chair, all over the carpet, in her eye, up her nose, etc, etc. The up her nose part reallllly ticked her off and she let us have it for the rest of the day after that.

Here are the Mom Fails from my other mommas:

the miller affect mom fail monday

Because of flu season, we decided to just take our 3 month old into church with us instead of putting him in the nursery. Sure enough, though, right after worship when it was quiet, he loudly and stinkily pooped. I excused the two of us to the restroom: found the changing table, strapped him in, stripped him down (#blowout), and bent down to my bag to get a new diaper and clothes. As I did, I felt something tickle my hair. When I ran my hand through it, I realized he had peed up and over onto my head, soaking it. Between his blowout and pee, we made the biggest mess and smelled so badly. Fortunately, a mom of 6 (6! Total superhero in my book) came to my rescue to help us clean up and get back to the service. My sweet boy was so pleased with himself 🙂 Keep on keeping on, Mamas! We’re all doing our best! -Leigh Ann

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday
themilleraffect.com mom fail monday
I emailed you last time about my husband forgetting a diaper. Well, I can’t even make this stuff up….he did it again! This time I made sure to document! -Erica

the miller affect mom fail monday

This is probably my most memorable mom fail to date. It’s when we went to the local Greek Festival and I accidentally dropped my ENTIRE gyro on my sons head. Half his head was covered in tzatziki sauce! At first, I was soooo embarrassed bc it happened in public but he was not bothered by it one bit. The moment he started eating the lettuce off of himself and sharing with me I died laughing. And yes, I did go back for another gyro in case anyone was wondering! -Catherine

My daughter was two weeks old and being a first-time mom I was stressed, tired and in a daze. My daughter was having a huge meltdown because she was hungry and I was making her bottle as fast as I could not realizing I didn’t screw the top on😑. I sit down to feed my screaming baby and when I turn the bottle over to put in her mouth all the milk goes spilling out EVERYWHERE. All over her face, neck, chest, my arms and legs.  She stopped screaming with this shocked look on her before starting up again. Total mom fail. -Ashley

When my firstborn was still a baby, he would wake up so often at night and I thought it was because he had mucus. He was a c-section baby and I had heard that sometimes they don’t get all the mucus out. I could hear him make these grunting noises when he slept at night so I was convinced it was because he had all this trapped mucus so I would use baby saline sprays and a nasal aspirator and try to get said mucus out. I was so frustrated and kept complaining to my husband about it. I would even take a video recording of him sleeping and making these noises and bring them with me to his pediatrician who told me not to worry about it. At this point, I’m at my wit’s end because I felt like my pediatrician just didn’t understand that my baby was suffering. Only later did I realize when I had my second baby that it’s normal for babies to make grunting noises when they sleep and that it wasn’t mucus causing it. My firstborn had been waking up so much likely due to gas but I didn’t know at that time! -Karen
Sooo we’ve really been hitting the sleep training hard with my newly 3 month old and we were at the point where he would just wake up to feed around 5:30ish. Well last night, he woke up at 12:30 AM…then 1:00 AM… then 2:00 AM…then 3:00 AM. My husband and are were SO put out each time we had to listen to him cry for a few minutes and then get up and go soothe him back to sleep. Our little guy finally woke again at 5:00 when I decided to go ahead and feed him. I go to pick him up and he’s burning up and I rush to check his temperature… it’s 100.3!!! No wonder the poor guy woke up crying so much; he was probably freaking miserable! #mamajustwantedtosleep #lessonlearned -Susan
Last week I was changing my daughter Hannah’s  (10 weeks old) diaper. She had on a super cute onesie and pants. After changing her, I began redressing her. Later on when my husband came home for lunch he was like, what’s wrong with her outfit?! I had snapped put her pants on and snapped her onesie over it. I felt so spacey since I hadn’t noticed it for a solid forty minutes. Then, literally the next day, I did the same thing again. At least she got her pants on one way or another! #mombrain #momfailmonday -Sarah
1- I accidentally tossed a wet diaper into the baby hamper instead of the diaper genie. Didn’t know I did this until that load of laundry had been through the washer and the dryer! That diaper came out in almost perfect condition, and huge, like when you soak a gummy bear in water. I did not rewash the rest of the load.

2- My husband wanted to feed our baby so bad that when she was 2 weeks old we decided to have him do a bottle before bed. I wasn’t pumping yet so he opened a bottle of formula that we got from the hospital. The bottle said it was good for 24 hours so he opened it and left it on the counter…then he gave her the same bottle the next night after it was left out all day! He realized this was a problem when she spit up everything. He felt so bad he didn’t even tell me until the next day.

3- I took my baby to vote this fall and was too busy taking pictures of her with her “I voted” sticker to buckle her seat belt. Drove all the way home from the polls without her buckled in.

4- our first time taking our baby to church I was changing her diaper in the back seat of the car before bringing her in. My husband was on the other side of the car and leaned over the car seat to see her. In the process of leaning on the car seat he tipped it and smushed her head for a couple seconds before she cried out and either of us realized what was happening. She was totally fine it didn’t even leave a mark but we both felt so so bad for a minute we thought we could have really hurt her.

Saturday morning, my husband and I went shopping and then stopped for lunch with our 2.5 month old. We brought her into the restaurant in her car seat since she was sleeping, and I fed her when she woke up hungry from her nap. When I put her back in the car seat after she was done, I didn’t buckle her because she doesn’t like it while just sitting there and we were still eating. We finished lunch, then my husband grabbed the car seat and we headed two blocks over to the grocery store. It was there that I realized she wasn’t buckled in while we were driving!! Then Sunday after brunch, she was buckled in but the harness wasn’t tight! I told my husband that whoever puts her car seat in the car needs to double check she’s buckled in properly! I felt horrible. -Angela
I grabbed the car seat and my water bottle…out the door we go. I put the car seat in the car and look at my 6 month old covered in water. My water bottle top obviously wasn’t on had leaked on (aka drenched) him! -Courtney
We love bath time… Our baby girl loves it, she’s super happy, and I’m honestly not sure how much focus we put on actually “cleaning” her! We mostly just enjoy the smiles and splashing around! I mean, we use soap and everything, but how dirty can a 3 month old possibly be?? A couple of weeks ago I just happened to be loving on our baby girl and stroked my finger behind her ear… There was a thick CRUST behind her ears! Like, I could barely scrape it off with my fingernail! When we gave her a bath it took me forever to get it all washed off. I looked at my husband and said, I bet that has been there since we left the hospital 3 months ago!! I now understand the meaning behind “don’t forget to wash behind your ears!” LOL -Amanda
My five year old came into our bedroom Wednesday night needing a hug after a bad dream. I reached for him and poked him in the eye with my finger (that has a decently long fingernail on it). He spent the next 24hrs squinting out of that eye while letting me know that he forgives me. I felt awful! So much for a comforting mom that you can come to…I’ll probably just poke you in the eye and send you back to bed. 😬😂-Kaitlin
So let me start off by saying that my son only poops about once or twice a week (we talked to our pediatrician & she said it’s totally normal). Anyways, that said, when he DOES poop, I’m sure you can imagine. It’s like, epic. I’m talking, poo up his back, into his armpits, then he squirms around in it and it ends up on the wall, in between his toes, you get the picture. Two days ago while I was feeding him, he kept farting. Like adult man smelling farts. I was gagging. Anyways, when I got up to change him, I peeked into his diaper and he was mid poo. I was like perfect! Now it won’t make a mess because I found it before he could roll in it. I waited until I thought he was done. All set! I began taking his diaper off, threw it away, while holding his feet up and putting his new diaper on, he begins pooping again. Straight into my hand. It was like holding your hand underneath a custard machine. Hence the subject of this email, poo hats. It looked like I had poo hats on my fingertips. The end. -Bridget & Jackson
I hope you loved March Mom Fail Monday! I cannot tell you guys how much I love these. They aren’t really fails, you know. You should never feel ashamed! Mommying is SO HARD and it is so important we take these and just laugh with each other. Thank you soooo much for sharing these. My heart is always so lighter after reading them and remembering each month that we are all in this together!
If you have a mom fail that you have documented PLEASE send it to me at momfailmonday@gmail.com! If not, just remember to send it in when it happens (because they happen to all of us!) If you remember to snap a pic during/after it that’s even better! My goal is to have more and more of these each month!
Send yours in here: momfailmonday@gmail.com (feel free to tell us if you want to remain anonymous.)
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xox Amanda
XO Amanda
March 4, 2019 Baby

Mom Fail Monday #2

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