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  1. Tarolyn

    Love your guest room! Where did you get the art above the bed? I’ve been looking for something similar.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thank you! From At Home. xox A

  2. Beverly speckels

    Who are you referring to when you say Miller? Are you talking about your Grandfather, Calvin? He is my half nephew, you know! Small world, isn’t it?

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes, such a small world! Miller is my maiden name and we named our daughter Miller! xox Amanda


Matouk Bedding from Bloomingdales

the miller affect sharing her guest bedroom bedding from Matouk at Bloomingdalesthe miller affect talking about luxury bedding from Bloomingdales

How beautiful is our new guest room bedding?! It is stunning!!! I have been looking for something perfect to go in that room, and when I got the chance to shop the Matouk bedding selection at Bloomgindales I jumped on it!

It was SO HARD choosing something from the incredible luxury bedding selection at Bloomingdales.  I wanted everything! Matouk won me over because it is so classic and timeless.

My parents have a Matouk duvet cover as well so I could already speak to the exceptional quality as well.

I went with the classic chain design because I knew it would never go out of style. I also wanted something that came in grey since we already had grey bed sheets and I kind of LOVE decorating with grey (if you couldn’t tell by the rest of the house!)

Here are the exact products we are using in our guest room:

Check out my other favorite patterns from Matouk HERE:

And make sure to head to Bloomingdales asap to browse their gorgeous luxury bedding section! It isn’t too late to spruce up your bedroom or guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Plans

the miller affect sharing the Matouk Classic Chain Collection from bloomingdales

the miller affect talking about plans for after the baby is born
the miller affect guest bedroom reveal
the miller affect sharing her Matouk bedding from Bloomingdales

When we moved into this house, we knew our guest bedroom would be used A LOT! My sister has three kids and is quickly using up all of her spare room, so that leaves me for my side of the family.

Troy’s friends and family stay with us too of course (they live in Nebraska) and I also have so many friends from out of town that stay with me when they visit.

When Miller arrives I bet the guest room will be used for a least a month or so. My mom will help out for a week or so before she has to go back to work. She is a medical physicist and they are working on a new machine right now that will literally go live on my due date. This machine is what they use to give off the radiation that treats the cancer patients. My mom will set up the machine and makes sure it gives off the proper dosage. She also is the one that makes sure the proper amount of lead is in the wall for the radiation. She is a smarty pants, to say the least. Basically, this is the WORST TIME right now for Miller to arrive. My mom is hoping she is at least a week late.

My mother and father in law will be coming down shortly after Miller arrives and my mother leaves to help. We told them they could stay as long as they want! They will drive down so that they have their own car and so that they won’t have to book a flight last minute. They will definitely stay through Thanksgiving since we are hosting it at our house this year!

This bedroom is going to get soooo much use, so we wanted to make sure it was beautiful and comfortable! That is why we went with Bloomingdales! Order your new bedding set today.

xoxo Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Bloomingdales and ShopStyle. All items were picked out by me, and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
October 19, 2018 Home

Our Beautiful Guest Bedroom

From the Gram


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