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  1. Maggie

    This is a genius idea!! I hate getting mask residue all over my hands and in my nails. I’ll have to try these!



So excited to finally share my review of the new Olay Clay Stick Masks!

Did you know masks are one of the fastest growing skincare forms? Everyone loves to mask these days. Why? it is like treating yourself to a spa day or facial without having to leave the house!

the miller affect sharing a review on the olay clay stick masks

Olay Clay Stick Masks

With a new baby I have needed to mask more than ever due to fatigue and skin dryness from the crazy hormones. I also need something fast acting without all the mess (because I just don’t have the time and energy to deal with it!)

The Olay Clay Stick Masks, now available at Walmart, are formulated with glycerin, a powerful skin hydrator, to provide moisture
to your skin while removing impurities. As a result, they do not fully dry on the skin and don’t
leave a tight feeling.

Don’t you hate it when you put on a mask and can barely move your face because it is so tight? What about when the masks starts cracking off your skin and landing all over you and all over the floor? These Olay Clay Stick Masks don’t do that!

I wish I could describe how good these masks feel when you apply them. They are INSTANTLY hydrating (you know I never steer you wrong!) They INSTANTLY feel amazing on your skin. It was like a wake up call for me. It felt so smooth, hydrating, and cool on my skin. Like silk! I was not prepared for it at all!

the miller affect talking about the olay clay stick mask

How they work:

You apply the Olay Clay Stick Mask (information about each mask below) evenly on your clean face or you can select targeted areas like I did in the pictures above.

Then you leave the mask on for 10 minutes and wash it off with water. That’s it! It comes right off so easily with the water- you won’t believe it!

The Three New Olay Clay Stick Masks:

Olay Masks – Glow Boost:
1. Formulated with premium Kaolin clay and white charcoal to remove the buildup of dead skin
cells and bring new healthy skin cells to the surface, revealing your skin’s natural glow.
2. Perfect for dull patches or an all-over natural glow.

Olay Masks – Pore Detox:
1. Formulated with premium Kaolin clay and black charcoal to draw out impurities from deep
within pores, reducing their appearance and leaving skin soft, refined and revived.
2. Perfect for your T-zone or an all over deep clean.

Olay Masks – Fresh Reset:
1. Formulated with premium Kaolin clay and pink mineral complex to micro-polish away clogging
surface cells while providing antioxidant ingredients, instantly resetting tired skin for the
ultimate fresh look.
2. Perfect for a targeted refresh or an overall skin reset.

My absolute favorite would have to be the Glow Boost followed by Fresh Reset. I don’t really have bad pores, but I put the Pore Detox on in the photo above since you can see it so much better in images!

As stated before, my skin instantly feels the effects of these masks upon application. After ten minutes those effects are just amplified, leaving my skin feeling fresh and brand new.

These Olay Clay Stick Masks would make the BEST stocking stuffers! In fact, I already have one of each ready to go for my two sisters and my mom! Then we can have a masking party that night!

They are available for under $10 at Walmart and are selling out really fast! Shop them HERE or run to your local Walmart ASAP to pick them up for Christmas gifts or to try for yourself. You will love these masks so much! It is time to treat yourself to a new mask and a little face refresh, just in time for the holidays!

I can’t wait to hear what you think! After you have tried the masks, please leave a comment below with your review!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

This post is sponsored by Olay. All opinions and reviews are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
December 7, 2018 Beauty


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