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  1. Kerry@bloomingbeautifulmama

    Really helpful! Thank you!

  2. Brittany

    Hi Amanda!

    A blog post covering when (at what point in your career) and how to go about charging brands for collabs would be amazing!!

    Thank you so much for all you do! This series is amazing!!!



  3. Sharon

    Thank you so much for this post. I recently started blogging (less than a month in) and I have been wondering about guest blogging. Like, what do other bloggers think when I’m commenting on their blogs and leaving my website? I’m always nice and give comment, but I didn’t know if it was rude. I also found that commenting on other blogger’s Instagram posts will brings my Instagram posts more traffic. Again thank you this was a really helpful post and made my day.


Sorry I missed last week’s Tuesday Talks post! I was in Europe (is that a good enough excuse?)

Oh and I completely lost the pad that I had 20 ideas to do for this blogging tips series. Make sure to leave a comment below with what you would like to see on here so I can make sure I get another running list going!

Today’s post is all about the dos and don’ts of guest blogging.

the miller affect talking about the dos and don'ts of guest blogging on her tuesday talks blogging tips series

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging can occur in a number of ways.

  1. You write a post on another blog linking back to yours.
  2. Another blogger writes a post on your blog linking back to their site.
  3. Another blogger mentions you on their post or you mention another blogger on yours.
  4. OR you shoot together and everyone posts it on their own blogs.

When I first started I opted for the first and second options. You can see some examples here and here where I had Kbstyled and The Double Take girls do a guest post on my blog. I in turn did one on theirs!

Nowadays I opt for the fourth guest blogging option. I do monthly posts with my group of girlfriends. Here are some of our latest posts:

Dos and Don’ts of Guest Blogging:

Definitely GUEST BLOG. It is a huge help for your page views! Referrals are one of the top sources of traffic for my blog.

Picking the right way to guest blog is different for everyone.

I would recommend trying numbers 1-4. I wish I did more of 3. How easy would it be just to trade mentions in weekly blog posts? It is so crazy how much even one link from someone in a blog post can help you.

Make sure if you let someone post on your blog that you are getting something from them in return.

Also make sure whoever it is fits your brand! That is super important.

Make sure you review the post first before publishing. If there is anything you want changed make sure to let them know.

You want whatever they are talking about to fit your audience. If you post about fashion don’t all of the sudden have someone talking about documentary films on your blog. This will eventually cause you to lose page views, not gain them.

Try guest blogging today. Reach out to someone you love and/or respect and that you think would be mutually beneficial for your blogs. I would recommend starting with someone you think has the same amount of page views that you do!

Or, get a group of girls together and do a post together. You can all split the photography costs and it will bring so much new exposure to your blog.

Ok, now I am rambling!

xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
June 20, 2017 Blogging Tips

The Dos and Don’ts of Guest Blogging

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