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  1. amy pugmire

    Sounds amazing! I need to try this!

  2. Jillian

    I will have to give these a try. I actually work in the finance dept at HSN and have never heard of this brand. I am looking for some night time products so I will have to try these out.

    1. Amanda Miller

      The launch was just yesterday on HSN so it is brand new!! And yes, definitely check them out! You will notice a huge difference!

      xoxo A

  3. Lauren Price

    I’m always down to try something new – excited to try this out!!


    1. Amanda Miller

      You are going to love it Lauren!

      xoxo Amanda




Before I tell you the big news (scroll to the bottom to read), you probably need to hear all about Trufora first.

Trufora is a beauty/skin care brand I started working with about a month ago.

I never, and I repeat NEVER, post a product on here that I do not love (no matter how much a brand may offer.) Why? Because you cannot put a price on trust. You guys trust me, and I never want to lose that!

So, I used Trufora for one full month before this post. I wanted to make sure that #1 I saw results and #2 that I didn’t break out/have any other negative skin reactions. Trufora also wanted to make sure I loved the product before agreeing to work with them (I loved that about them!) They checked in a few times to ask how I was enjoying the products!




Ok, back to Trufora. Trufora is unlike any other beauty brand out there. Some even notice the positive effects of the products after the first use! Trufora is all about safe, ethical skincare. I have loved using the products and saw the effects nearly immediately (mostly around my eyes and forehead.. more on that later.)

As you probably know, I don’t use a lot of skin care products. Most of the ones I have tried have broken out my face and/or have been too harsh on my skin. Trufora is like a breath of fresh air. Here is a picture of my clear, smooth skin after using these products for a month;


Trufora Products I have tried and loved:

Trufora Ultimate Facial Cleanser: This product leaves my skin feeling soooo soft! It doesn’t hurt when I get it in my eyes and it really takes everything off with the first wash. I have also ALWAYS been a huge fans of foaming cleaners!

Trufora Triple Action Exfoliator: I am so bad at using an exfoliator. I do not exfoliate enough! It is especially important for me to use in these upcoming summer months. It is also the foundation of anti-aging. You can use this exfoliator twice a week and see results very quickly! I love that you only need to use this twice a week- I can definitely handle that!

Trufora Titanium Day Cream SPF 30: Way too many good things to say about this SPF day cream!! I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to have a daily spf on. I was naive when I was younger and now I have a white spot on my forehead from sun exposure where my pigment never came back. Please don’t make the same mistake! This day cream SPF 30 is tinted and can be worn under your regular makeup. It also has a Vitamin D complex in it so you are still getting the benefits without having to hurt your face (groundbreaking!!) Not to mention, it was just awarded the Indie Beauty Award for Best SPF.

Trufora Night Serum 85: This product has potent anti-aging retinol, and if you have ever been to the dermatologist, you know how much they love retinol! This night serum absorbs quickly, is super hydrating, and it will not irritate your skin.

Trufora Intensive Night Treatment: This treatment works hand in hand with the night serum for the best results the anti-aging benefits in the products. It helps to ‘mitigate collagen loss, enhance you skin’s elasticity, firmness, radiance and tone, while simultaneously reducing lines and wrinkles and reversing skin discoloration.’ I DEFINITELY see a difference already after a month of using these two together!! The wrinkles around my eyes and forehead and substantially less noticeable!  You have got to try these!!

I seriously cannot wait to hear what you think of these products after you have tried them! Please leave a comment with your results so that everyone who reads this can see how great these products are!
img_5835 img_5838

Trufora on HSN

Best news? You can now shop ALL of these amazing Trufora products at HSN.com!!!

If you love a product that I linked above but it is sold out on Trufora’s website, just check on HSN! We are all so excited about the launch! I think it really speaks to how great these products are.

Check Trufora out now and start transforming your skin today!

xoxo Amanda


XO Amanda
March 7, 2017 Beauty

Trufora on HSN!

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