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  1. Lindsey Lutz

    LOVED this post! I work a full time job in addition to blogging as well. My “real job” requires about 50-60 hours per week. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you schedule and plan your blogging hours? (i.e., 6-7 Instagram, 7-9 writing copy, etc etc). Thank you and keep up the great work!

  2. Susan

    I love this post (and all of your other posts too!)! I love reading about other #girlbosses and feeling inspired to look great, feel power, and empower others!

  3. Lisa

    Killing it with this post! Loved reading about your routine and the brush that can drastically improve your mood. It’s definitely the little things sometimes!


    1. Amanda Miller

      It really is Lisa!! Thanks for the sweet comment :):) I hope you have a great weekend!!! xoxo A

  4. Jenn Lake

    I have a feeling this was a fun post to shoot and create – especially the jumping pics! Love!

    1. Amanda Miller

      It was! I feel like I am shooting every day so I always try to make it as fun as possible! Have a great weekend love! xoxo A

  5. Holly Frys

    I really appreciate this post, Amanda! As you know, I’m trying to start up my blog & I too have a full-time job! Your schedule has given me a starter – guideline to follow – so truly, THANK YOU for sharing this advice. I’m going to try it out for myself. Love love love your posts! XOXO, Holly (Adria’s friend) 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thanks so much Holly! I am definitely planning on emailing you back! It may just be this weekend! xoxo A

  6. Allison / Joy and Ivy

    Thank you for this post! I enjoy seeing glimpses of people’s lives and work schedules; especially when they have a full-time job AND blog. I also work out in the middle of the day and usually have to leave my hair up afterwards so this brush could allow me to take it down! I will definitely be checking this out!

    Allison / Joy and Ivy

  7. Bryn Bradsher

    That is one busy day, girl! But it’s true, when your second job feels more like a hobby it is so much easier to stay focused! Brushing my hair has always been relaxing for me too!

    xo Bryn

    1. Amanda Miller

      SO sweet as usual Bryn!! <3 <3 A


My 6:30AM-11PM Work Schedule:

I would like to say I am the definition of a #girlboss.

Seriously though, I work my little booty off every single day. Two jobs is no joke! It does make it soooo much easier when you LOVE your second job though! It feels more like a hobby than a second career.

A photo of the bedroom of The Miller Affect with a Nordstrom Allie Duvet and a One King's Lane Gray Headboard The Miller Affect posting about her 24 hour work day with Fromm Beauty Amanda Miller brushing her hair with the 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush Amanda Miller getting ready for work with the Amanda Miller brushing her hair with the 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush

6:30 AM: Rise and Shine!

I have to be at work by 8:00. This is a choice I made so that I could leave at least by 4:30. This allows me ample time to get home and work on my blog before bed.

6:30 comes early, but showering in the morning always helps me wake up! After I shower I blow dry my hair using THIS blowdryer. To get the shine I want in and out of the office, I use THIS Fromm 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush.

Fromm has some amazing brushes, but this one is made specifically for me. The boar bristles help to distribute the oils in your hair, which act as a natural anti-frizz serum and help to give your hair that great shine. When you have naturally curly hair, this is a MUST! So I guess instead of #girlboss you could call me a #glossboss!!

Every day I get asked what I have done new with my hair, even if I am wearing it the same way! This brush always makes it look super healthy!

After I shower and blow dry I have about 30 minutes to spare. This is when I brush my hair tons of times (anyone else?!) and soak up a little TV. Right now I am all about romantic movies on Netflix. I watch about 30 min at a time and it always puts me in a great mood.

The Miller Affect holding a Fromm brush and wearing a blazer from Zara Amanda Miller holding a light pink reversible tote and a baby blue Zara blazer The Miller Affect sitting in her living room with a One King's Lane coffee table and a white couch from Rooms to Go The Miller Affect getting ready for work with Fromm Beauty

7:30 Work Work Work Work Work

Sorry, I just LOVE that song!! At work I am a Treasury Analyst. I saw ‘at work’ because when I am not there I completely shed myself free of it.

As a Treasury Analyst, I manage anything and everything that has to do with the cash of our company. I manage any wires or payments in and out, I manage a cash flow forecast for the next three months of our company, and I deal with all of our credit and debt.

At work, I want to dress the part. I am a firm believe that you should always dress and look like you are about to run the meeting. If you dress like you are running the show, then pretty soon you just might be! This comes down to being at your best head to toe!

11:30-12:30 Work Out

I started working out two weeks ago for the first time in a year! It feels amazing. I mostly do the classes at my gym (like Step, Bar, Yoga, etc.) Nothing too crazy!

I bring my Fromm brush with me because if I get sweaty then my hair gets curly. I have time to rinse off but I never have time to blow dry my hair. I use the brush to manage my curls that my sweat creates. It tames them for me and gives me that glossy look I love again!

4:30 Head Home

On the way home I always stop at my apartment’s leasing office and grab all of my packages. Then I am finally ready to relax for the day.

The Miller Affect brushing her hair with the Fromm 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush The Miller Affect talking about her work day with Fromm Beauty The Miller Affect jumping on the bed in pjs from Nordstrom

5:00-6:00 Relax

Annnnd I am back in my pjs!

From 5pm-6pm I relax. I don’t think of my blog or my work as a Treasury Analyst. This is the time I have to completely unwind. I usually watch Netflix and munch on whatever I can find in my fridge (or the Whataburger I picked up on the way home.)

The Miller Affect talking about how she relieves stress by brushing her hair

6:00PM-11PM Work Work Work Work Work

This timing varies based on what I have going on. If I am shooting, I am up until 11PM editing and writing. If I don’t have a shoot, I can usually be done around 9:30.

When I work on my blog, I like to work at my desk. If I work in my bed, I find it super hard to sleep when the time comes. Also, when I work in my bed I like to watch TV, which makes everything take twice as long.

Brushing my hair comforts me. It is kind of weird. I love having my scalp rubbed and scratched, and my Fromm brush does it for me when my boyfriend isn’t around. If I start feeling stressed about my work, I just start brushing my hair at my desk and immediately feel better! Am I weird, or does anyone else do the same thing?

SLEEP My Favorite 🙂

You can grab this amazing Fromm brush HERE!

Fun Facts about Fromm 1907 Glosser Paddle Brush (from Ulta):

-Increases circulation to hair follicles promoting healthy growth

-Exfoliates scalp evenly distributing organic oils

-Emits natural moisture to improve hair texture

-The boar bristles help to distribute he oils in your hair, which act as a natural anti-frizz serum and help to give your hair that great shine!! (Hellllo #glossboss)!!!


*Loved partnering with Fromm Beauty for this post. All thoughts and opinions are owned 100% by me


XO Amanda
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