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    1. Amanda Miller

      yes you need to grab it! It is so amazing! xoxo A


Good Morning! Currently I am on the plane on my way to a really cool spot I have never been (check Instagram Stories today to find out where!)

You can bet that my new favorite travel steamer by Rowenta is packed in my carry on!

The Miller Affect using a handheld travel steamer from Rowenta
The Miller Affect talking about the best travel steamer
The Miller Affect using the Rowenta Steam N' Press for her Try-On Sessions
The Miller Affect taking you behind the scenes of her try-on sessions
The Miller Affect using the Rowenta Steam N' Press to Iron her shirt
The Miller Affect using the Rowenta Steam N' Press from Target

Rowenta Steam N’ Press

Sooo many of you guys have asked which steamer I use at home and which one I use when I travel. The two kind of go hand in hand. If I only have a few things to steam at home I will pull out this amazing Steam N’ Press by Rowenta. If I am traveling it is ALWAYS with me!

The Steam N’ Press is amazing because it is a steamer AND an iron! You simply clip on a fabric brush when you want to steam and slide it off when you want to iron.

It has a kickstand for quick cooling and even a hanging rack if you don’t want it taking up space on a shelf!

It heats up in 70 seconds and you can use the water for 15 minutes without having to refill!!

I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about this Steam N’ Press from Rowenta! You would think a product like this would cost a fortune but NOPE, it is only $29.99!!!!

Ok now I am rambling but seriously guys… you need to grab it asap. It is available at our favorite retailer: TARGET.

Like I said, I mostly use this for traveling but also use it in the house if something needs a quick iron (for those nasty wrinkles that steam won’t get), or if I only need to steam a few items.

When I am preparing for a large try-on session and have a huge haul I use this floor steamer from Rowenta.

Behind the Scenes of My Try-On Sessions

Speaking of try-on sessions, here is a quick video that takes you behind the scenes of what my try-on sessions are all about and how you can shop them!

Questions I Answer:

Where does it all come from? Do I buy it all?

What steamer I use (you can see the Rowenta Steam N’ Press in action!)

Do I return it? Do I keep it all?

Where do I go to shop everything I see on your stories?

Watch it here:


Grab the Rowenta Steam N’ Press ASAP! Either grab it online now to have it shipped to you or see if they have it at your nearest Target and get in-store pickup (that way you don’t have to go in searching for it!)

Photos & Video by Beckley & C0

*This post is sponsored by Rowenta. All opinions and reviews are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
July 20, 2017 Articles

Go Behind the Scenes of My Try-On Sessions

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