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  1. Anonymous

    I actually just ordered a Henry London watch for my daughter for her 18th birthday. I was looking for a keepsake gift and these were beautiful! I also had a bit of trouble with the website and their customer service was so helpful. It arrived this morning and is I’m so thrilled. Thank you for the idea as well as the 20%!
    PS…the 20% works on sale items as well. Double score!!

  2. Brittany Way

    I am struggling with bridesmaids gifts! I’m getting married in my hometown of Florence, SC in December and I have ten bridesmaids. I love the Henry London watches but they are definitely over my price range! I’m not really looking for matching robes or pajamas because I think it’s overdone, I would love to do something different!

  3. Sharon

    These are all such great ideas both the post and the comments. I did not have bridesmaids, we had an intimate, small wedding. But I did get my parents sentimental MOB and FOB gifts. I got my mother the prettiest handmade silk clutch, embroidered with a sweet message for her inside. It was for her to wear to my wedding and matched her dress. I wrote a blog post about it on Wednesday (how ironic) with pictures and runner up ideas. I love these wedding photos and can’t wait to see more, thanks for sharing.

  4. Rita

    I’m having my wedding in the woods (Diablo lake north cascades national park) and still am unsure what to get my girls! I bought them both luci lights but need to figure out another gift

  5. Priscilla

    I’m having my wedding in December after Christmas, I am on a bit of a budget so I would love some ideas for my seven bridesmaids. It is at Hickory Street Annex, Dallas!

  6. Iesha Vincent

    I gave my bridesmaids multiple gifts as we got closer to the wedding day. I got them all personalized stemless wine glasses to drink our mimosas in the morning of the wedding as we got ready. And then I got them bands from Everly that matched my stackable band set that we all wore the day of and continue to wear past the day. It keeps us connected as each day passes. Every time we see each other we all get so excited to see that we all still wear our matching bands.

    Iesha aka Lesh

  7. Jessica

    For my wedding I bought everyone plum sugar robes, jcrew earrings, Kate spade note cards, and socks that had a picture of bridesmaid. For my matron and maid of honor I bought them statement necklaces from jcrew that matched the jcrew bridesmaid dresses.

  8. Elisa F

    I got them all a matching top and short set from PlumSugar with their initials on it to wear when we were getting ready. I had another close friend who makes jewelry make three different styles of earrings for them. She also made earrings for my mom, sister in law and my junior bridesmaid. I also bought them a silver Kate Spade bracelet. I had 7 bridesmaids with one being a maid of honor (my littler sister) and one Matron Honor (my best friend, who did everything for me). I got them two some extra, my sister a Kate Spade wristlet and my best friend the gray Gigi New York clutch with her initials. My wedding color was mainly gray, with cream, light pink and pop of dark red mix in. So the matching short and top set had light pink flowers on it. I wear a white set with my initials in gray. Jewelry was silver to match the Adrianna Papell long gray beaded dress they wear. I am from New Jersey but got married in New Hope, PA. We wanted a rustic barn wedding but not to rustic and could not find something that fit that description in New Jersey.

  9. Stacie Hebert

    Awww yay love!!! These photos turned out beautifully!! And you are so right – you chose something so perfect that we will always cherish along with the memories it represents! Love you!


So many of us face this super important question as our wedding day draws near: what are we going to get for our bridesmaids?!

Some women don’t give bridesmaids gifts- and that is totally fine! To each his own. I know wedding budgets are hard to master and gifts sometimes just don’t fit within that budget.

If you do decide to give the special people in your wedding party a gift, make sure it means something or make sure it is something they will remember the day by. I gave my bridesmaids these gorgeous engraved watches from Henry London.

The Miller Affect bridesmaids wearing Yumi Kim robes The Miller Affect sisters wearing henry london watches for bridesmaid gifts The Miller Affect talking about how Henry London watches make perfect bridesmaid gifts

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas:

I recommend either going sentimental, or pick something out that goes perfectly with the location of your wedding.

Sentimental Bridesmaid Gift Ideas- Henry London.

I have had so many of you ask me for bridesmaid gift ideas. So glad that I finally get to show you what I got my girls!

I went with something sentimental. I wanted to give them something that they would wear all of the time and that they would associate with our special day whenever they looked at it.

Henry London has an amazing selection of beautiful watches! They have so many to choose from and I spent tons of time online making sure to pick out watches specifically for each bridesmaid. I wanted them to match their personalities!

Once I found each watch I had to think of what I wanted to engrave on the back. I ended up engraving their name and our wedding date on each watch.

I loved watching them open their watches. I almost cried when I saw the expressions on their faces. Don’t blame me, I was pretty emotional on my wedding day. A lot of happy crying going on! Needless to say, they LOVED them!

I have already seen them wearing their watches tons of times which makes me soooo happy! One of the girls banged their watch on the edge of a staircase and was soooo upset when the screen cracked. Thankfully, Henry London replaced the face of the watch within a couple of weeks! Her getting that upset just showed me how much sentiment each of these watches have.

Henry London watches are also a great idea for groomsman gifts and I also gave one to my mother to thank her for all of her help during the wedding process as well.

Here are the watches I ended up picking out for the girls:

Mom- Silver Edgware

Adria- Gold Westminster

Calli- Rose Gold Richmond -small face (currently on sale!)

Megan-Rose Gold Richmond– larger face

Kimberly- Gold Westminster

Stacie- Grey Finchley

I actually had 7 bridesmaids, but two of them couldn’t make it to the wedding! They both got watches as well!

View Henry London’s complete selection HERE.

the miller affect talking about bridesmaid gift ideas The Miller Affect bridesmaids wearing Henry London watchesThe Miller Affect sharing gift ideas for your maid of honor The MillerAffect giving her mom a Henry London watch

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That Go With the Location:

If you don’t want to go with something sentimental, or you don’t have the budget for something like that, there are plenty of other options out there.

I love the idea of getting them something that goes along with the location of the wedding!

Are you having a beach wedding? Grab them a cute swimsuit or some flip flips with your wedding date on them! You could also put together a cute basket with sunscreen, a tumbler, and some other fun beach goodies they will need while they are there.

International wedding? Get them a passport cover or suitcase tag with your wedding details on them.

There are so many things you can do depending on where you are having your wedding. I was originally going to grab the girls some fun Canada memorabilia (they probably like the watches a little more than maple syrup but I know they would have been thankful for anything!)

Need help on some bridesmaid gift ideas? List the location of your wedding below and we can work on it together! Having the wedding in your home town? I would go with something more sentimental, like the Henry London watches above!

Did you give your bridesmaids an amazing gift? Leave a comment below so you can give all of the other women reading this some more ideas!

PS- glad to give you a small peek inside my wedding day. I cannot wait to show you more photos of the weekend and of this gorgeous dress! I heard I am getting my photos back within the next two weeks, so stay tuned for TONS more wedding posts coming your way! See the last wedding post I did HERE to get caught up!

xoxo Amanda

Photos by my wedding photographer, Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by Henry London. All watches were picked out by me and all opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.


XO Amanda
July 26, 2017 Wedding

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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