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  1. Anonymous

    You are so amazing for sharing all of these things! I’ve just spent an hour reading these Tuesday Talks. Thanks for all of your help xx

  2. Mia

    I have been signed up with Fohr card for a few months now and could never figure it out! People often said how helpful it was, but I couldn’t figure out where to look to get all this information. I LOVE being able to see the best times to post! Cannot thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction!

  3. Michelle

    Great post! I had no idea about Fohr.com, so I will definitely be checking it out and signing up!! Thank you so much for these Tuesday Talks. I’m a small blogger myself, and sometimes it’s overwhelming with how to get started with things or what I should do. Can’t wait to read your post about not discounting small bloggers. Keep up the awesome work!


  4. Katie

    I’m pretty sure I have signed up for this in the past and have never really used it. The Instagram stats alone are worth it! You have just convinced me to start using it again! Thanks Amanda!

    Katie | http://www.katieskronicles.org

  5. Alison B

    How many followers do you need before you start sending messages to brands.? What is the appropriate verbiage when leaving a message for a company? Thx!

  6. Sarah K

    Thank you so, so, so much Amanda! I wasn’t familiar with Fohr Card until this post, and I have now signed up. I am anxious to really make these type of companies work for my blog.

  7. Courtney

    Thank you SO much for sharing this girl! So nice to see bloggers helping bloggers out!! The community that’s what it’s all about! 🙂 I just signed up thanks to you and I’m loving it so far. Thanks again!!

  8. Runway Rampage

    Wow! This is some seriously good info. I so appreciate you sharing this.

  9. Lauren Jaclyn

    Thank you so much for this post! I started my blog last August and just recently signed up for Fohr. I had no idea that it had all of these features! Cannot wait to utilize all of this new info!

    Also thank you for always motivating me to be the best blogger and #girlboss I can be. You are one of the most hardworking bloggers in the industry and it’s SO evident in the quality content you’re always creating. You really do inspire me to work harder everyday!

    Lauren Jaclyn

  10. Cassidy – @allcassidyclaire

    Hey girl hey!!
    I just wanted to thank you for making this for us little ones! I’m from a very small town so the social media community is almost non existent so I have to do all my own research. This was so helpful! One thing I’m not quite sure how to do so appropriately is how to talk/reach out to companies. I feel like because I’m not “big” it’s not appropriate for me to reach out to them first asking for things. Am I wrong in thinking this? I hope I’m making sense. Thanks again!!

  11. Amy

    Hi Amanda! First let me say how much I enjoy your blog and Instagram. I always follow your try-on stories! They’re the best! I would love to see a post detailing how to draft an email to brands you would like to work with. And I can’t wait to see your post on small bloggers! I myself am very small, but I enjoy it so much and that’s what’s important. In my search on instagram and the blog world I have found small bloggers that have such great content!! So I agree it’s important not to discount them, a lot of accounts I follow are small like myself but have so much to offer!

  12. Ashlei Wells

    Thanks so much for the detailed post Amanda! I’ve been following you for some time now and so love the tips on blogging! I am working on growing my brand and so appreciate tonshaeing with fellow bloggers. Thanks babe!


  13. Lindsay

    Such great info! I’m so excited about this.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ali

    Such great info Amanda! First time hearing about Fohr card and I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂

  15. Cortney

    Great information! thank you for sharing your knowledge. So helpful for a new blogger!! ????

  16. Christina Mong

    This and your liketoknowit post has been so helpful. I am just beginning with followers as well. I have not started a blog yet but plan to start one once I figure out my best options. Do you recommend a Web designer for a beginner or are the free templates the way to go?

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hmm that is tricky. I would honestly find one on Etsy. The first one I used was called Trendy Themes and a guy named Daniel owns it and creates the layouts. They have super cute ones on there and if you message him he will help you with ANYTHING! I would wait a little while and build up your site and audience before designing your website. You change so much in the first two years and your website changes with it! xoxo A

  17. Christina

    This was SO great Amanda! I always appreciate your insight and tips, and this one might be the best yet! I love your collaboration > competition mindset 🙂 That’s a true #bossbabe right there.

    Thanks again!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Oh yay!! Love hearing that, thanks so much Christina!! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Fohr Card <3 A

  18. The Broke Brooke

    This blog post was so helpful! I’ve never heard of Four Card, and I’m definitely going to sign up now!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Can’t wait to hear what you think! xox A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks Tanya!! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!!

      xoxo A

  19. Erin

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, Amanda! You have great tips on here. I will definitely be exploring this as an option and just so appreciate your willingness to share with other bloggers. Have a great day!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes definitely take advantage of this! It is such a great platform! And no problem at all! So glad to help! Collaboration > Competition. xoxo A

  20. Brianne George

    Love this post and I’ve loved having a Fohr card account! However, I don’t see analytics like you’ve showed here…is there something I’m missing? Seems very helpful!

    Xo, Brianne

    1. Brianne George

      Oh man nevermind, I just found it, thanks!!

      1. Amanda Miller

        Ah good! So glad you found it! xoxo A

  21. Sally (@SisterStyled)

    Awesome info Amanda! Just signed up! THANK YOU!!!!!! xoxo

    1. Amanda Miller

      No problem! You are going to love it! xox A

  22. Brandi Soileau

    Great info! I’m signing up now, although I have just 300 something Instagram followers. I am doing everything I can to grow and I am being patient, but it’s slow! Any tips on how to grow when I am not a part of reward style/liketoknowit? I have not applied yet, because I have such a small following. I stay consistent in my posts, use the max amount of hashtags, etc!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hi Brandi! I think signing up will be a great first step, because seeing when the best times to post will maximize your likes which then maximizes your exposure. I would also make sure you are using different hashtags each time you post (or try to change at least 10 of them each time). Are you googling the best current hashtags? See what other girls are using! You could also find other girls your size and go in on a giveaway with them. Each of you could put in $20 and give away a Nordstrom gift card?

      xoxo A

      1. Brandi Soileau

        Yes, I change up about 10 or so with each post! I also do see what others are using and incorporate those sometimes as well. I have tried to offer my hard earned money to others to be a part of giveaways and I haven’t gotten a single response! (Insert shrugging shoulders emoji). It’s not going to stop me though, and I’ll keep putting in the work to figure this whole blogosphere/social media giant out! I also wonder if it’s because I don’t live near any big bloggers, or just any bloggers period. I am planning a move to Dallas actually, hopefully by the end of the summer. My boyfriend is there now, and I am planning to join him soon, and hopefully link up with some! I’m fun, genuine, and funny, so I have a lot to offer, haha. Ok, this has gone on for a while. But I will def. keep plugging away-I’m not even a month in yet, so patience is a virtue, right?


Happy Tuesday everyone!

How are you liking my Tuesday Talks so far? Make sure to comment below if there is something you have a question about that you want to make sure I include on these!

I already have quite the list: staying in your own lane, group posts benefit everyone, don’t discount smaller bloggers, don’t post just to post (quality over quantity) and SO MUCH MORE!

Make sure to put my Tuesday Talks on your calendar, or subscribe to my newsletter, so that you never miss one of these posts!

Today’s talk is all about Fohr Card.

Fohr Card

ten reasons why you should be signed up with fohr card on the miller affect

*make sure to pin this image to your blogging tips folder

Some of you already are already signed up at Fohr Card and some of you probably have NO IDEA what I am talking about. For those of you signed up, I want to make sure you are getting the most out of it. For those of you who just have no idea, don’t worry, I am also going to cover the basics.

  1. Sign up at fohrcard.com now. Fill in all the information it is asking for. This is a legit website guys and I would never steer you into signing up for something shady. There might be an approval period. Or it might allow you in right away. I can’t remember since I have been on there for at least two years now.
  2. Once you are logged in, you need to make sure to complete your profile before you do anything else. Add all of your social accounts and connect to your google analytics. Every little bit counts. Fohr Card will take all of your stats, combine them, and then give you a ranking. This ranking will help you get collaborations and invites to various events.
  3. When you log in originally, it will take you to a page with a list of all of the retailers that are signed up on Fohr Card. This allows you to contact ANY ONE OF THEM! No guarantees they will contact you back, but now you have access to emails you may never have dreamed of getting. There will be a new list each time you log in. Definitely take advantage and reach out and pitch to the various retailers that you think would be a great fit for your blog.
  4. You can also access your own press kit (top right corner) when you are in your dashboard, or by going to www.fohrcard.com/your blog name. When you access it from either, it actually comes out as a PDF so you can save it to your computer and use it to send to brands! The one on your dashboard isn’t quite as comprehensive as the one you get when you type in www.fohrcard.com/(your blog name) into your browser. It just depends on how many details you would like the retailer to have.
  5. When you type in www.fohrcard.com/yourblogname you will see a full breakdown of all of your stats and analytics. They have also added a really cool graph where you can see how many of your users are active, just lurking, or are actually bots (not real). If you have a great number, it is a cool thing to screenshot and add to your media kit to show brands! At the bottom, you can add all of your brand collaborations. I know this is time consuming, but I promise it is worth it. So many retailers will look at those before deciding whether or not they will choose you. Add the ones you are most proud of!
  6. Any retailer signed up with Fohr Card can see your press kit. This helps you get collaborations! I have gotten some really cool ones from Fohr Card. Recently I did a fun campaign with Origins and I am currently working on with with La Mer! And yes guys, some of them actually pay (and they pay well!)
  7. Whenever a big event rolls around, like Fashion Week or Coachella, or basically any holiday, Fohr Card will send an email out asking you if you are going or if you are going to be writing anything about that event. Don’t miss these guys! Fohr Card then sends that information to all of the retailers! I have gotten to go to some REALLY COOL Fashion Week parties because of this. I am now on the list for Vogue parties every Fashion Week! Make sure when you sign up with Fohr Card you are using an email address that you actually check.
  8. THE BEST THING about Fohr Card is their Instagram analytics. It gives you alllllllll of the best times during the week for you to post, and it is different for everyone! You just have to go to www.fohrcard.com/yourblogname/instagram. Make sure you are always logged in to Fohr Card first, or it will give you a 404 error message. Here is a screenshot of my Instagram Calendar:

This is a multiplier. It means on Tuesdays my best time to post is between 10pm-11pm. THIS IS IN EASTERN TIME ZONE, so please make sure to adjust accordingly. Since I am central, that means I should post between 9-10pm on Tuesday nights! I go off this calendar every single day. It is easiest to take a screenshot in the morning so you don’t have to keep logging in to Fohr Card to see it.

10. Lastly, I love the weekly Fohr Card emails. James Nord, the CEO of Fohr Card, sometimes writes a blog post or does a video with invaluable information (like how to pitch to brands, how to make sure it is a great collaboration, and so on). They are full of great information and always fun to read/watch.

Hopefully I have convinced you to join Fohr Card! It is such a great platform with so many amazing free benefits.

Already a Fohr Card member? Comment below with how it has helped you, or what you use it for! Did you join because of this post? How are you liking it so far? I would love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo Amanda

*This is no way sponsored by Fohr Card and I do not gain anything from having members sign up. This is strictly something that I benefit from and wanted to pass on to you guys!*

XO Amanda
May 30, 2017 Blogging Tips

Tuesday Talks- Fohr Card

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