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Hey Guys! I am so sorry I haven’t posted in over a week!!! Ahhh!! I was in Cancun and had horrible internet service and some horrible sun poisoning! I wasn’t used to being SO WHITE and then be in that kind of sun! I basically had to hide under an umbrella the entire trip. My face was peeling horribly the entire time as well. I decided to just get my mind off of work and just enjoy the vacation. It was very relaxing! This weekend I will start my posts again!!

Today I have another GREAT subscription service for you!! Have you heard of Rocksbox? This monthly jewelry services delivers 3 amazing pieces of jewelry to your door, you wear them, send them back and they immediately send you 3 more!!! ITS LIMITLESS!!!! Typically it will be a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. It is better than Rent-The-Runway, but a similar concept. You can wear the pieces all month and then just return them, or if you fall in love with an item you can just go online and check out! You can also rack up points by reviewing the jewelry and get $$$ off your orders! I think this is such a great service especially if you are expecting a lot of events coming up such as weddings, birthday parties, holidays, etc. They will even let you go on to their website and add items to your wishlist and they will make sure to send you those items!! As you can see from my pictures, these were the items in my first box. When I filled out the style profile, I let them know my wrists were too small for anything other than cuff bracelets. They took that information and sent me this GORGEOUS House of Harlow cuff that I definitely ended up keeping. The necklace was also one of the items I had on my Wish List! You can check this service out FOR FREE using this code: themilleraffectxoxo. This gives you one month free of the service so your first box will be COMPLETELY FREE! You can then decide to keep going with the service and pay monthly, OR you can just go online and cancel!! So EASY!!! This code only lasts a month! So hurry and get on and reserve your first box now!! CHECK IT OUT HERE: Rocksbox


XO Amanda
March 20, 2015 Articles


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