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Happy 2022!

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and ringing in the New Year with your family, friends, and loved ones.  2021 came and went in a blink of an eye.  I am SO exited for the new year and to see what 2022 brings, anyone else?

We all know the sayings, “new year, new me”, “new year, new resolutions”, etc.  But, how about “new year, new routines!”

Earlier last week I did a “this or that” poll on my Instagram stories and was curious if when the new year hits you guys stick to a resolution or not.  29% of you guys voted “Have A Resolution” and 71% of you guys answered “No Resolution!”  I actually love this.  I feel like we all put SO MUCH pressure on ourselves to be the best version of us right when a new year starts.  While this is amazing, this should be something we continuously strive for throughout the year.  I know the most common theme every new year is becoming healthier, whatever this might look like to you.  On the Instagram poll 62% of you voted eat healthier and 38% voted workout more.  One of my goals this new year is definitely eating better and just feeling my best all around.  And guess what?  Creating these new routines and new goals doesn’t have to be hard!  Walmart+ makes it super easy for me to make these small changes that will lead to a big impact in the end!

You guys already know how much my family uses Walmart+ but this membership is such a game changer for us.  If there is one thing you want to add to your routine this year, make Walmart+ be your go-to membership for all of your needs.  With free same-day delivery ($35 order min.  Restrictions apply.), Walmart+ makes it super easy for you to get what you need for the start of a new week or in a pinch mid-week!

Since eating healthier won by a landslide in the polls, I wanted this blog to be focused on some healthier and smarter food swaps that will make us feel our best!  Don’t let eating healthier scare you and think you can’t have the “fun” treats.  It is all about adding a little more nutritious food to your routine.  Also, forget the diets!  Let this be a new lifestyle.

Who loves snacking?  ME ME ME!  But most of the time I always reach for the potato chips.  I am changing up the routine this year and finding more healthier alternatives that will make me feel good inside and out.

Here are some good snack swaps:

  • Popcorn > Potato Chips
  • Greek Yogurt > Pudding
  • Berries > Candy
  • Protein Bar > Donut
  • Rice Cake With Toppings > Packaged Cookies
  • Veggies With Dip > Salsa & Chips
  • Trail Mix > Chex Mix

Again, I am not saying give up these foods completely but these are easy swaps you can start adding to your new routine!

Another one of my goals this new year is giving up sodas (I love me a Coke!) but thanks to my Walmart+ delivery and my new Soda Stream, I was able to start this new routine on Jan 1!  I love the Soda Stream because they offer so many different flavors and it honestly tastes just like a soda, but it’s a healthier swap!

Another reason why I love Walmart+ is if sometimes, mid-week if I start running low on snacks, instead of turning to those potato chips that stare at me in the pantry, I can just quickly jump online and re-order my favorite healthy snacks since they are saved right there on my account.  A couple of clicks, and in no time they will arrive at my doorstep!  Walmart+ offers the same prices as in-store, with no hidden fees, and the same everyday low prices.  So it’s a win, win!
Let Walmart+ help you start and continue your new year and new routines!  These healthy snack swaps are so easy, even if you start with just one!  This doesn’t have to just be for you either, it can be a new routine for the whole family.  Here are some other great snack options too you can order with your Walmart+ membership:
Start 2022 off right with a new routine and let the Walmart+ membership be apart of that routine!  I promise you won’t regret it and it will come in handy throughout the entire year.  

Visit Walmartplus.com to start your free trial today!

xo Amanda

XO Amanda
January 18, 2022 Home

New Year, New Routines

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