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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Under $100

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM

Usually women don’t send their significant other’s a list of things they want for Valentine’s Day. We just always expect jewelry of some kind, flowers, chocolates, maybe a handbag.

For this reason, I just wanted to share some gift ideas for HIM. He never expects anything, so any of these would be so sweet:

1.Basketball tickets. All guys like basketball, right? Do you have a NBA sports team close by? Surprise him with some tickets for either you and him or him and a buddy! If he isn’t into basketball you could try Hockey or Baseball. MLB starts at the end of Feb. Maybe grab tickets to an opening game!

2.Cook him something. And don’t forget to add desert! You could gift him this ‘Eat Like a Man’ cookbook and make him something out of it!

3.Grab some new lingerie. Nordstrom has an entire section on sexy lingerie right now. I am laughing as I type this bc I haven’t worn lingerie since BEFORE we were married. Maybe it is time I break some of my bachelorette party lingerie out!

4.Does he need a new wallet? My husband loves his money clip wallet, and you can even engrave THIS ONE with his initials!

5.Also love this dopp kit/travel bag that you can also have engraved.

6.Grab him some skin care products! Yall- men don’t know they NEED skin products, but they need them just as much as we do! Troy really enjoys taking care of his skin. He loves everything from L’Occitane.

7.Does he have the Apple AirPods yet? Troy looks so silly with his on, but they are ALWAYS ON. He loves them!

8. Troy asked for this apple watch band for Christmas. It is magnetic and he loves it.

9. Have you been skydiving? OK, I am not saying go skydiving don’t worry. But if your city has indoor skydiving then you should definitely sign each other up and do it together! You will both love the rush and he will love how adventurous you are haha!

10. My dad got us these beer BottleKeepers for Christmas and they are AMAZING!!! If he is a beer drinker he will DIE over these, I promise!! PS- definitely sneak one in for yourself too- they are so cool.

Happy Valentine’s Day babes!

Love yall!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
January 29, 2019 Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day Guide

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