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  1. Jessica

    Hi! Love all of your posts about Tula products. Would love to support you but the code isn’t working anymore. Do you have an updated one??

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hey love! Miller20 works on everything but recurring deliveries (auto deliveries)! xox A

      1. Anonymous

        Got it!! Sorry had it on auto delivery 🙂


the miller affect reviewing the GLOW & GET IT COOLING & BRIGHTENING EYE BALM

the miller affect sharing Tula's latest eye balm product
the miller affect reviewing tula beauty products
the miller affect reviewing the glow & get it Tula eye balm

Woohooo! I have been wanting to tell you about Tula’s Brightening Eye Balm since I got it a week ago (we always get the product ahead of time so we can test them out and have reviews ready for when it launches.)

If you have been following me for a while now you have probably seen my ‘Beauty/Skin Care’ routine. If you haven’t, it is saved on my Beauty Highlights on my Instagram stories.

At the end of my routine, I share an eye cream I have been using but admit that I don’t see any results from it (I always keep it honest for you guys!) I am SO HAPPY to announce that I finally found an eye balm that I do see results from! I am going to have to re-do the entire routine now so I can share this new find!

Tula’s Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

get 20% off all tula products with code MILLER20

the miller affect unboxing Tula's latest product
the miller affect applying Tula's eye balm- get 20% off with code MILLER20
the miller affect sharing her favorite eye balm from Tula

Let me go ahead and start with my FAVORITE thing about Tula’s Brightening Eye Balm– it can be applied OVER YOUR MAKEUP! Yes, you heard it here first! This is an eye balm that you can put on after your skin care routine in the morning and then it can be re-applied throughout the day over your makeup.

What else makes it SO special? It is all about the GLOWWWWW, and who doesn’t want to glow? I know I do!

-It gives you immediate cooling, hydration and glow so you look refreshed and energized.

-and it contains probiotics and superfoods for a truly healthy glow.

What is it made of? Well, caffeine for starters. The caffeine helps with those pesky bags and fine lines. It is also made aloe, apple, and watermelon for deep hydration and blueberry which is rich in antioxidants.

How do you apply it? Just simply apply it 360 degrees around the eye and on the orbital bone for a glow effect!

I am soooo excited about this product and have been sitting in my office applying it wayyyy too much haha. I am a little obsessed! I cannot wait to show you more on stories!!

In the meantime, you can grab it HERE NOW and use code MILLER20 for 20% off! With the discount, you can grab it for $22!

Can’t wait to hear how much you guys love it too!

xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
January 15, 2019 Beauty

Tula’s All-New Brightening Eye Balm

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