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  1. Katy

    I quickly ditched the cute changing pad because I thought it was so gross to roll it up after using it in public bathrooms! So I opted for always keeping 2+ disposable puppy pads in my bag and would just throw them away after a bad change. They fold up so thin that it actually took up less space than my changing pad. Also, always have sanitizer, extra pacies!, diaper bags for dirty diapers & clothes (I use dog bags because they are biodegradable and pack in a small container) and extra muslin blankets. The muslins can be used as a changing pad, tummy time mat, burp cloth, nursing cover, actual blanket… you name it! On Baby number 2 and I always have 2-3 muslins with me

  2. Olivia

    We always keep a portable sound machine with us. It helped our baby sleep when we were in noisy restaurants, church, Target, etc. Ours is by the Rohm. That sound machine with the nursing cover over the carseat makes for baby nap heaven!

  3. Andrea S

    Hand sanitizer!

  4. Kaitlkn

    A burp cloth and a muslin blanket. You never know when you’ll need them and they both pack up pretty small!

  5. Katera

    Definitely the disposable bags for dirty diapers, diaper cream, bum spray (the honest company has this for freshening up after a change – it’s great especially after an explosion and you can’t put them in the tub right away) and room for your wallet and some personal items as you will quickly ditch a purse and use your diaper bag for one haha!

  6. Brooke

    Hand sanitizer (we love the baby bum brand), little trash bags for diaper changes or dirty clothes (oh baby bags has a cute dispenser that clips inside the diaper/tote bag), pacifier wipes and a little case or ziploc to keep the pacifier in when not in use, stain stick or a wash it later bag (these are great for travel!), pair of socks/hat for baby (especially coming into colder weather), and diaper cream/balm (again, love the baby bum brand and it’s mini size or the earth mama balm). Good luck and can’t wait to see pictures of baby miller!!

  7. Anonymous

    Snacks for yourself! These little ones are tiring and sometimes you forget to get a full meal in and there will be that moment where you want a snack while your on the go. You will be thankful you have an emergency stash of snacks for just in case.

  8. Ashley

    A change of clothes for yourself! I can’t tell you how many times I had to change my shirt because of a diaper explosion.


I can’t believe I actually needed to get a diaper bag ready for the hospital. It is all getting too real!

While I will probably use THIS BACKPACK most of the time as a diaper bag, I also wanted to check into diaper bag inserts that I could use for my favorite totes.

Diaper Bag Inserts

the miller affect talking about what is in her diaper bag

the miller affect at 36 weeks pregnant
the miller affect with a felt diaper bag insert for her LV Neverfull
the miller affect reviewing a diaper bag insert for her LV neverfull MM

Most people LOVE the Tote Savvy inserts and I can see why! They are super cute, easy to use, and you can transfer them from tote to tote! They are also $72. I searched for a less expensive option for us!

I set out to find one specifically for my new LV Neverfull, because I knew I would be wearing that tote the most!

My search led me to these felt inserts fro Etsy. They, like Tote Savvy, come in tons of different colors. The one I found is made specifically for the LV Neverfull MM! They have different insert sizes for all of the different LV bags for you to choose from.

Both options are amazing and you can’t go wrong with either!

What’s in My Diaper Bag:

the miller affect sharing what is in her diaper bag

the miller affect wearing a rust turtleneck sweater from Nordstrom
the miller affect wearing vera wang tortoise sunglasses
the miller affect wearing brown suede booties from Nordstrom

This may be ALL WRONG haha. You will have to let me know in a comment at the end of this post. I did call my sister to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but we were in a rush and there may be something you LOVE that you think I should add! I would love your input!

Diapers (duh). Starting with swaddlers for newborns.

Water Wipes

Bottles– once you start using or supplementing formula

Formula- If you are not/are not longer breastfeeding

Pacifier- I went with these lovies by Dr. Brown. Someone let me know about these in my registry post. Apparently not all babies like the paci size on the WubbaNubb, but with the Dr. Brown pacis you can clip whatever size you want on there! Plus you can wash them separately (the paci with a sterilizer and the animal in the washing machine!)

Burp Cloths- My mother-in-law made me so many burp cloths and each one is different!

Toys- I put this book in mine. My niece Eile loves chewing on it!

Nipple Butter– If you plan on breastfeeding you may need this for a little while (or so I heard!)

Nursing Cover- I love these 4 in 1 nursing covers! You can also use them to cover the car seat, as a scarf, or on a stroller/high chair.

Change of Clothes for the baby- OR 2.. or 3… haha!

Changing Pad- My sister loves these Gathre leather changing pads!

I leave the house without wearing deodorant wayy too much so I always keep an extra of my Kopari deodorant in my bag! I don’t want Miller to have to smell stinky pits haha!

Ok, now that I have written everything out I think I am SURELY missing something! Let me know in a comment below!

You guys gave the BEST input on my registry post! Keep that up with what you think I should add to my diaper bag!

My Outfit:



LV Bag

Lipstick (Clove)

Sunglasses (old from Vera Wang)

xox Amanda


XO Amanda
October 17, 2018 Baby

Diaper Bag Inserts

From the Gram


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