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  1. Shannon

    I’m not a momma or a momma-to-be, but I know that the day I am, I will head back to your blog to read these kinds of posts again. They’re amazingly honest and raw, and I appreciate them so much. Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows all of the time, and I LOVE that you show your followers the real you. However glamorous or reflux-induces that may be…

    1. Amanda Miller

      You have no idea how much that means to me thank you!

  2. Alicia

    I love these! I think it’s so great you are so open and honest about it all. My hubby and I are trying, so reading your blog makes me even more excited for it all, the good the bad the ugly. Thank you for being sooo open with all of this! Hope she comes sooon so you don’t have to be induced, I’ve heard horror stories about that medicine! Good luck and I know we are all anxiously awaiting sweet Millers debut!

  3. Becca

    I had morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy, it did die down a bit during second but it was still there. I had his feet kicking my ribs and up at the top of the protruding belly. Super not comfortable.

    As for the woman on top for sex, weirdly it worked for us. I kinda thought it was empowering a bit to be pregnant and still be on top. Sure we would need to flip over after a couple minutes because of belly pain but i thought the connection was so great.

    I was always tired right from the start, it was strange. And yet here I am still tired. Ive grown to accept that, it is true that you get less sleep once they come, but I feel like now instead of just being tired or not- there’s more levels of it now. Theres just plain ole tired, more tired, slightly rested, exhausted. Never fully rested. Kinda like a permanent sense of tiredness that you just grow accustomed to.

    Someone else I know tried everything in the moon too to get there little one out early as their doc said he was going to be big and they didnt want a c section. But nothing worked and they ended up having him between 41-42 weeks. Which I have heard is pretty typical with first borns.

    My son was a exception as I needed to be induced. My body was saying it was done being pregnant, or maybe he was kicking around too hard and stressed my body too much. Whatever happened, it spiked my blood pressure to really bad levels. And we ended up having him 4 days before his due date. It came unexpectedly and we strangely were alot calmer about it all than I ever imagined.

  4. Natalie

    So funny and honest! Today was my due date and I’m a little glad she wasn’t born on Halloween but wouldn’t mind if she came like at 1201a. 🤣 we also decided on being induced if she decides to be fashionably late in life (apparently karma for my indescretion on start times). Good luck in the home stretch! x

    1. Amanda Miller

      I’ve always wanted a Halloween baby! My sister was born on Halloween and it was sooo much fun growing up!!
      Xox A

  5. Anonymous

    So funny and honest! Today was my due date and I’m a little glad she wasn’t born on Halloween but wouldn’t mind if she came like at 1201a. 🤣 we also decided on being induced if she decides to be fashionably late in life (apparently karma for my indescretion on start times). Good luck in the home stretch! x

  6. Erika Heindorff

    Thanks so much for your honestly! At 35 weeks, I feel a lot of the same things you are feeling. When people ask, “how are you doing?”, I want to be real with them but often times I come away feeling like a complainer. I am grateful for this journey, but I will be very happy to have it in the rear view with a baby in my arms. The reflux is so real (something I never had), the rib pain leaves me so grouchy everyday, and I am struggling adjusting to my new body image. It also doesn’t help when people feel the urge to share their horror stories about birth and life with a newborn!! Thanks for sharing your journey. I am so excited to see the baby pics and hear about what works best for you in the first few weeks with the new baby :).

  7. Adarae

    I am also 39 weeks, due on Monday! I thought baby would come early due to her being low for so long and I thought the full moon would have an affect too. I also have tried every inducing method possible, and nothing has worked so I’ve come to the same conclusion. Baby will come when baby is ready, but the waiting is soooo hard!! Best of luck to you! Hopefully our babies are due soon! 🙂

  8. Emilia

    I love your posts! so real! I am 33 weeks and I feel everything you are describing. I’ve also been experiencing lack of breath, especially when I am laying down or in a reclined position which makes sleeping difficult. I have also been struggling with my husband, sometimes we argue, I get irritated and offended easily and I feel like he is not considerate enough about my pregnancy. He doesn’t help much around the house, doesn’t really read the baby books unless I ask him too. Maybe I had too high expectations of him or maybe I am becoming too needy of love and attention right now. I don’t know how to make him understand I am not the same person that I was when I wasn’t pregnant! Everything affects me 10 times more now, my emotions are driving me crazy!! I just hope he can understand at some point and be more patient with me and help me through this. Pregnancy isn’t easy!! I am quite nervous, well actually, pretty terrified of labor, and post partum depression I wish I had some control over it just like you said!! Thanks for sharing. Many times I feel alone in this and then I read your posts and feel much better!! You are so close! Your baby girl will come soon!

  9. Sarah

    I’m obsessed with your outfit here, so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all of your experience. I don’t have any children yet, but it’s amazing what women can do! Good luck with your delivery!

  10. Gaby

    Omg your honesty is the best part! I literally laughed out loud at your sex story. I’m not a mom yet but hoping to be one soon and I’ve really enjoyed your honest journey you have shared with us! Xoxo

  11. Rebecca

    I had carpal tunnel and numb fingers brought on by pregnancy starting at 18 weeks. It was by far the worst part of pregnancy and dare I say labor?!its my biggest fear for baby number 2. My baby is 4 months now and my wrist is still in pain! Annnnnnd I haven’t written any thank you notes because of my wrist. Whoops! Hang in there this last little bit. The end is worth it.

    As far as post pardum my doc recommended vitamin D from going outside, shower / brush teeth every day & eat well. I clung to those 3 things and hormones leveled out after about 2-3 weeks. I attribute some of that to doing the above 3 things (the other just nature running it’s course). So excited for y’all & looking forward to updates on her arrival!

  12. Katie

    People say they loved pregnancy because they have forgotten all the morbid details. I’m one of them 😂 but I also know that it wasn’t as glorious as I’m remembering! Don’t worry you’ll miss it someday. And don’t stress too much about labor – you got this mama!

  13. Maggie

    Amanda, I love these honest posts of yours about pregnancy!!!! My third trimester starts on Monday and I’m such a planner that I NEED to know what to expect and being able to read your bumpdates has been super helpful for me my whole pregnancy! I’ve been stalking your Insta just waiting to see Miller make her debut 😉


  14. Emily

    My doctor stripped my membranes a couple days before my due date and my water broke two days later. Good luck!!

  15. Kim

    I totally feel you on wanting to feel like you have control over something! I tend to have anxiety in situations when I feel I have no control, so with my first the anticipation of labor was the worst. I never wanted to leave my house at the end because I kept feeling like it would happen at any moment.
    I was laughing during your insta stories when you tried to induce. Again, that was so similar to my first. Everyone told me the baby would come early because she dropped early and there was a storm and a full moon a week or two before my due date. I was absolutely convinced she would come! Of course I was five days overdue. The end of pregnancy feels like forever so it is almost worse when you keep expecting them to come early. Those five days after my due date were the longest of my life!
    I’m sure this is all some sort of nature’s test to get us ready for motherhood and the endless patience it requires and sometimes feeling like so much is out of your control! Just hang in there and your little girl will be here soon!

  16. Pregnant Round 2

    Thanks for being so honest, Amanda! I just started the third trimester (2nd baby) and I’m already over it. With my first, I wasn’t showing any signs of labor at my 39 week appointment so a few days before my due date, I decided to walk ALL day at a friend’s suggestion (this worked for her). Almost 15 miles. I went into labor that night. Good luck and hang in there! Xo

    1. Amanda Miller

      15 miles? Wowza! I wanted to walk a bunch today but it is storming here ugh! We have had the worst weather! I really wanted a Halloween baby haha but it isn’t in the cards!
      xox A

  17. Malissa

    Haha, totally agree with you on everything! My babes were 13 days & 7 days overdue (no inductions). I was soooo uncomfortable but on the bright side they were nice and fat and slept well from the beginning!

    Does the teddy coat have any way to close it and do you think it is warm enough for a midwest winter? I am due with my 3rd February 1st and looking for a winter coat to fit the bump!

    1. Amanda Miller

      No there’s no way to close it!! I don’t think it would be a good option for you this winter :/ maybe if you lived in Texas haha! Xox A

  18. Cassie

    I LOVE how honest you are! Keeping it real. I’m currently 35 weeks and feeling the exact same. Sex during this stage is truly comical. Did your sister end up having a c section? My babe is currently breech and we have to schedule a c section soon 🙁

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes she did but had a big healthy beautiful baby that’s thriving today!! 30% of all pregnancies result in c section so at least you will know going into it instead of having to switch up a birth plan last minute!! Xox Amanda

  19. Anonymous

    Thank you for being so honest! Yes, those last two weeks for me were terrible…i had such bad indigestion and morning sickness. My legs also started swelling. I didnt have high blood pressure or preeclampsia, just swelling. But all worth it

  20. Dawn

    I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow and I find it super helpful to read about your experiences! Helps me mentally prepare a bit for the next stage and know others are going or have gone through similar things. Also LOVE these photos!!

  21. Amanda G

    I love how honest and transparent you are about everything. Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows and you’re not pretending that it is…THANK YOU! Also, I think these are some of my favorite photos of you – simply BEAUTIFUL!


the miller affect wearing a black Nordstrom BP Midi dress

the miller affect giving a third trimester update
the miller affect talking about the third trimester

I always believed that the first trimester in pregnancy was the hardest. Boy was I wrong. The last trimester was definitely the hardest for me!

You just experience SO MUCH during this time. Not only physically but emotionally. It is a mind game and I feel like only the strong make it out alive.

OK, that may be a little dramatic, but I am just trying to prepare you guys for what lies ahead!

The Third Trimester

the miller affect wearing a black midi pregnancy dress

the miller affect wearing a something navy teddy coat
the miller affect wearing gold heart baublebar earrings

It is kind of hard to remember what all has happened in the last three months since this last month has gone by so slow.

Here  are a few PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL symptoms I can definitely tell you about:

-Reflux. Haven’t had reflux yet? Just wait, it will come in the third trimester. I was fine drinking coffee my entire pregnancy (a cup a day) until the third trimester. I couldn’t stomach it at all in months 6-9. I have the worst reflux when I try to drink it! You will literally ‘throw up in your mouth’ in your third trimester and not just once.

-Morning Sickness. Did you know your morning sickness can actually come back in the third trimester? I threw up a couple of times and felt like throwing up a few times. Out of the blue.

-Fatigue. Sleep is hard to come by. You will be super uncomfortable no matter how you lay. Your back will wake you in the morning from being sore. If your back doesn’t then your hips definitely will. All of the weight from sleeping on your sides will cause them to ache.

-Bathroom Breaks. Once your baby drops get ready to make around 4 bathroom breaks a night. I wake every two hours or so now to use the restroom. You want to make sure you aren’t holding it in. That can cause a UTI.

-Pelvic Pain. Once Miller dropped I experienced intense pelvic pain for two weeks. It hurt to sit, walk, stand up, everything. Nothing really helped. I think it was just really sore and I had to work out the soreness. It eventually went away.

-Not So Cute Baby Kicks. Ok, they are still cute, but when they get bigger they start to hurt. You will be constantly changing positions to get their butts out of your ribs!

-Braxton Hicks/Contractions. Some people have contractions for a month before their baby arrives. For me, I just had Braxton Hicks. Those just feel like the top of my stomach is tightening up into a ball. Barely hurts. Towards the end of my pregnancy, they have gotten lower and lower and feel like poop cramps. Those aren’t very comfortable at all.

The third trimester is also a super EMOTIONAL time. Your hormones are going crazy at this point and you are just so anxious to meet your baby! It is so hard to stay patient! The anticipation keeps you going (and so will your husband!) He has been such a huge help getting me through these last few weeks!

You also are super anxious about labor. It can happen at any time and everything will be out of your control! You just have to pray that God will work everything out for you and your precious baby!

I have had a very easy pregnancy. So I really hate complaining about anything! Some women experience this x10. Some women are in bed their last month. We believe my sister’s baby (she was breech) actually broke one of her ribs so she had excruciating rib pain most of her pregnancy.

Some women LOVE pregnancy! I have a couple of best friends who literally loved every minute of it! Everyone is so different. Don’t feel guilty if you have any negative thoughts about pregnancy. I know they aren’t towards your baby and they are completely normal!

Pregnancy is a huge blessing. It is alllll worth it times a million once you hold that baby in your arms. I just know that people are too scared to talk about what really goes on during pregnancy because of guilt or the fear of backlash. You know I have always been super honest and just want you guys to be as prepared as possible!

Positive Notes:

-You get to see the kind of father your husband will be because he will be taking care of you during your third trimester. Troy and I have never been closer.

-Your baby will hear and learn your voice. This is such a special time that you can talk and sing to your baby before you have to share him/her with the world.

-You will get another sonogram or two and get to see that sweet face. I did a 4D sonogram (cost extra) and got to see her sucking on her fingers and smiling! It was magical.

Things I Did to Help Induce

the miller affect at 38 weeks pregnant

the miller affect sharing a third trimester update
the miller affect wearing black leather booties

Last week I went a little crazy and just wanted Miller OUT. I heard it was going to be a full moon so I started trying everything to help Miller come out naturally.

-I took a primrose oil pill

-I drank 1-2 cups of raspberry leaf tea

-I ate lots of pineapples, Mexican food, eggplant parmesan, and dates

-I walked 2 miles a day

-I did squats

-I bounced on a ball

-I got a pedicure

-I took lots of baths

-I cleaned the house

-We had sex. Yall.. sex is the WORST during your last trimester. You have reflux the entire time and it is just so uncomfortable. Plus, you don’t feel super sexy and your husband is all worried about the baby moving around or kicking during the deed haha! One of my friends said to try being on top, because that worked for her. Man o man. I think we had the biggest laugh of all that day! I wish we could have taken a picture but the mental image will be stuck in our minds forever haha (I wouldn’t suggest trying it!)

NOTHING WORKED. I did all of these things daily for a week and it turns out I progressed 0%. Literally 0%. I went from .5cm to .5cm. Once I learned that I quit everything. It finally occurred to me that baby girl just wasn’t ready and I should just let nature take it’s course.

I think I was just super impatient and anxious about labor and wanted to control something. It is ALL OUT OF OUR CONTROL. You can definitely try these things. I know some people swear by them! They just didn’t work for me.

Now I have come to peace with the fact that she may just have to be induced at 41 weeks, and that is ok! We decided on 41 weeks since she is already a fairly big baby and anything after 41 weeks could be dangerous to both of us.

Did you guys have these symptoms/emotions during your last trimester? Did you also experience something I didn’t list here? Please share with us! So many women will thank you for sharing your story!

PS- If I offended anyone by this post I am so sorry. Again, I feel so blessed to be able to carry this baby and I know pregnancy is worth everything we go through!

Please note that I will also share an honest review of labor and of postpartum. If you are only looking for sunshine and rainbows this probably isn’t the blog for you!

The Outfit

Black Midi Dress

Teddy Coat (fits large, wearing XS)

Suede Booties

Gold Heart Earrings

Chloe Bag


Lipstick (Clove)

PS- I have been using THIS NATURAL DEO throughout my pregnancy and love it!


xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

XO Amanda
October 31, 2018 Baby

The Third Trimester

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