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  1. Kimberly Emge

    Love reading your updates! It’s been fun to watch you transform into a mommy. Get one of those stretchy bands that go over your pants so you can wear your new jeans longer. And the peeing…. it’s awful. Don’t drink tea. 😅

    1. Ali Powers

      I absolutely love the bump updates!! I feel like I have a little window into you and your growing family’s life. I am so excited to see pictures of this beautiful baby!!! So excited and happy for you! You and Troy are going to be such amazing parents.

  2. Andrea

    When I was pregnant my nipples would hurt SO BAD when I was cold. They burned like no other! I would literally cry!

  3. Christina

    I am 28 weeks and just passed the gestational diabetes test! The drink really isn’t that bad. I have all the same symptoms you are experiencing, and while they really aren’t that bad I feel like they aren’t listed as common symptoms on the apps I’m using (7am bathroom thing, veiny boobs). Hope your pregnancy continues to go well. I will keep checking in on your blog for shower outfit ideas.

  4. Brenda

    Congrats on baby Miller! Love your blog! You look great! Love your openness on your blog and your eye for detail in your style and fashion! Wishing you all the best!

  5. Sarah

    Hi! Love seeing your bumpdates and all of the fashion you’ve been sporting throughout your pregnancy. I’m 31 weeks with baby Otto now and experienced so many of the things you’re going through now. Although I’m 5’4 so I’m showing waaaaaaay more than you are!! Enjoy that little babe. The peeing only gets worse from here on out! Haha. Looking forward to more updates 🤰🏼

  6. Jennifer Vallone

    Thanks for the post and glad to hear you’re feeling well! I’m 35 weeks (so out of my second trimester) – a bit crazy to think that our little girl will be here in a few weeks. Finally stopped buying maternity clothes and looking forward to being able to wear non-maternity again (though have also enjoyed dressing the bump). If you’re interested in some good, maternity-approved work-outs, I highly recommend the app, Aaptiv. They have a great maternity program with four workouts tailored for each week of pregnancy.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you and congrats on your baby girl! I’m going to check out that app ASAP!! I have got to start doing some kind of workout!! Xox A

  7. Erika

    Hi Amanda! I love your updates, and find them so helpful since I am about 3 weeks behind you in my first pregnancy. I, like you, am tall and have found it so strange to be this far along and not really showing yet (although I will not complain about that!!). Your blog and Insta updates give me some idea what to expect. Your tiny bump is so adorable, and I love to see your outfit ideas. That seems to be the hardest part for me! And I have also had a breakdown or too so don’t feel bad. Anyway, best of luck and I love your updates 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you!! My bump sure doesn’t feel so tiny anymore haha but it’s
      definitely so weird to see our bodies go through these crazy changes! Nothing like it! Congrats on your little one babe!!! So glad these are helpful!! Xox A


A lot has changed since my last bumpdate. See that one HERE. I also talk a lot about pregnancy on my Instagram Stories so don’t miss those throughout the week!

Let’s start where I left off..

the miller affect wearing a bp polka dot dress

the miller affect wearing an orange dress from nordstrom
the miller affect giving a 22 week bumpdate
the miller affect sharing details about her second trimester

Orange Dress (under $50, also comes in white, and is perfect for a growing bump!) I Sandals I Similar Straw Tote

22 Week Bumpdate

I am still feeling amazing and I still have NOT BOUGHT a pregnancy pillow. I finally need one. It now feels like my belly is stretching so much when I try to lay on my side and it is so uncomfortable! I think a pillow may actually be too thick for what I need so I am going to grab one of those wedges as soon as I get home from Canada! Who else likes their wedge more than a pillow?

I AM POOPING EVERY DAY! Well, almost every day. I didn’t poop today but I usually do now. Unfortunately, it isn’t the good kind of poop. It is the wake-me-up-in-the-morning-because-I-am-sick kind of poop. My dr. told me to take Colace. It is definitely working, I just wish I had normal poop. I guess beggars can’t be choosers? It is just really awkward on our trip since we share a bathroom and my stomach wakes me up around 7 am. Not going to lie, I have asked Troy to step out on our freezing cold balcony while I used the restroom at least once already on this trip!

My boobs are constantly growing but now they are so vein-y. It is kind of gross haha (the veins anyway!) The new boobs are so fun! Troy said it looks like I have implants! The only complaint is when I get super cold. My nipples hurt soooooo bad for like 15 minutes when I get really cold. Is that weird or normal? It has been cold here in Canada so unfortunately it is happening quite often!

I haven’t bought maternity pants yet. Instead I just went up a size on a lot of my favorite jeans. Definitely a waste of money since now I can’t wear those for much longer either! My stomach doesn’t hurt and I don’t get sick when I wear tight leggings or pants unlike some of my friends. Dresses are definitely the most comfortable though! I will be in maternity jeans very soon I am sure!

Still haven’t worked out. Since January… We have done a lot of hiking and walking here so I am feeling good, but I definitely need to keep up the 30 min a day easy workouts when I get back.

Milly is constantly moving. I feel her ALL THE TIME ALL DAY LONG. Actually, when I go a few hours without feeling her I get worried and start poking my stomach. Such a mean mommy, right? Troy and I can both feel her kicking away. Recently it feels like she turned around and is kicking towards the inside which is soooo uncomfortable. I still love every minute of it though!

I am starting to feel pains around my ribs and lower stomach. She is definitely stretching everything out. The rib pain is super sharp and feels almost like a chest pain for around 10 seconds. The stomach pain feels like cramping. These are normal as your uterus is expanding to make room for the baby.

Oh, and get ready for the pee-every-5-minutes thing. IT IS REAL. As soon as I get up and walk around I have to go again. Especially now that it feels like she is kicking against my bladder.

I know I said I would talk about everytttthing but there are a couple of things happening that is really TMI, haha! Just know that if things are happening to you (down there) it is probably completely NORMAL and just call your dr or google it if you are concerned!

Anatomy Scan

the miller affect pregnancy

Isn’t she beautiful? Definitely super biased! Her little nose is so darling!!

She was checked out head to toe and everything is functioning perfectly. She is a week ahead, which we expected. They said she will really show how big/tall she will be around 30 weeks. She was 1 pound at 21 weeks. The doctor also said her head has dropped. What does that mean? Haha!

She kicked and moved during the entire scan. We got to see her swiveling her little head back and forth. She also put her hands behind her head like she was just chillin’. Oh and she was kicking away so it was really cool to see her legs and feet flex up towards my belly!!

Next time we go in at 25 weeks we will do the gestational diabetes test.

My First Breakdown

I am going to be completely real and honest with you guys. I had my first breakdown when I was packing for my Canada trip. I blame it on the crazy hormones going through me. I bought a lot for the trip and more than half of it looked horrible or just plain didn’t fit. I sat on the couch and had to take some deep breaths to keep from crying. So stupid, right? I actually LOVE getting bigger so I have no idea where it came from!? Did you guys experience this?

Oh and when I get super happy I cry. Immediately. I cried on the Price is Right TWICE so far because I was so happy for the winners. Definitely ups and downs haha!

Hope yall are loving these updates! Are you guys in your second trimester? Give me your bumpdates below! We are all in this together!

xox Amanda


XO Amanda
July 4, 2018 Baby

22 Week Bumpdate

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