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I get A LOT of questions about my CBD.  Every time I post an Instagram story about my journey with Equilibria and taking CBD/ what it has done for me I am constantly getting DM’s. It seems it is still one big mystery for most.

CBD has been so popular within the last couple of years and I have loved learning more about it and seeing the results for myself.  Life can be chaotic for us all and having CBD part of my everyday routine helps take that stress level and craziness of life down a notch. I wanted to put together a blog post all about CBD and why I love taking it, so you can decide for yourself if it is right for you.  I also want to try an educate you guys too and hope to answer some common questions I receive.

What Is CBD?

The most common question I always get about CBD is if it makes you high.  No!  Equilibria sources their products from a breed to contain less than 0.3% THC to comply with federal regulations, so it can’t get you high.   Now, that is not to say that other CBD products won’t.  It is important to note that not all CBD is made the same.  This is why I chose Equilibria and why I will continue to only use this brand. In all honesty I am convinced CBD has helped me be a better mother.

CBD is a natural ingredient found in hemp flowers.  When it is taken consistently it is a powerful product that helps improve your impact on your mental and physical health.  There are SO many health benefits to taking CBD.  As it can help with focus, energy, skin, relief, balance, hormones, and sleep.  Which is exactly why I take Equilibria products.

CBD works with your homeostasis system. When your hormones start to peak during a stressor, CBD can keep them level. When your melatonin kicks in at night, CBD will work with that as well to help you have a restful night of sleep.

Why I love and take Equilibria

Like many of you guys, a couple years ago I started hearing all the buzz about CBD.  I was a little skeptical at first just because I didn’t know a product like this could actually help with being more calm, rejuvenated, focused, and relaxed. I had dinner with a couple of my best friends and by dessert they had me convinced that I was seriously missing out. I ordered it the very next day.

PS- You can now get 33% off your entire order on myeq.com with code THEMILLERAFFECT.

What I love about specifically about Equilibria, other than the fact that their fully traceable farm is in Colorado, is that they give you a dosage specialist. Before, during, and after a couple of weeks of taking any of their products you can talk to their experts to make sure that the CBD you are taking is the right amount for you! They can also help recommend other products that you should try. They are 100% there for YOU and make no commission whatsoever. I love this about Equilibria because my personal goals and what I want out of my CBD might be completely different to your health and wellness goals.

For me, I wanted to find more calm in my life.  Trying to juggle having two kids at home, my full time job, being a mom, and everything else that life throws my way was just making me feel all over the place.  I wanted to control my stress management and be able to really relax.  Thanks to Equilibria, their products have helped me do just that!

My Go To Products

*I also HIGHLY recommend you take the MYEQ Quiz! Located in the menu bar in white (you can’t miss it!) I can talk about my favorite products all day, but they can be different from the ones you need!

Birthday Cake Daily Drops: These are a special edition so this flavor won’t be here long but omg it is seriously a slice of cake in your mouth!  The Daily Drops are by far my most used product from EQ.  I take them right before I go to bed, every single night. I used to toss and turn all night long but thanks to these drops I no longer have that sense of restlessness. Regular Price: $58 | 33% Off: $35!

Daily Gummies: I keep these Daily Gummies next to my computer and pop them in when I feel like the day is getting away from me or when I start to feel work anxiety start to build. They have same benefit as the drops, just in a gummy form.  These are perfect if you want the CBD benefits but you don’t think you will like the liquid consistency.  These in particular are great to take in the morning for that focus you need to get everything on your to-do list done. Regular Price: $46 | 33% Off: $30!

Daily Softgels: These are one of EQ’s most popular products! These softgels are a slow-release product for long-lasting effects, and perfect for all day balance.  They also have these in a ‘extra strength’ option if you are needing a little more strength in your CBD.  Though, this is more so recommend for someone who has been taking CBD for a little while.  So, new users I would stick to the regular daily softgel! Consistency is KEY with any CBD. You need to take them regularly to see the best results. Regular Price: $46 | 33% Off: $30!     

Extra Strength Daily Softgels Regular Price: $84 | 33% Off: $56!

Daily Drops: These are EQ’s regular daily drops (just not the special edition flavor).  It does the same thing as the other special edition flavor though!  These are great for that sense of calm and focus for everyday life.  Comes in a mint flavor and then a unflavored flavor.  The regular Daily Drops come in the Regular Strength and then an Extra Strength! Regular Price: $46 | 33% Off: $30!

Troy and Katie’s dad (Katie is my assistant) both take these extra strength drops. I think they really are best for men! Extra Strength Daily Drops Regular Price: $140 | 33% Off: $93!

Drink Drops Trio: They recently just came out with this product and I LOVE!!  This is also perfect for someone who is looking to drink more water!  These are just limited time though, so if you’re interested make sure to order! These CBD Drink Drops Trio make it super easy to add to your everyday routine! I did a full reel on how I use these HERE. They come in three different flavors; Orchard Berry, Sunrise Citrus, and White Peach. Regular Price: $65 | 33% Off: $43!

Recovery Roll-On: So, CBD just isn’t for helping with calmness and relaxation.  CBD is also INCREDIBLE for joints and muscle pain!  This Recovery Roll-On is made for anyone who has sore muscles.  It has menthol and white willow bark in this CBD to soothe sore muscles and joints.  I love using this after I work out sometimes!  Takes the soreness right away. Regular Price: $52 | 33% Off: $34!

Rapid Calming Melts:  This is a product I use almost everyday too!  These are the best for when you are stressed and need a quick fix.  They are fast acting mints that absorb so you feel that sense of calm faster.  I use these a lot before I travel as plane rides aren’t my favorite thing in the world! You can also find me using them in traffic, at a play date, in line for something, etc. They work super quick and make me feel more calm for the trip ahead.  They just upgraded these melts too!  These now come in a 30 count instead of a 15 count!! Regular Price: $36 | 33% Off: $24!

Relief Balm: I love using this when I have a specific place on my body that really needs relief.  This balm is fast acting and absorbs quickly on the skin.  If I have terrible cramps, this is what I use and it helps tremendously.  This balm is also great for achy joints!  This can be used multiple times a day if needed too. Regular Price: $46 | 33% Off: $30!

Mineral Mindful Soak:  If you are wanting to really relax and treat yourself, you need this soak!! One of my cannot live without items!! The perfect addition to your next self care day at home.  You add 1/4 of the bag into your bath and it is next level.  This product has over 30 minerals and is infused with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD to destress.  Smells amazing too!! This + wine = my kind of bath. Regular Price: $36 | 33% Off: $24!

Dynamic Roller Duo: This is a set of 2 infused CBD rollers.  I usually apply this behind my ear or my inner wrists.  It relives pressure points, and regulates my mood too! Regular Price: $44 | 33% Off: $29!

These are all of my favorite products and would recommend each one to you guys!! I recommend starting by taking the myeq quiz to see exactly which products would be best for you.

If you are interested in trying a couple of these, EQ also offers several bundles.  These bundles are great for anyone looking to try more than one product and you can save tons of money when you bundle as well!

Here are the bundles:

Essential +: This includes the Daily Gummies, Softgels, and Daily Drops. Regular Price: $111 | 33% Off: $74!

Balance +: This includes the Daily Softgels and Daily Drops. Regular Price: $83 | 33% Off: $55!

Calm +: This includes the Daily Drops, Daily Softgels, and Extra Strength Calming Melts. Regular Price: $103 | 33% Off: $69!

Sleep +: This includes the Daily Softgels and Daily Drops. Regular Price: $110 | 33% Off: $73!

Relief +: This includes the Daily Softgels, Daily Drops, and Relief Balm. Regular Price: $111 | 33% Off: $74!

Extra +: This includes the Extra Strength Daily Drops and Extra Strength Daily Softgels. Regular Price: $201 | 33% Off: $134!

This is the perfect time to try any of these products if you have been curious about them!  Now, until 3/31 in honor of Equilibria’s 3rd Birthday Sale when you use my code: themilleraffect you will be able to receive 33% off!! And this is open to both NEW & EXISTING customers!  This kind of a promotion never happens, so make sure to stock up if you’re an already existing customer and everyone else that is new, try it for yourself!  I swear by these products and wouldn’t tell you guys to try just anything.  This has been the easiest and most effective thing I have added to my daily routine and it has all been for the best!

If you have purchased before let me know if the comments what your fav product is and why! And if you are going to try these out for the first time comment what you ordered and keep me updated with how much you love it!

I hope this helped answer and questions you guys had about CBD and why I take and use the products I do from Equilibria.  Remember to use my code: themilleraffect for that 33% off!! Promotion ends Thursday, 3/31!  Go straight to the site here, https://myeq.info/3GL6hZD

XO Amanda
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