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  1. Mary Katherine

    Hmm I just started looking at your blog (and love it…) and for some reason, I see you in long sleeve. I’m sure whatever you chose will look stunning!

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog!


  2. Janice

    I love the way you have your website set up! I really enjoy browsing through everything! What I really love is when you try on a bunch of outfits that you get for your trips. Keep up the good work Amanda❤️I love following you…..you’re so much fun

  3. Kat

    I love your site so much. As one tall girl (5’10”) to another- it’s so great to see how you still find cute things. I’m a little bigger in the hips though! I love your wedding section- i’m getting married in May and love seeing someone as excited about the whole thing as i am (With a similar “why haven’t you proposed yet?!” story)! Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks sooo much Kat! You have no idea how much I appreciate that!! xoxo A

  4. Kimbo

    Berta!!! It’s going to be beautiful on you!! Can’t wait to see!!!


Hi friends! I know this was a long time coming since I got my dress a couple of months ago, but my Wedding Wednesday posts have filled up so quickly!

I just kind of wanted to talk about the process of finding a dress in Dallas and hopefully this will make finding your own dress a little easier. Please keep in mind that when I talk about Dallas, I mean Dallas + surrounding areas!

The Miller Affect said yes to the dress

Finding a Wedding Dress in Dallas:

-First thing I did (of course) was Google wedding dress shops in Dallas, TX. There are so many!!

-Then my mom and I went through some of their websites and looked at what inventory they actually carried. A lot of brides don’t think to do this, but it really helped us weed out some stores. I knew I was looking for something more modern, so when the store appeared to only have traditional dresses we immediately crossed it off our list.

-After browsing through tons of wedding websites, we were able to also narrow down a few designers I loved. Then, we made a point to visit stores that carried those designers. This really paid off in the end!

-Once we had our list together we talked budget. Why? Because every.single.store. asks you this right off. They need to know your budget so they know 1. who to put you with when you come in and 2. which dresses to pull for you. They don’t want to waste their own time and they definitely don’t want to waste yours! Of course budgets are a bit tricky. Buttt.. when you try on THE DRESS and cry, then look at price tag and realize it is 2x over budget, there really is no way around it… right?

-Then we called each store and booked appointments. They ask for an hour and a half in the store and then you need about 30 min drive time. This definitely doesn’t leave you a lot of time. We had to break it up into three days (two different weekends). We could have done it in two days but one of the boutiques was completely booked the first weekend and I really wanted to go, so my mom came back in two weeks later to look again with me. *Tip: I would give yourself 2 hours at every store and then 30 min drive time. You never know how long it will take or when you will land in some bad traffic. Not all stores are down the street from each other.

The Miller Affect finding her wedding dress in Dallas

Who to Bring With You Wedding Dress Shopping:

Rumor: You can call up all your closest friends, have brunch, and all head wedding shopping together.

Fact: Most stores only allow UP TO 4 people at a time, and one of those will be you.

I ended up asking my mom, sister, and my closest friend.

The Miller Affect shopping at Bridal Boutique of Lewisville

Where We Went Wedding Dress Shopping in Dallas:

So many places to find your wedding dress in Dallas! Here are all of the places I looked!

*These are in no particular order*

Patsys Bridal Shop

Stardust Bridal

Nardos Design (she can design a dress for you start to finish)

Bridal Boutique of Lewisville

a&bé Bridal 

Nordstrom Wedding Suite 

and Terry Costa

All of these were amazing and am so grateful to all of them for helping me through my wedding dress journey. Each one got me closer and closer to the eventual yes!

Wedding Dresses from Bridal Boutique of Lewisville

Where I Found My Wedding Dress in Dallas:

Bridal Boutique of Lewisville

I got my dress from Bridal Boutique of Lewisville!!! This was the store that was booked the first weekend we looked, and I am so glad I waited patiently and went a couple weeks later.

Bridal Boutique of Lewisville definitely had the largest selection and they have weekly trunk shows.

It just so happens that the weekend I went they were having a Berta trunk show and… drum roll please.. I ended up getting my dress from that very trunk show!!

I cannot put a picture up here yet, but you can definitely browse the Berta website and look at all the amazing dresses and have some fun trying to guess what I will be wearing!

Berta dresses are very fitted, very modern, and very stunning!

I would DEFINITELY recommend going to Bridal Boutique of Lewisville during your wedding gown search! I would actually start there, and you can avoid having to go anywhere else! <3

Finding your wedding dress in Dallas is fairly simple when you know where you look and when you take all of this advice into consideration!

Good Luck and I cannot wait to see you all in your beautiful dresses <3




XO Amanda
February 15, 2017 Wedding

I Said Yes to the Dress!

From the Gram


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