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  1. Carolyna B

    Hi Amanda! You are actually one of the few bloggers I know that has an office job (just like me). How do you balance everything and find the time? Working office hours, taking pics for the blog and insta, writing, etc, plus Troy!

    Also, your job is fine with you blogging and taking time off here and there?

    Continue having fun in NYFW!! You are amazing.

  2. Taera

    Hi Friend!
    Can you maybe post your schedule before you leave, so we can live vicariously through you!!!
    It has always been a dream of mine to go NYFW, and am excited to see the experience through your eyes! (:

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes I love that idea!! You can also follow along on insta stories ?!!! Xoxo Amanda

  3. Kelsey

    I’ve been searching for an affordable suede jacket and this one is perfect! Ordered it in beige. Thank you!

    1. Amanda Miller

      so glad!!! I want it in every color haha! xoxo A

  4. Lindsay

    Hi A! Love love love the white top. What size did you try on? thank you and have fun at fashion week xx

    1. Lindsay

      *the white milly top

  5. Tiffany of Macarons and Coffee

    That ruffled top is too cute!!

  6. Desiree

    I can imagine what an awesome even this is, you look great in your outfits!


The Miller Affect wearing a black Love Sam crochet top from Shopbop The Miller Affect wearing a black Love Sam crochet top from Shopbop The Miller Affect talking about NYFW in this black ruffled Shopbop top The Miller Affect wearing Karen Walker black super duper sunglasses and a black crochet top The Miller Affect in a black ruffled eyelet top

Photos by The Retro Penguin

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is right around the corner!

My boss thinks I am actually taking a vacation. That makes me laugh. NYFW is NOT a vacation. Everything about NYFW is stressful.


-First you have to pack. Which means you need to think of 12 outfits for the 5 days you are going to be there. These can’t be ordinary, run of the mill outfits either. They need to stand out. They need to be exceptional. Yes it is stressful, but I thrive on it. I love being able to express my sense of style during NYFW. You can wear whatever your heart desires (google NYFW to see some of the crazy things people wear.)

-Then you have to get your schedule together. You always want to go to the best shows, you have to make showroom appointments, and you have to make personal appointments to meet with PR and brand reps. Oh and then somehow in there you need to make time for a photographer! My schedule is already jammed packed, and I still have two weeks to go!

-Hair and makeup. Need I say more? Getting up at 7-8 am every morning to start working on your hair and makeup for the day is NOT FUN. Especially if you were in meetings the previous day until midnight. Then you have to make sure you bring stuff with you so you can refresh throughout the day.

-When you are there, you are typically in heels and not-so-comfortable outfits. You are running from show to show, appointment to appointment, and are super lucky if you had a small break in there to actually grab some food and coffee! By the end of the day you can barely stand up let alone walk!

Regardless of all of this stress, planning, scheduling, and EXPENSE.. it is definitely something I look forward to every year. I feel like I am in my zone when I am there! I can’t wait to have you guys follow along this season (coming Sept 7-12).

The Outfit:

Ruffled Top I White Distressed Jeans I Black Tory Burch Purse I Black Sandals I NARS Lipstick (Anita) I Knot Cuff Ring

Packing for NYFW

Annndddd here are some items I have already bought for NYFW. You will see these in NY..but they could be sold out by then! Some were gifted and some were purchased by muah!

Just click the arrows to scroll through to see each! I will add more as I get more!

packing for nyfw new york fashion week

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10 I 11 I 12 I 13 I 14 I 15 I 16


Bottoms (Pants & Skirts):



XO Amanda
August 25, 2016 Fashion Week

Packing for New York Fashion Week

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