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Yesterday’s post was all about makeup gift sets from Nordstrom (specifically MAC gift sets.) Did you guys grab some? They are selling like crazy!

Today’s post is all about the perfect perfume gift set<3.

I think the love I have for makeup is equal to the love I have for perfume. It just makes me feel so much more confident when I remember to spray myself down in the morning. Yes, I probably go a bit overboard on it, haha!

During Christmastime you start getting the amazing deals on the perfume and lotion sets at Nordstrom! The selection is insane! If I am running low on something, I always wait until November/December and then I can get another bottle + the body lotion for what I would spend for JUST the bottle any other month!

Jo Malone

One brand I always go to Nordstrom for is Jo Malone. I am sure you have heard of it, but you may not have tried it. The amazing this about Jo Malone is that you can customize your scent. There is someone there to help you try out all the scents they have to offer, and you can mix them up if you want to make your own personalized scent!!

My favorites were the Peony & Blush Suede and the Blackberry & Bay so I got one as a spray and one as a lotion because together they smell magical!!! I put the lotion on first and then layer the scent on top. It lasts all day long!

Jo Malone also has soap bars, which make a GREAT host gift during the holidays for only $20. They are so fragrant and the host can choose whether to use them in the shower or to have next to their sink. They will make the entire bathroom smell amazing.


Another favorite perfume of mine is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It smells heavenly. I just feel so chic when I wear it and I receive so many compliments!

Any girl would LOVE to get Chanel ANYTHING for Christmas! Nordstrom has a limited edition set where you can get the perfume and lotion for one heck of a deal! They have the same deal available for Chanel N°5 as well!

Shop my favorite perfume gift sets here (just click on the exact product you want to see):

Nordstrom has tonsss of great perfume gift sets (5 FULL PAGES)!! Find your favorite perfume gift set HERE to give as a gift or to stock up for yourself!

The Outfit:

These ‘Shhh’ pajamas come from the same brand I wore yesterday with the reindeer. They are just so soft I had to get more than one! It is kind of the naughty version of the one I wore in yesterday’s post.

Photos by Vanessa, The Retro Penguin

*Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this posts. All opinions are 100% my own and all products were purchased and reviewed by me.

XO Amanda
December 15, 2016 Beauty

Beauty Gift Sets- Part 2

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