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  1. Jessica

    Hi Amanda! We wrote our own vows and while it was a lot of work, it was the best decision! Good luck with yours!

  2. A N D

    I would encourage you and your fiancé to learn more about the serious issues in the work place that block women from advancing. These go way beyond cattiness (which I also dislike!) and show institutionnalised sexism. Downplaying the glass ceiling like this ignores those real issues that our society needs to address.- paid maternity leave for one! But yeah those pajamas are cute…

    1. Amanda Miller

      Hi! I truly did not mean to hurt your feelings! I was referring to women as a glass ceiling, which in itself simply means ‘an unacknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession.’ Completely agree that the glass ceiling you are referring to is a serious issue and one I never mean to take lightly. I have been in the corporate work place for 12 years working in a finance, which is a field primarily dominated by men. This was meant as fun, light post to encourage each other to support each other and lift each other up! Have a great day and thanks so much for reading,commenting, and sharing your opinion! I hope you do come back and that this lighthearted post does not deter you!

      Xoxo Amanda

    2. Amanda Miller

      I also deleted the sentence as to not bring further offense. I do not always think about being politically correct when writing, as I treat this as more of a journal! I definitely need to work on it! A


Happy Best Friends Day guys!

Make sure to post a picture of you and your best friend/friends on Instagram today using #bestfriendsday!!

I am teaming up with kate spade new york on this very special Best Friends Day to talk about collaboration > competition! Oh, and we of course took this opportunity to have a girl’s night in our favorite kate spade new york pajamas.

Best Friends Day- Collaboration > Competition

The Miller Affect and friends having a girls night wearing kate spade pajamas

I am so incredibly lucky to have a group of girl friends who support each other SO MUCH. I have always said you will never reach your dreams without people to help lift you up. Nothing is a one man show, and helping one another will benefit everyone.

My friend Lauren, who you will see in these photos, touched briefly on collaboration > competition in a recent post. You can view it here. I just want to reiterate a few things she touched on, and brag on some of my best friends.

Collaboration > Competition

My fiancé has always said that the only thing bringing women down is other women. I don’t always admit this, but he is SO RIGHT and it is SO SAD!

Why do we do that guys?

The blogging industry is SUPER competitive, but I have never been. Sure, I compete with myself every day. I have goals I set for myself or I see someone I aspire to be and I compete to get there. But I never directly feel like I am competing with another person.

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you know I overshare. Troy hates it. He thinks I put way too much out there for everyone to see. This leads to criticism more than others, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want you guys to know everything about me, and hopefully hear the honesty in every word.

Back to my friends. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. We encourage each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and actually feel joy whenever one of us gets a big gig. Whenever one of us is in a rut, we are all right there to bring one another out of it. We share tips and tricks and things we have found useful along this journey. They are probably the reason The Miller Affect still exists! Well, them and YOU GUY of course!

kate spade new york

The Miller Affect and friends talk about collaboration over competition on best friends dayThe Miller Affect talking about best friends day while wearing kate spade new york pajamas

kate spade new york is a huge advocate of celebrating each other as women! We all loved getting in our kate spade new york pajamas to have this amazing girl’s night together before I left for Europe.

You and your best friend, or group of friends, should grab a pajama set asap and get together. Take turns talking about something amazing that has happened to you recently or something you feel down about. Use this time to encourage, strengthen, and lift up one another! It will help you and your friendship tremendously!

Along with the pajama set, we also grabbed a few kate spade new york home decor to make our girl’s night complete! They seriously have the CUTEST selection of home goods! Give me everything please!!

Lynlee Poston

lynlee poston wearing a roses pajama set from kate spade new york

kate spade new york PJ Short Set 

Lynlee, Gal About Town, is down for everything. She is the one we all go to when we need a favor. I am realizing this as I am typing it haha! I can always count on her to be there when I need a shoulder or just need someone to grab coffee with. Her spirit is like no other. Do you have a friend who is always happy and can get along with anyone? That’s Lynlee. We just feel better being around her.

Lynlee is always so bright and cheerful so this kate spade new york pajama set was perfect for her! She is wearing a size Small for reference.

Christina Beauchamp

fashion and frills wearing a kate spade new york crop pant pajama set
fashion and frills wearing a kate spade pajama set on best friends day

kate spade new york Pajama Pant Set (also comes in pom print)

Christina, Fashion and Frills, is a lot like Lynlee in the fact that she is someone I can always count on. Do you watch Christina’s Instagram Stories and wonder if someone can truly be that nice and sincere? Yep, that is Christina. She has a heart of pure gold. I am so extremely blessed to call her a friend. When you talk to her, she looks at you the entire time and just nods. Like she is telling you to keep going on forever, and I always know she is listening to every word. She has so much empathy as well, and you always feel like she relates with whatever you are talking about. She is also the most grateful person I have ever met. Any time you help her you get a million thank yous, and probably a box of chocolates along with a flower delivery!

Oh, and Christina is ALWAYS the life of the party!

I picked this out for Christina because she couldn’t look at kate spade new york’s website in time. I know her so well, that I got the exact pajama set that she had in her cart! The most fun one of course! She is wearing a size medium!

Brooke Burnett

Brooke Burnett wearing kate spade new york satin romper pajamas
Brooke Burnett holding a kate spade new york mug

kate spade new york Satin Chemise Romper

Brooke, One Small Blonde, is one of those people who has a really hard shell around her, but if you can break it, you will have one of the best friends in the world. Brooke would do anything for us. She keeps me a little more serious, whereas Christina and Lynlee keep me a little more goofy. It is the perfect balance. Brooke is an extremely hard worker and go-getter. Her smile lights her entire face and it is so contagious!

Brooke is wearing a super chic chemise romper from kate spade new york. It is satin with a bit of lace and has the cutest print! She is wearing a size small.


lauren from a lo profile wearing a pajama short set from kate spade
The miller affect talking about best friends day with kate spade

kate spade new york Navy Stripe Pajama Set

Lauren, A Lo Profile, is the newbie of the group but we all already love her. She just has this ‘I don’t give a sh** attitude that everyone needs to embrace sometimes. She never lets us take ourselves too seriously, and if we are feeling cocky she will quickly bring us back to Earth! She is both beautiful and kind, and will definitely be a friend for life.

Lauren is wearing one of my favorite kate spade new york pajama sets. This tank + short set also comes in lemon print! Lauren is wearing an XS.

Natalie and Jaime couldn’t make it to girl’s night, but they are as much as part of this group as the rest of us! Hopefully I will get to brag about them soon!

My Look

the miller affect wearing a lemon print chemise from kate spade new york and talking about best friends day

kate spade new york Lemon Chemise I kate spade new york Lemon Robe 

Anyone else crazy about lemon print right now? I saw this cute little kate spade new york lemon chemise and had to have it! It also comes with the prettiest matching robe! I am wearing a Small for reference!

You will also see that I am working on my vows in this photo. I have kate spade new york’s Wedding Planner book and have been filling a little out each day. The vows are really what I am stuck on. I was hoping the girls could help me out but we got caught up in Breakfast at Tiffany’s too fast and the vows were forgotten! Did anyone else write their own vows?

Home Decor:

kate spade places we go and bridal planner
the miller affect writing in her bridal planner from kate spade
the miller affect holding a kate spade bridal planner and lynlee poston holding a kate spade mixing bowl

Happy Best Friends Day guys! Call, text, or hug your best friends today and let them know how much they mean to you! Always think about collaboration over competition no matter what you do in life!

xoxo Amanda

Photos by Vanessa Christina

*This post was sponsored by kate spade new york. All pajamas and home items were picked out by us and all opinions are 100% my own. Sponsorships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
June 8, 2017 Outfits


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