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the miller affect talking about target beauty for Fall 2017 on the blog
The Miller Affect talking about Sonia Kashuk at Target Beauty
The Miller Affect talking about PIXI by Petra at Target
The Miller Affect holding a Sonia Kashuk brush set from Target

I am no beauty expert, but I know great beauty products when I see them! I also know I will never go wrong when picking out beauty items from Target.

Who else goes into Target to buy mascara and ends up with the entire beauty section in their cart?!

I recently got to try the Fall 2017 PIXI by Petra and Sonia Kashuk from products from Target and decided that was what I would be taking with me for my wedding weekend!

PIXI by Petra from Target Beauty

The Miller Affect talking about PIXI by Petra from Target
The Miller Affect wearing PIXI matte lipsticks
The Miller Affect wearing PIXI by Target
The MillerAffect talking about PIXI products from Target
The Miller Afect wearing Pixi by petra concealer
The Miller Affect wearing concealer from Target

Have you heard of PIXI by Petra or have you used their products before? This was my first time to try them out!

I definitely need to spend more time in the beauty section at Target to keep from missing brands like this one!

Rose Flash Balm

I love the smell of roses. PIXI by Petra just released a Rose Flash Balm that smells so amazing. It leaves you smelling like flowers are surrounding you all day long.

Just apply a little to your face and neck before you apply your makeup. It is oil free and brightens your face as well as moisturizes.

Definitely a MUST GRAB!

MatteLast Liquid Lip colors

Where have these matte lipsticks been all of my life?

These MatteLast Liquid Lip colors from Target are so rich. The colors are vivid even though they aren’t super bright, which I love. They feel so good on your lips and don’t dry them up at all like some matte lipsticks do. I remember putting this lipstick on in the morning and having to wash it off when I was going to bed!

My favorite color is the Matte Beige. It is such a pretty dark brown color that I think would be flattering on everyone. Is is the color you see me applying in the photos above.

I will be showing you these colors on Instagram Stories today, so make sure to head there and watch within the next 24 hours.

Pat Away Concealer Base

I always want to cake concealer on, which you should never have to do. With PIXI by Petra’s Pat Away Concealer Base you don’t have to cake on anything. A little goes a long way, and these bottles will last you forever!

A little pat of this concealer on your skin will cover any dark circles, red spots, or imperfections you want hidden.

You can grab all of these new PIXI by Petra products at Target! While you are there, make sure to see all of the other amazing products PIXI has.

Sonia Kashuk from Target Beauty

The Miller Affect talking about sonia kashuk from Target
The Miller Affect talking about sonia Kashuk brushes from Target
the miller affect talking about makeup brushes from Target
The Miller Affect wearing sonia kashuk false eyelashes
The Miller affect blending in concealer with her sonia kashuk brushes
The Miller Affect talking about target beauty

Sonia Kashuk is another beauty brand you have got to look at next time you are in Target. I love all of the items I received from the Fall 2017 collection.

Sonia Kashuk Brushes

Have you heard of brush therapy? When you just sit there and brush your hair because it feels so good against your head?

This is what I think of when I feel the Sonia Kashuk brushes against my face. I could sit there and rub the brushes all over my skin for hours. They feel like silk.

If you buy an entire brush set you will have everything you need to blend, layer, and soften your look. Most brush sets from Sonia Kashuk can be purchased at Target for under $50, which is a steal compared to brush sets you see elsewhere.

Full Eyelashes

I am definitely using these Sonia Kashuk false eyelashes for my wedding weekend. I decided not to go and get eyelash extensions because they would make my lashes look fine, not full like the false eyelashes from Sonia Kashuk will.

The first time I wore the Full Eyelash set I forgot they were on within minutes. I also love the way they made my eyes look. They lashes looked real and made my eyes look bigger.

Weekender Cosmetic Bag

Sonia Kashuk Weekender bags from Target are pretty well known. You can usually find mentions about their fun prints on websites like Popsugar and Vanity Fair.

Next time you are in Target, look to see what their current collection looks like. You will always find something different, and they will usually match the season.

This velvet weekender bag will come out with the Fall 2017 collection.

They hold everything in their many compartments and are perfect for your cosmetic products while traveling.

Sonia Kashuk Compact Mirror

This little compact is not your typical mirror. It has a small section in it where you can keep your id and credit card. A great option when you can’t fit a wallet into your purse.

Make sure to see all of the Sonia Kashuk items at Target next time you are in the beauty section! Also, take a look at A Bullseye View, Target’s blog, for more on the latest beauty trends and products!

So glad I tested these products before my wedding. Now I have a wide array to choose from this weekend.

I will be taking the weekender bag with me full of these new products from Target! Keep a look out for them!

xoxo Amanda


XO Amanda
June 22, 2017 Beauty

Wedding Makeup From Target Beauty

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