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  1. Kelly

    These products look and sound amazing, I’ll have to check them out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Sharon

    I’ve read a lot about Tula all over blogs lately and it has really peaked my curiosity. I like that they have the Discovery Kit, for people who don’t know what they need or for people like me whose skincare needs change with the season. Lately I barely need moisturizer but oh man the winter is another story! I’m thinking maybe I’ll give Tula a try and see for myself sometime soon. Thanks for sharing, your review is honest and I love that.



Thanks so much for following along during my very first Monthly Moisturizer review!

Monthly Moisturizer

What is it exactly?

Well I get tons of products shipped to me monthly and I just can’t take the time I need to try all of them out. So, I am now trying them out one month at a time and sharing my reviews of the products weekly on my Instagram Stories. My goal is to have my very favorite products after one year! This could definitely be a mix from all different brands!

It isn’t going to be mainly moisturizer. I just thought that was catchy ;).

Oh and you can shop all of the products throughout the trial at themilleraffect.com/monthly-moisturizer!

My skin type:

My skin is suuuuper dry. So dry that makeup has to be reapplied so many times a day because my skin soaks it all up. Recently someone asked me how much water I drank. They said everyone spends soooo much money on skincare when really the problem is with the amount of hydration they are feeding to their body and skin. So true! So, as I do this series I am also promising myself to drink more water. I am so bad about drinking water!

I also have redness. I have red spots on my cheeks. Possibly just from dryness, but they can get really bad when I use the wrong products on my face.

What I am looking for:

I am looking for something super hydrating that gets rid of redness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Is that too much to ask? We will see.. .


The Miller Affect talking about Tula beauty products in her monthly moisturizer series

My very first review was with Tula. I have been wanting to try their products for so long since everyone raves about them all the time on Instagram. I definitely loved the products, and didn’t have any breakouts. Other than that I didn’t really notice anything different with my face/skin.

I told a friend that and she said Tula is all about balancing your skin’s ph level. So if you are prone to breakouts it will keep you from breaking out. If you aren’t, it will maintain that. I had an ahhhh moment then. Then again, I didn’t use a lot of the Tula products that people rave about. Like the different serums they offer.

Products I did love and why:

Purifying Cleanser. I have a problem with face wash over stripping and drying out my skin even more. This actually leaves my skin feeling hydrated after use! This product works for ALL skin types and is known for leaving women with radiant skin after so many uses (I believe 2 weeks!) Oh and I love the way it smells!!!!!

Hydrating Day and Night Cream. I also loved Tula’s Day and Night Cream. I would say the feeling of the product is in between a gel (like Clinique’s Moisture Surge) and a really thick moisturizer (like La Mer.) Does that help at all? My face always feels so great after I put it on and it smells just like the cleanser.

Tula’s New Kefir Collection. Taken from Tula’s website ‘Kefir (‘keh-feer’) is a fermented milk drink rich in probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and known for its immense health benefits. Kefir’s ability to soothe the skin makes it a true moisturizing superstar. It transforms dry, irritated skin into a youthful complexion. We are the only brand to leverage the benefits of kefir to create the most rejuvenating products your skin has experienced.’ Basically, Kefir is just AMAZING! I have heard of people actually drinking Kefir with their morning coffee. Apparently it is super super hydrating.

Unfortunately, I got the products in at the end of my monthly-moisturizer series, so I will have to circle back up to these products later. I used both of them in the last week alongside the two above and my face LOVED IT! I have been traveling so much, which usually does horrid things to your skin, but you would never be able to tell with mine! My skin is so soft and glowing.

Not sure what products to get for your skin? I get that! Tula has a Discovery Kit full of four of their best selling products so you can try them out and then buy the larger versions when you are ready! It has two of the products I talked about above, one I haven’t tried yet (the serum that everyone raves about), and one of their famous eye creams! Definitely worth a try.

USE CODE MILLER20 for 20% off your order!

Up Next: check out Instagram Stories Sunday afternoon to see what is coming next to Monthly Moisturizer!!

PS- do you know a great product for dry, irritated skin? I would love to hear in a comment below!

xoxo Amanda



XO Amanda
August 18, 2017 Beauty

Monthly Moisturizer- Tula

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