Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

One of our favorite things to do in Colorado is to sit outside on our back patio and watch Miller play.  She self plays SO WELL outside, so Troy and I can just sit and talk or read or play around on our phones. In order for this to be possible, we had to hunt for toys we knew she would love that would keep her busy outside.

I wanted to share all of her favorite outdoor toys for toddlers with you today in hopes that they keep your toddler busy outdoors too! Nothing is better for the soul than a little Vitamin C! Plus, these allow them to work out tons of energy before nap time/bedtime!

PS- if you want to see all of these in action, head to my Instagram Stories. I have them all saved under ‘Outdoor Toys’.

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Step 2 Slide & Ball Pit

Miller never really loved playing with the ball drop on her slide. I recommend saving money, and room, and JUST buy a slide! My friend has this slide in her basement and the kids slide on it over and over again.

Garden Grass Green Turf

Our grass mats aren’t for sale anymore, but I love the idea of having a grass rug more anyway! This one below is on major sale!

Step 2 Water & Sand Table

Right now we just have both sides filled with water. When she gets tired of that in a month or so we will fill the other side with sand to play with. This water table comes with a cover so you can always cover the side you aren’t using!

Miller’s exact water table is no longer sold, but their newer version looks SO FUN!

Fishing Game for Water Table/Bath/Pool

best outdoor toys for toddlers on themilleraffect.com
water table fishing toy on the miller affect
amazon fishing bath toy on themilleraffect.com

One of Miller’s favorite toys right now. She loves fishing in her water table and catching the fish with the nets this set comes with.

Play Sink With Running Water

amazon play sink with running water on the miller affect
the best outdoor toys for toddlers on the miller affect

Miller’s all-time favorite outdoor toy! Just make sure it doesn’t get left on often or you will be refilling the batteries for eternity. This particular sink comes with soooo many accessories and the gas stove turns on and makes noise.

Cornhole Game for Kids

cornhole game for toddlers on themilleraffect.com
outdoor cornhole game for toddlers on the miller affect
cornhole game for toddlers on the miller affect

Miller loves throwing the cornhole bags whenever we play at a restaurant or friend’s house. We got her this toddler set and she has so much fun with it! We love taking it with us on walks (folds up really small) and setting it out in grassy areas. She gets so excited when she throws it in the holes!!

Rocket Launcher

rocket launcher toy for kids on the miller affect

This one is really fun to do at the park and is a GREAT activity for getting out excess energy. She just runs after the rocket over and over and over again.

Turtle Stepping Stones

a great toy for the outdoors on the miller affect

We have this sitting in our living room right now, but this is also a great toy for your backyard! These stepping stones improve coordination and balance. We like to play ‘the floor is lava’ and tickle Miller if she steps off! It comes with a few games as well and you can also spin a dial and have her step on the color it lands on. Fun for younger and older kids!

Bubble Machine

target bubble machine only $10 on themilleraffect.com
outdoor bubble machine best outdoor toddler toys

Best $10 ever spent! Miller asks to turn this on a couple of times a day and we put Callen in front of it in the evenings when he gets fussy (during witching hour!) Works like a charm and distracts the kids while it is on.


Cheapest outdoor game you can find! There are tons of sidewalk chalk games on google you can play, like hopscotch! This set of 20 pieces is only $4:

Water Guns

Unfortunately, Miller LOVES water guns. We put water in these when we are prepared to get a littler we but we also set up ‘target practice’ with toys outside to distract her.

Let me know in a comment below if there are more amazing outdoor toys for toddlers that I am missing. We love having the toys out on our patio, but area also looking for more fun things to bring with us for the end of our hikes or for our walks to the park!

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xox Amanda

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    April 12, 2021 / 7:48 pm

    Love these ideas! Thank you!

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