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We are officially a few days away from the first day of Spring.  I love everything about Spring!  It starts getting warmer, flowers start blooming, retail stores carry so many beautiful colors and prints, and Spring cleaning is in full swing.

We all know the saying “Spring Cleaning” but do you guys ever take part in this?  Every Spring I make it a mission to clean, organize, and get rid of anything that needs to go to make space for new items.  I know finding different ways to organize and clean can be challenging when you look at every room in your house.  This happens to me all the time.   I stare at the mess in front of me and just don’t even know where to start.

Well, this Spring I am getting a head start on my Spring cleaning and organizing!  It kind of helps that we just moved into our house not long ago and we have renovations happening all over the house.  So, for us it’s a REAL deep Spring cleaning haha.  Though, I want to make sure that when all renovations are complete, that organization is key!

We all know Amazon has it all, but they really have SO MUCH when shopping for different rooms in the house for all things organizing and cleaning!  I have found some amazing products to help us be so organized coming into a new season and to use throughout the entire year.  I have broken these down into different areas of the house to help you guys!

For each category, hover over the image to shop each product!

Entryway & Storage:

A entryway space is so easy to organize!  I added some beautiful storage bins along with a storage ottoman and bench that are so great for decoration/ easy storage use.  The entryway is the first thing you see as soon as you walk into a home so you want to make sure everything is organized and in place.  Also, when guests walk in they have an appropriate place to hang their jacket, purse, and a place for shoes.


A kitchen is the heart of the home.  You want to make sure this space is clean and organized.  All of these products from Amazon won’t break the bank and will upgrade your kitchen space.  I made sure to include everything from pantry, fridge, cabinets, and countertop.  I also wanted to include a nice weekly meal planning menu that you can stick on the fridge!  This is an easy add on that will simplify your life.  At the beginning of each week you can go ahead and plan out what you want your meals to look like for the week.  It also has a shopping list you can tear off and bring to the store with you!


I already know you have too much in your closet… because so do I haha!  I need a clean and organized closet.  It makes it so much easier when trying to put on an outfit for the day, or better yet packing for a trip!  These products will help everything be in one place.  The hangers I added below are a game changer! No slip, and very sturdy for all of your clothes.

Kid’s Room:

The kid’s room and kid’s play space we have gets SO MESSY!  I know you other moms can probably relate.  I found some gems below to help with organization for a cleaner space!  This can be something fun that the kid’s can start participating in “clean up time” so they know where everything should go too.


I don’t know why but I love love love to organize my bathroom and make it look super pretty.  These products I added below look luxury but without the lux price tag.  Elevate your bathroom space so you enjoy getting ready in the morning!

I hope this helps with some inspiration for everything Spring cleaning and organizing!  I can’t wait to start ordering some items to start doing this myself.

With us renovating the house and just moving in not long ago, I have been doing so much online shopping for different home items I am loving.  Make sure to check out my previous post where I put together new home items I am loving.  So much good finds and I found a lot from Amazon too!

Also, make sure to follow my Amazon Storefront where I post everything I am loving and buying!

xo, Amanda

XO Amanda
March 16, 2022 Home

Spring Organization From Amazon

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