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  1. Samantha

    Love this! I am always saying ” I have no time to workout” but it doesn’t have to be anything major. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cameron

    Miss Kami is the sweetest! Loving these tips, and I’m afraid of how sore I’d be after attempting them. I need to schedule my session ASAP.

    Cameron Proffitt

  3. Mary

    Great post! Such great tips! Thanks for sharing Amanda!!


  4. Taylor McLemore

    It’s like you read my mind, I’ve been wanting to get back in a routine of working out but honestly how it is just drains my energy and makes me want to be lazy which I know if you work out it’ll give you energy but it’s such a battle to stay motivated but I’m actually going to try this workout out!! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Brooke

    Great tips! Just finished most of these moved in my boxing class this morning and boy, they do work every muscle in the body. Bookmarking this post for those times when I can’t get to the gym. Thanks for sharing.

    Brooke | KBStyled

  6. Kyla Currier

    I love getting new workout ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely be trying these out!
    xo, Kyla – KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  7. Karen

    Ooooh – thanks for these great workout ideas with pictures! I can totally get into easy (and do anywhere!) workout routines! I will totally be trying this out!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  8. Anna

    Love this! I love the encouragement of women and inner beauty! You have a new follower! XO


  9. Briana Anderson

    Such great tips! I love new workout routines that I can throw into the mix! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Bri

  10. Leasa Powell

    Great job Kami ! You’re a wonderful inspiration and motivator.


Hi there! My name is Kami Blease and I am the founder of The Kalon Life. Kalon means beauty that is more than skin deep. Our mission is to encourage and build up women so that they feel strong and beautiful both inside and out.

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite workouts for the girl on the go! I know we all have a lot going on but what better way to start off your day then with a good sweat sesh! You can do this 30-minute workout practically anywhere! In your home, in a gym, at a hotel or even out at a park! We will focus on using body weight resistance so you don’t have to even worry about finding weights. Let’s get started!

Girl-on-the-Go Routine: (Complete 2-3 times through)

-12 Jump Squats

-12 Squats with Leg Lift (switching sides)

-12 Cross Over Lunges (each leg)

-25 Calf Raises

-12 Modified or Full Push-Ups

-12 Tricep Dips

-12 Plank Push-Ups

-12 Alternating Side Plank

-20 Mountain Climbers

-60 second plank

I hope you enjoy this work out! Post a workout pic, tag and follow @thekalonlife when you finish! We would love to share! Click here for the printable version!

XO Amanda
August 21, 2015 Articles

The Kalon Life

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